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Team CFNYC Open WOD Throwdowns

Every Saturday from 4-7 our competition team will be completing the Open WODs throw down style. We’ll have different vendors here each week, sampling goods and selling them to you at a promotional price. After the throwdown, we’ll head to… Read more »

Monday night=BBQ

Get your BBQ on at Hill Country this Monday the 2nd and every Monday throughout March, at 7pm. Hill Country is 2 blocks from 28th Street and has really killer BBQ. Come get your protein fix and meet your fellow… Read more »

2/26/15 Live Open Announcement

Thursday 2/26 and for the following 4 weeks we will stream the Live CrossFit Open Announcements at 28th St. Once Dave Castro announces the WOD, two Games athletes will throwdown on the spot and complete that workout. It’s really fun… Read more »