How to Submit your 2017 CrossFit Open Scores

Every year there is a little (or A LOT) of confusion about filling out and submitting your scores for the CrossFit Open. Please read this entire post before commenting.


The main points of this post:
1. You must submit your scores online for every workout (given you follow the rules outlined below).

2. We validate your scores online (given you follow the rules outlined below).

If you do not submit your scores online, by the stated deadlines (per rules of the CrossFit Games) there is nothing we can do. Every year we run into the same issue(s) of someone asking to get their score submitted past the deadline or blaming us that we did not tell them how to submit their score properly. When you register for the Open, you explicitly agree to specific rules about score submissions as outlined by CrossFit HQ.

While we try to make everything about the Open as clear and organized as we can, if you have ANY questions about score submissions you need to make sure you ask them before the deadline.


Here are a few rules that are good to know, so you can ensure that all of your scores are validated by our affiliate.

1) Complete the workout in an Open class at our affiliate. (Note: This year you must be registered for the Open prior to signing up for an Open class.)

While you have several choices when it comes to performing an Open workout, the only scores we can validate are those that occur at CrossFit NYC where you must be judged in person.

If you plan to submit a video (for whatever reason), we are not able to validate your score and you must follow the video submission guidelines as listed by CrossFit Games website.

This is a no-brainer, but we can’t validate workouts that we can’t confirm were judged accurately.

If you regularly travel for business and plan to perform one of your workouts at another affiliate, that affiliate is responsible for validating your score – not CrossFit NYC! Please do not email us about your score; you will need to follow up with their Affiliate Manager.

2) Fill out the entire score sheet as instructed by your Coach.

Don’t get so caught up in preparing for the WOD that you miss out on the important information you will received from your Coach at the start of the WOD. Before every single workout, they will review:

– How to fill out your score sheet (each score sheet is specific to that week’s workout).

– Review Judging criteria and standards for what constitutes good and bad reps.

3) Your score sheet should be legible, dated, and signed.

If we can’t read your full name (the one listed in Zen Planner – no nicknames please), judge or score, we will have a difficult time validating it. We do our best to figure out who the member is but we often review 100’s of scores in 72 hours. The name of your Coach should be on your score sheet, so we can check your class attendance.

So, when you have cramped hands from doing 100 toes to bar that’s about the worst time to fill out your form. Make sure you do it at the start of class!

3) Take the bottom part of the score sheet with you and leave the top part with your instructor.

There will be a dotted line where you can cut off your score section. Fill out both parts of the sheet and remove the bottom part of the sheet. That’s for you to keep (and remember) your score.

4) Enter your attempt(s) on the Games website under your profile as soon as possible.

Until your score is validated—either by video submission or by an affiliate manager—it will appear as grey online. To submit your score, go back to the competition page and click the tab titled “Submit 17.1, 17.2, etc. Score”.

You will be able to submit a score from your Competition Page. Each week there will be a section of the page where you can submit a score.

When you go to submit a score it will ask you, “How will this workout be validated?” Select: Performed at an affiliate. You will need to select the affiliate (CrossFit NYC), the name of your judge, the score, and tiebreak time (if applicable).

Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 2.42.51 PM

Here are a few questions I get asked each year…

1) I submitted my second attempt online, but now it has been invalidated. Why?

This has happened a lot in the past few years and creates a lot of confusion for the Affiliate Manager.

If you do multiple attempts of a single workout, you should submit and remove all of your scores to reduce confusion on our end. We need to see an electronic history of each attempt.

Here’s a classic scenario: You do the WOD on Friday night and don’t submit your score, but turned in your sheet. You then decide to redo it on Saturday morning and submit your second score because it is better than Friday’s attempt. It is Saturday afternoon, and we are still validating all of Friday’s attempts.

We have your first score sheet and match it with your second attempt. If they are not the same, we will have no choice but to invalidate your score. You then email us confused about why the attempt was invalidated. We then have to look through all the scores to figure out why this happened.

For every attempt that you submit a score sheet to CFNYC, you should also submit a score online.

2) What happens if I don’t submit by the 8 PM deadline on Monday?

Well, nothing really. Your score will not be counted or validated.

If you took the time to do the Open workout, you should really log your score as soon as you can.

Per CF Headquarters:

“No. We do not accept late scores under any circumstances. To report technical difficulties with the score submission process, send an email to before the deadline with your name, score, the name of the affiliate validating it, or a working video url. Any emails received after the deadline will not be considered.

It is the sole responsibility of the athlete to ensure the timely and successful submission of their workout each week. Submissions that are incomplete (missing scores, name of Affiliate, name of Judge or containing video links which do not work, etc.), will not be accepted.”

If you do not complete one of your workouts by the submission date, there is no penalty except that you will be out of the running for Regionals. But, you also won’t be able to see how you rank on that workout either.

There are always a few people that wait for us to validate their score when they didn’t submit it first. They do it on the first Open workout and then are really, really sad/mad that their scores aren’t going to “count” for the rest of the Open.

We’re very sorry when this happens, but there is seriously nothing we can do to submit your score to CrossFit on your behalf (we mean this, CFHQ makes no exceptions, see quote from above).

Finally, don’t wait until the last minute to post your score. The website gets really slow 60-90 minutes out from the deadline (especially the first week), which means you should post your score the very latest by Monday afternoon.

3) It’s 8:01 PM on Monday night and my score hasn’t been validated yet!!???! I’m freaking out!!!

I know with all the rules being so strict about submission, it really bums you out when you haven’t had your scores validated before the submission deadline.

Your score will not appear on the Leaderboard, until the Affiliate Manager validates it. Your score is gray because the Open workout submission period is not over and the Affiliate Manager has not validated your score yet. In other words, it’s in the system, but it’s not official yet.

As an affiliate, we have until Wednesday night to finish validating all scores and given the website issues that typically crop up, it make take that long on any given week. We always validate them as quickly as we can, but please realize there may be delays beyond our control. When in doubt, talk to a staff member in person before the deadline. As a last resort, email.

4) OK, what if I still have a question??

When possible during the Open, please email anything urgent, personal, or score specific to NOT

All other general questions that might benefit other members should be asked in the comments below.


  • Sierra

    How do I submit a video? To youtube?

    • Avery W

      All information about submitting scores can be found on the “Help” section of the games website.

      1. Under Help section: How to Submit a video?

      You will be able to submit a video from your Competition Page. When you go to submit a score it will ask: “How will this workout be validated?” Select: “Video.” You will then be asked to upload the link to your video. You will still need to enter the score and tiebreak time (if applicable)

      2. Quick search brought me here for score submission issues:

      By default, you can upload videos that are 15 minutes long to YouTube. To upload longer videos, follow these steps:

      1. Visit the upload page at

      2. Click Increase your limit at the bottom of the page, or visit

      3. Follow the steps to verify your account with a phone. You can choose between receiving the verification code through text message on a mobile phone or getting an automated voice message on your phone.

      Once you’ve increased your limit, make sure you’re using an up-to-date version of your browser so you can upload files greater than 20GB. The maximum file size you’ll be able to upload to YouTube is 128GB, and the maximum duration is 11 hours.

      If that doesn’t work, you can purchase a premium YouTube account, which will allow you to upload longer videos. Or you can try uploading the video to Vimeo or any other video-sharing site.

      As a reminder we do not validate any video submissions, even if you are on the CFNYC roster. Please follow all rules outlined by CrossFit on their website to ensure that your attempt is validated and counted. Any specific questions about your video submission can be submitted to the CrossFit Games help desk.

  • lauren

    apparently there is no app this year to load scores – does this mean we have to submit scores and video submission on line?
    personally it was/is much easier to use the app

    • Avery W

      That is something that the Games Website will be able to answer. Even if there is no app, you should be able to load your scores online via your CF account by computer or phone.