UWS….say cheeeese!

Hey UWS-ers we have 3 upcoming photo shoots scheduled for you over the next few weeks. I’m posting them all here, so you can pencil them in, get your hair did, and come flex for the cam.

Lisa Haefner will be shooting on:

Friday August 22nd from 5:20PM-6:30PM
Tuesday August 26th from 6:30AM-8:30AM
Tuesday September 16th from 6PM-8PM

Keep your eyes out for more dates.


  • Michael J. Bultman

    I’m ironing all of my tank tops. Can’t wait!

  • Glenn McMahon

    Coach Michael be sure to wear you short-shorts too

  • Dean Asofsky

    she was there yesterday. when and where can we see the pics?

    • Stacey Pearson

      Lisa goes around taking pictures at various classes and locations, we will use as many as we can during the month, and then shortly after the end of the month, I’ll post an album to our Facebook page so you can snag any photos you like.

      • Dean Asofsky

        Thanks Stacey