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Tuesday 150120 – Photo of the Day

BTWB Leaderboard: All Levels ‎ Experienced Squat therapy (video) 11 habits of exceptionally flexible (and successful) people How a crazy scientist duped America into believing vitamin C cures colds In praise of limits Effects of meal frequency on weight loss… Read more »

Tuesday 150120 – Beginner

Interval Stations (30 seconds on/30 seconds off) 1. Burpees to a Plate 2. Plate Ground to Overhead 3. Double Unders 4. Wall Balls (20/14) 5. Row for Calories 35 minutes, 7 rounds

This week’s Endurance WOD

The Endurance WOD for this week’s classes (January 21, 22, 23): 3 rounds for reps of: 50 seconds Double or Single Unders 10 seconds Rest 50 seconds Sit ups 10 seconds Rest 50 seconds Wallballs (20/14) 10 seconds rest 2… Read more »

Floripa  (1 of 1)

Monday 150119 – Photo of the Day

It’s Coach Joe’s first headstand in over a year! On Praia Compeche, in Florianopolis, Brazil, no less. He’s back to coaching today, be sure to welcome him back. BTWB Leaderboard: All Levels ‎/ Experienced Halfway thru the Whole30 / Emergency… Read more »

Monday 150119 – Experienced

A. “Death by Power Clean”: Pick one weight to maintain across your sets. (Max: 10 minutes) B. “Death by Russian Kettlebell Swing”: Start with 5 reps AHAP, then add a rep each minute.