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Monday 160829 – Competition

Warm up Your choice. Strength Hang Snatch High Pull+Hang Snatch 4x(2+1) Use this drill for working on the rhythm of your pull as well as balance. There will be no pause between lifts. Snatch Balance 4×2, increasing From 12″ blocks,… Read more »

Saturday 160827 – Competition

Warm up 3 rounds of: 250 m Row (26-28 spm) 1 length Forward Bear Crawl 1 length Backward Bear Crawl 8-10 Scapular Floor Slides 3-5 Skin the Cats Any additional movement drills – your choice. Strength 4×8-10/leg Front Rack Barbell… Read more »

Tuesday 160823 – Competition

Warm up 1 mile Run then 3×2-3 Box Jumps, increasing height Strength 10 minute EMOM: 1 Push Press, increasing Back Squat 4×1 (75,80,80,85% of 1 RM) Rest 90 seconds between reps. Conditioning Complete 4 rounds, each round consists of 6… Read more »

Monday 160822 – Competition

Warm up 500 m Row (16-18 spm), then 500 m Row (26+ spm) Gymnastics Skill 5×3 Strict HSPU, then 5×3 Strict Wall Facing HSPU Work on hollow body positioning rather than a deficit. Strength Hang Snatch High Pull+Hang Snatch 4x(2+1)… Read more »