Expanded Crossfit Endurance WOD Schedule

Prepare for more sweat. Effective the week of August 3rd, we will be adding additional CrossFit Endurance WODs on Wednesdays and Thursdays.  Wednesdays (28th) – 6:15AM, 7:15AM, 9:00AM, 12:15PM, 3:00PM, 5:50PM, 6:50PM, 7:50PM Wednesdays (67th) – 5:50AM, 6:50AM, 7:50AM, 12:15PM,… Read more »

July Member of the Month

Our July Member of the Month needs no introduction. Perhaps you saw her strength and athleticism during the CrossFit Open. Or noticed her invitation to the CrossFit Games that was recently posted on the blog. This month we are honoring, Janet… Read more »

OlyWOD Programming (July 2015)

We’ve added another OlyWOD starting this week – Wednesday at 7:10 PM! If you haven’t checked out the OlyWOD, you should. This class is meant for members who want to improve their Olympic Lifting technique and already have basic experience… Read more »

June 2015 Member of the Month

June 2015 Member of the Month: Craig Convissar  As CrossFitters, we train the capacity to push ourselves beyond our comfort levels – perhaps becoming comfortable in the uncomfortable is one of the primary reasons each box is surrounded by a… Read more »

OlyWOD Programming (June 2015)

June’s Programming for OlyWOD classes will focus on these specific movements in addition to the classic lifts. 1) Jerk Technique The Jerk could be considered the most important lift to master. Technically, it requires lifters to be both fast and… Read more »