Saturday 170401 – Experienced

April Fools! Skill Work/Warm up Skin the Cat and Muscle up Progressions Partner Conditioning 24 minute AMRAP: 3 Muscle Ups (Ring or Bar) 5 Deadlifts (225/155) 7 Burpees Partition reps as desired with your partner.

Thursday 170323 – Experienced

Strength Push Press 5×3, across Compare to 3/14/17. Use 75-85% of 1RM. Focus on a strong, controlled lockout overhead between each rep. Conditioning 8 Rounds for reps of: odd minutes – 10/8 Calories on the Rower, rest of the minute… Read more »

Tuesday 170321 – Experienced

Conditioning 6 rounds of 30 seconds work/30 seconds rest: Row for Calories Box Jumps with step down (30/24) Single Arm Plank (15 second Left/15 second Right) Double Kettlebell Swings (24×2/16×2) Double Unders Wallballs (25/16) Score = total reps

Thursday 170316 – Experienced

Strength Power Clean + Hang Power Clean, from the hip 5x(1+2), increasing Use strength to warm up power cleans for the conditioning piece. Conditioning Every 2 minutes, for 5 rounds complete: 4 Hang Power Cleans, from the hip (up to… Read more »