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Sunday 141019 – Experienced

A. Front Squat 3×8-10 (80% of 10/12-10/13) B. Coach Joe‘s Birthday WOD! “Death by Joe” EMOM: 5 Thrusters (95/65) 5 Burpees 5 Pull ups You must complete the 15 reps each minute to continue. Score is total reps. (20 minute… Read more »

Saturday 141018 – Beginner

“Pet Stone” 3 Rounds for time of: 20 Box Step Ups with Wallball in hands (20 inch box) 20 Sit Ups with Wallball 20 Wallballs (20/14) Every time the ball hits the ground, run 400 m (without the ball).


Friday 141017 – Photo of the Day

How to do handstands & HSPUs, Oct 26th! / Halloween Party, Oct. 31st! Novel ways to improve your front squat The world’s nicest people don’t even grasp how nice they really are The Sub-2 hour marathon and East Africa’s super-runners… Read more »

Friday 141017 – Beginner

A. 12 minute EMOM: 1-5 HSPU *Scale to 15-30 second handstand hold or 1 Wall Walk B. 3 Rounds for time of: 400 m Run 12 Toes to Bar 20 Overhead Lunges with plate (45/25) Here’s what’s on tap for… Read more »

Friday 141017 – Endurance

30 Minute AMRAP: 500 m Row Repeats Alternating with a Partner. How consistent can you keep your row intervals during the AMRAP? NOTE: Next Endurance classes are Wednesday, October 22nd.