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Tuesday 141125 – Photo of the Day

Competition wrap-ups: Beat the Bracket, Belle 2014! 5 things you should do every day Training through injury How does alcohol affect your athletic performance? Metaphorically speaking: Our most sophisticated thinking relies on bodily experience In case you SOMEHOW missed it…Odell… Read more »

Tuesday 141125 – Beginner

Partner WOD 10 Rounds for reps of: Partner A – 500 m Row or Run Partner B – 10 Push Press then AMRAP No Push up Burpees Score is No Push up Burpees and total rowing or running time.

Monday 141124

A. Technique: 3 Position Cleans B. Partner WOD: 100 Cleans for time (95/63) Partition as desired. Pass through a full squat for each repetition.

Monday 141124 – Experienced

A. Work up to a heavy 3 rep Deadlift in 15-20 minutes in no more than 6 total work sets. B. 15-12-9 reps for time of: Deadlifts (65% of heaviest 3 RM for the day) Box Jumps (24/20)