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Thursday 150129 – Photo of the Day

BTWB Leaderboard: All Levels/Beginner ‎ Experienced Endurance REQUIRED READING: 1/28/15 Programming Check-In from Coach Avery Have the courage to aim low, but often The benefits of a lunch-hour walk (Strict) pull-up inspiration: Marisa Inda (video) Authority figures Does therapeutic ultrasound… Read more »

Thursday 150129 – Beginner

Interval Stations (5 rounds of 45 seconds on/45 seconds off) 1 No Push Up Burpees with jump to overhead target 2 Wallballs (20/14) 3 Tuck Ups 4 Double Unders or Single Unders 5 Walking Lunges


Wednesday 150128 – Photo of the Day

BTWB Leaderboard: All Levels/Beginner ‎ Experienced Endurance NORMAL CLASS SCHEDULE RESUMES TODAY. Thank you for your patience! “You have habits, my friend. Recognize them. Write them down.” Our natural sleep cycle (video) Why technology can’t make you fall asleep What… Read more »


Tuesday 150127 – Photo of the Day

BTWB Leaderboard: All Levels ‎ Experienced We will resume a normal schedule tomorrow (Wednesday 1/28)! A BIG thank you to all of our members for being understanding about class cancellations during the winter storm. LATEST WINTER-STORM CANCELLATIONS (please check back… Read more »

Tuesday 150127 – Experienced

30 Minute Partner AMRAP: 9 Power Cleans 9 Front Squats 9 Push Jerks Start at 95/63. Alternate every round with your partner. After both partners have completed two rounds at a given weight, increase 5-10 total pounds.

Monday 150126 – Experienced

A. Overhead Squat EMOM Minutes 1-5: 6 Reps Minutes 6-10: 4 Reps Minutes 11-15: 2 Reps Every 5 minutes increase the weight of your Overhead Squat. During the last five minutes you may increase the weight each minute. Bars should… Read more »