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Saturday 180609 – Beginner

Skill Kipping Pull ups Partner Conditioning 24 minute AMRAP: 50 Double Unders 10 Pull Ups 20 Sit Ups 30 Air Squats Only one athlete working at a time. Partition reps as desired.

Saturday 180609 – Experienced

Strength 3-5 sets, as time permits: A1. 6-8 Bench Press (32X2), increasing A2. 6-8 False Grip Ring Rows Or 3-5 Low Ring Muscle Up Transitions Gymnastics Conditioning 15-12-9-6-3 reps for time of: Handstand Push ups Pull ups

Saturday 180609 – Photo of the Day

Kyle and Ariel are Saturday regulars at 28th st, but will be missing EWOD this weekend because they’ll be too busy getting married. Big Congratulations to Kyle and Ariel! Upcoming CFNYC Events and News: A Community for All Friends and… Read more »

Specialty WODs 6/10-6/17

CFE Sunday 6/10 “Sunday is for Conditioning! 2.0” 8 rounds at each station – 20 Seconds work/10 Seconds rest: 1. Wall Walks 2. Goblet Squats (24/16) 3. Plank Ups Rest 2 minutes 8 rounds at each station – 20 seconds… Read more »

Friday 180608 – Photo of the Day

A Community for All Have you signed up for the June OUT-FIT Pride WOD this Sunday?? There’s still time – we hope to see you there! Upcoming CFNYC Events and News: Friends and Family sale at local Reebok stores June… Read more »

A Community for All

CrossFit NYC is possibly the largest CrossFit affiliate in the world. We may also have the greatest number of LBGTQ CrossFitters. The two largest LBGTQ CrossFit groups both have their roots at CrossFit NYC. All of this is a direct… Read more »