*NEW* UWS OlyWOD Class Added!

Starting next Thursday September 17th, we will begin to offer an OlyWOD class at the Upper West Side every week. This class is dedicated to understanding the fundamentals of Olympic Weightlifting and improving your lifting technique. Every Thursday there will… Read more »

Rowing Technique: Common Errors

Rowing Technique: Common Errors by Coach Kasey Heil (Photos by Lisa Haefner) Make sure you check out the first two Rowing Technique articles, The Stroke and  Adding Pressure to the Drive first!  In my last article, I discussed how we add pressure… Read more »

Programming Update (August)

The next programming update will be up sometime in the next two weeks for both Beginners and Experienced Programming.  Today, we are finishing our eWOD testing this week with “Fran”. Then we will finish up the final drafts of our… Read more »

August Member of the Month

August 2015 Member of the Month Andrew Graves is a marvelous mix of contradictions. A grizzled six year CrossFit veteran and yet one of the first CFNYC friends you’re apt to make just out of Elements. A Viking warrior at… Read more »