Saturday 150502 – Beginner

A. Technique: Split Jerk Footwork Drill B. Split Press 3×3 C. Split Jerk 5×1, increase every set The Split Press will help with body positioning for the Jerk and stabilization in the split landing position – do not chase weight…. Read more »

Friday 150501 – Beginner

Here’s what’s on tap for Friday’s Beginner classes: “Fight Gone Bad-ish” 3 rounds for reps, 1 minute per station of: Wall Ball (20/14) Russian Kettlebell Swing (32/24) Box Jump (24/20) Row (Calories) Push Press (75/53) Rest 1 minute Rotate immediately… Read more »

Saturday 150425 – Beginner

A. Skill: Overhead Squat Mobility 8 minute EMOM: Odd Minutes – 6-8 Close Grip Overhead Squats Even Minutes – 6-8 Wall Facing Squats B. Power Snatch+Snatch: Build up to a tough set.

Friday 150424 – Beginner

A. Hang Power Clean: Work up to a heavy 3 reps. B. 7 minute AMRAP: 3-6-9-12-15…reps of Hang Power Clean (75% of A or no more than 135/95) Burpees over the Barbell