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Thursday 150129 – Competition

Warm up: Snatch Drills then Snatch Balance 5×1 (use as warm up) Hold bottom position for 3 counts. Part A. 20 Minute EMOM: Snatch Part B. Team Relay! 2014 CrossFit Regionals – Event 8 First team to have every member complete… Read more »

1/28/15 Programming Check-In

Pre-Open Programming (January – February 2015) Going into the Open, we are emphasizing conditioning, first and foremost. In the past, almost every Open workout has involved fairly “simple” CrossFit movements at relatively “light” weights.  We put these movements in context… Read more »

Monday 150126 – Competition

Warm up: 1 mile run+DIY Part A. Paused Front Squats 5×3 (23×1) Compare A and B to 1/13 results. Part B. Pendlay Row 5×5 Part C. 12 minute AMRAP: 15 Snatches (75/53) 15 Box Jumps (24/20) 15 Snatches (95/63) 15… Read more »

Sunday 150125 – Competition

Warm up: Mobility  “10-10-10″ warm up with the empty bar: 10 Muscle Clean+Press 10 Power Clean+Push Press 10 Squat Clean+Push Jerk A. 20 minute EMOM: Clean and Jerk  If you made each lift perfectly last week, you may start slightly… Read more »