Thursday-Saturday 170914-16 – Beginner

Thursday 9/14
Gymnastics Skill

50 reps for time of:
Burpee+Push up+Jumping Jack+Sit up+Handstand

All Levels Friday 9/15
30 minute EMOM:
Odd minutes – Power Clean + Front Squat
Even minutes – Squat Clean

EWOD/Competition – Increase after each squat clean working up to a heavy max for the day.
BWOD – Repeat weights as necessary to focus on your footwork for the power and squat clean.

Saturday 9/16
Warm up/Technique
3-5 rounds with empty bar of:
Muscle Clean + Strict Press + Push Jerk + Clean Grip Overhead Squat (3+3+3+3)

Push Jerk 5×3, increasing

Compare to 5×4 Push Jerks on 9/5/17.

4 rounds of:
Minute 1 – 8-10 Toes To Bar
Minute 2 – 8-10 Push Jerk (115/75)
Minute 3 – 6/Leg Front Rack Kettlebell Walking Lunges (AHAP)

Here’s what’s on tap for Sunday and Monday’s Beginner classes:

Sunday 9/17 and Monday 9/19
A. Back Squat 5×3, increasing

B. 1 Max Effort set of Back Squats.
Perform as many reps as possible using your squat weight from set 5 of Part A. If you perform more than 12-15 squats today you’ve gone too light!

Compare to 9/7/17.

5-4-3-2-1-2-3-4-5 reps for time of:
Overhead Squats (115/75)
15 Double Unders after every set of Overhead Squats