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Friday 140718 – Endurance

Team WOD (3 person team) 2000 m row (divide any way) then immediately begin a 10 minute team AMRAP of Cindy (partition as desired): 5 Pull-ups 10 Push-ups 15 Squats Rest 5 minutes 1 mile run for time.

Friday 140718 – Experienced

8 Minute AMRAP3-6-9-… Handstand Pushup Toes-2-Bar Rest 2 minutes 8 Minute AMRAP3-6-9-… Pullup Jumping Good Morning Rest 2 minutes 8 Minute AMRAP3-6-9… Parallette or Ring Push up Double Unders

Friday 140718 – Beginner

Squat Clean 1 RM 2 Minute AMRAP Double Unders the complete for time: 30 Squat Cleans (up to 80% of 1 RM) Complete number of Double Unders completed in part B after the squat cleans are completed. Ex) If you… Read more »