October 2016 Member of the Month


October 2016 Member of the Month

Please watch this video of the bubbly and effervescent Nat DeWolf who is our October Member of the Month.
We made him MoM because he went from hating CrossFit to, well, hating it less. And because he’s always buttering up the coaches. And bribing the desk staff with bananas and wit.
Plus, those pistols. Those glorious, silky smooth pistols.
So we finally just gave in and let him have his 31 days of fame. We couldn’t be happier with the result.
Next time you see Nat, say congratulations. And ask him for the Line of the Day. He’s got a million of them. Just trust us on this one.


  • Hari Singh

    Congratulations, Nat!

  • Anna

    Congrats, Nat!

  • Where’s McArdle?


  • Tarek

    Nat and I were in the same elements classes with Coach Joe in August 2012. Unlike Nat, I quit after a few months for over a year and a half, then after rejoining have had stretches where I have been very inconsistent. Nat has been the opposite – a model of consistency and his progress really shows since then. Very inspiring. Congrats Nat!

  • reisbaron

    Nice work Nat! Congratulations!