We’re on Activore, are you?!

Alright Black Box, many of you have already heard…but for those of you that haven’t, we have rolled out our brand spanking new social media platform, Activore. This was developed by athletes for athletes and is a perk of your… Read more »

WOD where it all began!!

Waaaay back in the old days, when dinosaurs roamed the earth, there were a small handful of fitness nuts trying out this CrossFit thing. There was no Box in NYC, it was just a few people doing CrossFit in the… Read more »

How to CrossFit

While we try to wedge as much instruction as we can into each of our WOD classes, we realize there are topics our members want to learn about that we can’t just squeeze in around the workout. We get frequent… Read more »

CFNYC takes on the world!

Well, not yet. BUT we have been invited to participate in a local TWO day competition called: Long Island City Fall Brawl. It is hosted by NYC Affiliate League and will take place on September 7-8th. Some things to note:… Read more »


A note from Stacey Pearson, head of the prom committee and our newly appointed director of all things community: ++ CFNYC!! The Games are finally here! And we are here for you. If you aren’t in LA watching them live,… Read more »

Friday Happy Hours!

Coach Kasey says: “Hey guys! This Friday the 12th we are holding our second crossfit endurance happy hour!! After running on Friday we are going to head straight to Walter’s Bar on 8th ave between 29th and 30th. Anyone is… Read more »