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Congratulations and welcome to last week’s Fundamentals classes.

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  • Merlyne

    6pm Comp
    WU: done @ 7 strict pullups
    A: 1 RM Back Squat: 255 (5# PR). Really happy b/c my hip was injured for months.
    B: Clean + Jerk Waves
    Must remember to not have a death grip on bar for the clean (makes it harder to turn over elbows) and not to dip too fast for jerk (it’s less efficient).
    C. Bar Muscle up Conditioning: 8×2 with green band

  • Lauren S

    WU: done
    A: back squat 1 RM – PR at 240! Real happy, especially after yesterday
    B: c&j waves – 123-143-158 // 153-158-163 // 158-163-168f, 168 made // 163-168-173f, 173 made
    C: bar mups ripped on the second rep of my fifth set. 7 minutes to get through 22 total.

  • Stephanie

    WU: done with bare minimum pull ups(7)
    A: Back Squat: 83-103-133-153-173-183-193-203(3#PR!)-213(fail)
    B: C+J waves:
    C: 5×5 bar mups, done as an EMOM: 4:11

  • Where’s McArdle?

    Wu: done
    Bs: 135×5-225×3-265-285-305-325f. PR is 360 and haven’t failed that low in a long time. Legs and hips feel pretty wonky of late.
    C and j: 185-195-205, 195-205-210, 205-210-215, 210-220-225
    Mups 5×6: 3:12. A bit too arm-y

  • Jorge Baron Munoz

    5 yoga push ups
    10 wall facing shoulder taps
    7 ub strict pull ups

    A: Push Press: 150,170,190,200,210,220,230(failed) I think 220 was a PR

    B: C+J waves:

    C: 7×3 bar mups, done as an EMOM: 6:11

  • BenFund (Hobie’s Dad)

    WU: Done
    A: Back squat – 365
    B: CJ Waves – 220-225-230-235 (did extra set first wave), 225-230-235, 235-240-245, 245-250-255
    C: Bar Mups 5×6 – 4:17