2016 CrossFit Open Schedule Changes

Starting this Friday, February 26th, the CFNYC schedule will be altered for the next five weeks for the 2016 CrossFit Open. If you follow the Beginner or the Experienced Programming tracks, it is generally recommended that you stick with your… Read more »

Gymnastics: Hollow Position 101

What is the ‘hollow position’? If you take a look at a person’s normal posture, you’ll see the natural curvature of the spine. Normal Spinal Curvature The hollow position is the straightening of the spine, and is used in many… Read more »

February 2016 Member of the Month

February 2016 Member of the Month Introduced by Craig Convissar Our February 2016 Member of the Month exemplifies all of the positive attributes of what CrossFit is meant to be. She’s a fierce competitor who pushes herself – and others… Read more »

CrossFit NYC Explained (part 1)

Part 1: Why “Black Box”? Why the CrossFit Open? by Hari Singh CrossFit NYC: The Black Box. From the beginning (2005) we have been primarily referred to as The Black Box.  It’s a cool name. CrossFit affiliates are referred to… Read more »

Winter Storm Update

It is often difficult to predict when we may need to cancel classes. Therefore, during those times when cancellations are a possibility, please note the following: If you are registered for a class that is cancelled, we will email you… Read more »