Sunday 141012 – OlyWOD

Reminder! You can pre-register for Sunday’s specialty classes here. This Sunday we will be focusing on the Snatch Balance. Purpose: Teaches the lifter to move quickly under the bar into the low snatch position and to maintain balance in that position.  It also enables… Read more »

Photos of you on Facebook

Hey photogenic CFNYC-ers! We have uploaded our July photos taken around the Box and at Hail to the Queen by the talented Lisa Haefner. Check our Facebook page CrossFit NYC:The Black Box for regular updates and new photos of you… Read more »

Updated Terms of CrossFit NYC Membership

Membership Cancellation and/or Delay of Future Charges Effective October 1, all monthly memberships will be placed on automatic renewal. You can end or suspend future charges simply by emailing us at You may also delay future monthly memberships start… Read more »

eWOD Programming Note

The back squat cycle we’ve been running for the past 12 weeks is over (finally!).  The cycle was five sets of five reps (5×5).  The squat is a cornerstone exercise for strength development, and the 5×5 format promotes good form… Read more »

UWS….say cheeeese!

Hey UWS-ers we have 3 upcoming photo shoots scheduled for you over the next few weeks. I’m posting them all here, so you can pencil them in, get your hair did, and come flex for the cam. Lisa Haefner will… Read more »