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Saturday 160924 – Competition

Warm up Your choice then… Strength A. Overhead Barbell Walking Lunges (135-145/95-105) 3×8/leg, rest as needed between sets B. 7-10 Strict Muscle ups or 5×2 Strict Muscle up C. 7×1 Strict Muscle up or Strict Pull up Negative (10 count… Read more »

Thursday 160922 – Competition

Warm up 3 rounds of: 400 m Run 8 Glute Bridges 8 Cossack Squats (4/leg) 8 Good Mornings (light weight) 8 Muscle Cleans (light weight) Strength Front Squat 5×2, across (75% of Monday’s 5 RM from 9/19) A1. Single Arm… Read more »

Monday 160919 – Competition

Warm up 2-3 rounds of: 1 TGU each arm, increasing weight each round Teacup Drill or Pec Stretch of Choice 8-10 Contralateral Deadbugs Lateral Banded Walks 8-10 Wall Squats Any additional mobility/warm up prep. Strength Find Front Squat 5 RM… Read more »

Saturday 160917 – Competition

Warm up Your choice then… 145-150/115-120 Calories on Assault Bike in 10 minutes. Strength 5×3 Power Snatch (70-75% of 1 RM) Rest as needed between sets. No touch and go, focus on technique today. Overhead Barbell Walking Lunges 3×6-8/leg (135/95)… Read more »