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Local Roots NYC

Interested in locally sourced food? This month CFNYC has partnered up with Local Roots NYC. Local Roots NYC is built on a value system that honors high quality local foods, community, and transparency. We are a movement towards a happier,… Read more »

Sunday-Tuesday 180304-06 – Beginner

Sunday 3/4 and Monday 3/5 Strength Power Clean 5×4, increasing Compare to last Tuesday (2/25/ and 2/26/18). Conditioning 12 minute alternating EMOM: Minute 1: 3-5 Hang Power Cleans (135/95) Minute 2: 20-30 Air Squats Minute 3: 2-3 Wall Walks Tuesday… Read more »

Specialty WODs 3/4-3/11

CFE Sunday 3/4 and Wednesday 3/7 Team Conditioning Complete three rounds, rotating between three stations for one round. 36 minutes (including rest). Score for teams of three is the total repetitions completed. Station 1 3 minute AMRAP: 7 Pull ups… Read more »