Sunday 141116 – OlyWOD

You can sign up for this week’s OlyWOD here. This Sunday we will focus on performing Clean and Jerks with a specific focus on the correct position and footwork for the split or push jerk. For a little clean and… Read more »

*New* Overnight Storage

A message from Amber (Queen of the lockers): Hey, everyone! CrossFit NYC is happy to offer a limited number of permanent lockers for overnight storage. They are 12x12in and cost $20 per month, tax included. They will each have a… Read more »

Sunday 141109 – OlyWOD

In case you haven’t signed up yet, you can pre-register for the class here. Last week we focused on pulling off the blocks from various heights.  This Sunday’s workout will focus on a clean complex of Power Clean + Half Clean… Read more »

New! Active Recovery Class

Starting this Saturday, November 8th, we will be offering an Active Recovery class.  It will run 45 minutes from 10:15 AM to 11:00 AM. Initially, the class will  be led by Coach Dustin, a former member of the National Canadian… Read more »

Sunday 141102 – OlyWOD

You can sign up for this week’s Oly WOD here. The month of November we will be focusing on the clean, the jerk, then the clean and jerk.  Each Sunday, there will be a slightly different focus or take on… Read more »

New! “Open Gym” Classes

Starting this Saturday, October 25, CFNYC will adding a limited number of “Open Gym” hours to the schedule. Initially, we will run two 90 minute sessions on Saturdays at 28th street.  The first session will run from 11:00-12:30 PM on the… Read more »