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  • BenFund (Hobie’s Dad)

    WU: Done
    KB high pull: 24, 24, 32, 32
    Snatch: 135-135-155-155-165-165-175-175
    Beep Test: 14 rounds + 7 + 7 (16 rounds last time) – wish it were a little hotter in the gym this AM. Would have helped.
    Strict C2B: 8/8/7/6/6
    Backsquat: 227.5 (5×10)

  • Amanda

    WU: Done
    A. Single arm high pull 4×6/arm @ 30#
    B. 8min Snatch EMOM: 63-68-73-78-83(2)-88(2)#
    C. Beep Test: Rx 5+19 rounds (shouldn’t have dropped the barbell in the 6th round)
    D. 5 rounds NFT, 10 Back Squat 108# & 5 Strict C2B (5-4/1-3/1/1 last 3 rounds)

  • Dré

    WU: Done
    A. Single arm high pull 4×6/arm––20kg
    B. 8min Snatch EMOM: 115, 115, 125, 125, 135, 135, 145, 155#
    C. Beep Test: 6 rounds + 19 (probably could’ve finished this round in retrospect)
    D. 5 rounds NFT: 10 Back Squat (185#),10 Strict C2B

  • Jorge Baron Munoz

    WU: Done
    KB high pull: established a 10rm since i didn’t have one… 24kg
    Snatch: 115,115,125,135,135,135,145,145
    Beep Test: 5+16
    5RNFT 10 Strict C2B & 10 Back squats at 185lb: took about 15 min

  • Where’s McArdle?

    Wu: done
    Pull: 35
    Snatch: 125-160 in 5’s
    Beep: 11 plus 14 versus previous notes:

    “Wod: 2 or 3 burps shy of 13. Smidge tired and grumbly, so plan was to take basically full minute every time with the rich froning thruster. Worked well until muscle fatigue.

    Last time: 10+4 burpees

    First time: “7’s first 7, 5’s next 11, and 7’s last two – I cheated and quit on 7’s before failing, but didn’t have feeling like death in me last night. 5’s were prob too easy.”

    Squats @ 200 and ctb done.

  • Stephanie

    A: 4×6/arm single arm high pull: 35#
    B: 8 min EMOM 1 snatch: 63-93
    C: beep test: 6+17. My arms/chest are so sore, mentally gave up in the 3rd round
    D: 5 rounds: 10 back squats(113) + 5 strict c2b

  • Lauren S

    so much fitness to review
    Friday: FS max: 203#, a 10# PR

    A: up to 168# on the clean and jerk
    B: up to 123 on the snatch
    C: 27:54 on whatever we call that thing

    WU: done
    A: 88 to 123 on the snatch
    B: 7+20 on the beep test. First time doing it RX
    C: 5×10 BS at 148#, 5×5 SC2B

  • Merlyne

    7:15 PM Comp
    WU: Done
    A. Single arm high pull 10 RM – 16kg KB
    B. 8min Snatch EMOM: 63(2), 73(2), 83(2), 93(2)
    C. Beep Test: 3 rounds + 20 (slow thrusters)
    D. 5 rounds NFT: 10 Back Squat (113#), 5 Strict C2B (all rounds broken, at least 3 reps to start)

  • Kate Parker

    A. Single arm high pull 4×6/arm @ 12kg
    B. 8min Snatch EMOM: 93-93-98-98-103-103-108-108
    C. Beep Test: Rx 3+18 (I literally hit a wall on the last round – my barbell got stuck on a ledge on the wall under the rig and I lost ~8s, according to expert witness @StephanieOhler:disqus. I wasn’t ever going to get very far on this wod, but I think I had another round in me)
    D. 5 rounds NFT, 10 Back Squat 123# & 5 strict pullups (I misread the board and thought we were doing pullups not C2B, so I did 4×5 pullups then 3×5 c2b)