This week’s CrossFit Endurance WOD

Teams of 3 30 Minute AMRAP: Team “Angie” 100 Pull Ups 100 Push Ups 100 Sit Ups 100 Air Squats Partition as desired. Note: This weekend, eWOD and Competition Team will be completing the events for CrossFit Liftoff – approach today… Read more »

This Week’s CrossFit Endurance WOD

30 minutes alternating EMOM, teams of 3: Partner 1: Row for Calories Partner 2: Max Effort Hand to Hand Kettlebell Swings (24/16) Partner 3: Rest Score is total calories rowed and swings completed by each team.

This Week’s CrossFit Endurance WOD

5 rounds of 3 minute AMRAP: 5 Pull ups 10 Push Ups 15 Air Squats Rest 3 Minutes after each round. Perform the first round at 80-85% effort. Aim to keep a consistent score across all five rounds.