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Tuesday 140930 – Competition

Warm up C A. Paused Power Snatch: Pause at BTK position for 2 counts, working up to a heavy single as technique allows. B. Drop 10-30# from heaviest single and perform 3×3 Power Snatch C. BTN Snatch Grip Push Press 5×3 reps… Read more »

Monday 140929 – Competition

Warm up A (Gymnastics) A. 8 minute EMOM: 1 Clean+1 Front Squat, start @ 80% max, add weight, perfect technique B. Back Squat 6×1 (85% Max, across) C1) 4X1:00 ME Strict HSPU, rest 2:00 minutes C2) 4×8-10 Strict TTB, rest… Read more »

Thursday 140925 – Competition

Warm up A – 25 minutes to complete (Note: At some point in today’s workout complete 5 Minutes of 30 Sec on/30 Sec off Assault Bike Sprints) Part A. Front Squat: 8-7-6-5-4-3-2 reps Take the bar from the floor. Every set will be… Read more »

Tuesday 140923 – Competition

Warm up B A1. Romanian Deadlifts 4×6-8 reps (31×1 tempo) A2. Bulgarian Split Squat 4×8 reps (each leg)  Part B. 20 minute EMOM: Odd Minutes: Bench Press, Men – 3 reps, Women – 5 reps Even Minutes: Weighted Strict Pull… Read more »

Sunday 140921 – Competition

Warm up A (Gymnastics) Part A. Blocks at Below the Knee: Snatch Pull+Snatch+Snatch Balance (5 sets at up to 90% max snatch) Part B. Blocks at Below the Knee: 2-3 reps Squat Clean every 60 seconds (6-7 sets at 75-80% of your… Read more »