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Friday 140912 – Endurance

On a continuously running clock: A. 10 minute EMOM: 5 Push ups 10 Air Squats then run 400 meters B. 10 minute EMOM: 5 Plate Ground to Overhead (45/25) 10 Box Jumps (24/20) then run 400 meters C. 10 minute… Read more »


Friday 140912 – Photo of the Day

Announcement: Updated Terms of CrossFit NYC Membership Playing with intervals Man sets world record for pinky-finger pullups (video) Drugs used for anxiety, sleep are linked to Alzheimer’s disease in older people The awful reign of the Red Delicious Your Friday… Read more »

Friday 140912 – Beginner

In teams of three, with only one work station per team, and only one partner working at a time: Complete as many Wall Ball Shots as possible in 6 minutes. Rest/Transition 1 minute Complete as many Pull ups as possible… Read more »

Updated Terms of CrossFit NYC Membership

Membership Cancellation and/or Delay of Future Charges Effective October 1, all monthly memberships will be placed on automatic renewal. You can end or suspend future charges simply by emailing us at You may also delay future monthly memberships start… Read more »

Thursday 140911 – Endurance

“Death by Rowing Burpees” With a continuously running clock do one burpee the first minute, two burpees the second minute, three burpees the third minute and so on. For the remainder of the minute, row as many meters as you… Read more »


Thursday 140911 – Photo of the Day

In honor of the 13th anniversary of September 11th, all the WOD classes (Beginner, All-Levels, and Experienced) are doing the same WOD today, listed below. Every WOD is an opportunity to meditate on the strength of the human spirit and… Read more »