CrossFit NYC Referral Program – A Great 2016 Holiday Gift!


Are your friends and family sick of hearing about your “Karen” time or One Rep Max Snatch? Simple solution – bring them to the gym!

All members of CrossFit NYC are eligible to purchase a “Fundamentals Course” for a friend or relative for $29 (save $50 off regular price of $79). Contact us at to purchase a course.

If your friend finishes the four Fundamentals Classes (A, B, C, D) he or she will be eligible for a first full month unlimited membership for $149.

If your friend renews after that first month, you will both get $50 off the regular price of each of your next monthly or long-term renewals. These $50 credits come in the form of a future membership purchase.

We will not be held liable for converted friends who, in turn, won’t shut up about their Double Unders or “Fran” time.


  • will shipman

    when will this special end?

    • Hari Singh

      This will become new referral program and it will run until we announce a change.

  • Tenn Nuchkasem

    Does the $29 voucher cover all four courses, and is there an expiration for the voucher?

    • Hari Singh

      The $29 covers Fundamentals Classes A, B, C, and D, to be taken in that order.

      Once someone starts class A, we strongly suggest that they finish the sequence within two weeks, but we are flexible on that point.

      The voucher is good for six months.