Wednesday 140820 – Photo of the Day

Mobility homework: Squat, Day 1 of 3 (video)
“Telling an obese person to move more and eat less is about as helpful as telling a poor person to make more money and spend less.”
Fistbumps are more hygienic than handshakes
Three training tips for tall people
CF champ Froning talks retirement, paleo, and his love of bacon


  • Benny Roitman

    7:10 eWOD w Chris
    4:03 Rx [PR]

  • Eric Chow

    7am with Kyle

    Reis convinced me i should do RX…so ok.

    Finished legs were still sore from squats on Monday so it made the thrusters, OHS, and FS really fun. Recommend breaking into sets early and rest wisely.

  • reisbaron



    • AndyK

      I hope this makes it to the eWOD programming soon, looks like a spicy one!

      • reisbaron

        If you’ve done partner Kalsu it will compare, but I can’t imagine it will test you as much. Burpees crushed me. When I could actually get to the bar the movements were fine.

  • AndyK

    6:10 eWOD with Chris. Great atmosphere this morning a lot of cheering and yelling going on!

    2:53 Rx. The first and only time I had done Grace before was in May of last year as was 3:53Rx. Very happy with the 1 minute PR. However, I think that I should be around 2:30 right now. Did not have much pop from shoulder to overhead today and took more breaks than I should have. This is definitely one WOD where I expect to see more improvement a year from now (hopefully sooner). All in all very happy with the PR!

  • Chris F.

    6AM UWS with Bultman
    76 reps @ 85# – initially Madison and I were gonna attempt Rx but we ultimately heeded Michael’s warning and I’m glad we did. By the end I could not hold the overhead squat. This WOD totally destroyed me. But I think it’s the NPGL’s fault. The burger and fries at MSG are so damn tasty. And how can anyone resist Six Point Sweet Action on tap? It just not realistic.

  • Lisa VanBemmelen

    6:10am eWOD w/Chris
    7:00 @83#
    I’m a little disappointed that I didn’t go for the Rx weight, but I definitely still struggled at 83#. Thank you everyone for cheering me on at the end! The atmosphere was amazing, and I know all of your encouragement helped!

    • AndyK

      Great job, I would give you the 6:59 as well, i was standing in front of the clock!

      • Lisa VanBemmelen

        Thanks, Andy! Every second counts! 🙂

  • Craig Bagno

    Hi all. Any recommendations for a box in the downtown Boston area?

  • Jonathan D


    9:34/75#. Blew through the thrusters, power cleans and push jerks. Got severely slowed down by overhead squats, which I thought I had down a few months ago. NOPE. Need to work on mobility for those. I pretty much scaled exclusively because of them. Still happy with my time, but this was an eye-opener on where I need to work on form. Oof.

  • Madison

    6am UWS w/ Michael “knows best” J Bultman
    Air Force-ish: 75 reps @ 85# (10min time cap). That was brutalll. Normally I’d be like “F*k time cap”.. today I was like “F*king saved by time cap”.

    • Chris F.

      Seems as though we were the only ones with a time cap. I’m not complaining. Just saying.

  • Alex Behrman

    Decided to see how they do it in Sofia’s 7:40 instead of my usual 6:40. Noticed quite a bit of trash talking going on towards the 6:40 crowd 🙂

    11:50 at 53#. This one got really messy really fast. Oof. Those overhead squats were killer. And burpees just make everything so much more fun.

  • Justin Katz

    6:10am eWOD with Chris
    Coach Chris, thank you for helping me with TGU in the warm-up this morning.
    Great class today.
    “Grace” 7:04 Rx
    Last time I did “Grace” was last year at 11:36 RX so definitely a little improvement.

  • Russ Kempf

    610am exp

    • ToddMorris

      I hope to visit your world someday. It appears to be a very nice place to live!

    • reisbaron


    • Andy Graves


  • Kirsten Chilstrom

    Feeling amazing after today’s 7:40 w/ Sofia

    Rx’d it — 15:43 — I kept a steady pace and didn’t exhaust myself. Very happy about it, despite the time not being fast.

  • SarahMaryCunningham

    7:40 with Sofia 2xG

    12:53 at 53 lbs

    Focused on form and pacing and was super glad I went with the weight that I did. Sore from Monday’s backsquat cycle so the overhead squats and front squats were extra special.

  • Brian P

    There’s no crying in Crossfit, unless you are BCP because boy did I do abysmally!
    DNF at 65# and only 67-68 reps I think.

    Saving grace, a faculty member in my office today (Retired president of Amherst College) met me for the first time and said, “Boy you’re fit!” I said “I do Crossfit!” That made up for this AMs performance.

    • Madison

      and then you proceeded to OHS your oak desk just to prove it.

      • Brian P

        Madison, that made me laugh! I needed that today.

        • Madison

          Then we’re even as visualizing you doing it, looking badass, made me smile!

  • Diane

    6 am w/ Kyle:
    8:33 RX (ish) – Scaled OHS down to 55; everything else 65

  • jenntang

    Air Force-ish WOD: 7:50 Rx

  • Jerry G

    6AM w/ Kyle
    9:34 RX – Had to break the OHS into 3 sets, everything else in 1-2.

  • JenniferP

    13:40 at 53lbs
    I wish we did this workout on a regular basis, because it was a great combo of pushing hard to make the time cap but also maintain form. And the burpees kept the heart rate up. Nice, challenging workout!

  • Addie B
  • Erin Bruno

    6:00AM with Kyle
    12:25 RX – felt good during the first 3 movements AND then I got to the OHS. those took me 5 rounds and a whole lot of cheerleading.

    • Diane

      you were awesome!! great job today!

    • Jonathan D

      You killed it!

  • Dan Tshin

    7AM UWS with MJB
    Partnered with Steve
    80 Reps @ 65#. Got smoked pretty quickly. Those OHS were very much in the BroRep category.
    Watching the 6AM class, we didn’t see many groups doing Rx, for good reason. There was no shame in scaling down for this WOD.

  • Maria Sanchez

    12pm w sofia
    11:30 @ 43lbs
    i really needed a rest day but was hopeful that working out today would help my sore quads…it did.
    at one point i thought burpees were feeling better than movements and then i just wanted to be done.

  • Marissa Stephenson

    8:30am with Chris
    11:02, 1/2 Rx, then OHS and FS at #53. Overhead, ack.

  • Talia

    11:30 UWS with MJB… Wow crowded for a mid day wod.
    That was all kinds of awful…
    10 min time cap… I did 89 at 53#. So close to finishing. I messed up one min and dropped with my OHS so I only got 2 reps that round (took too long to rerack… Didn’t snatch it). If I didn’t do that I feel like I would have completed it. Honestly thrusters are my goat… I actually like OHS… Go figure.
    After 3 days of wodding… Rest day tomorrow (even though I need to practice my pull ups)
    Shout out to Eric…. We will miss you for the few months you are not in nyc!!! You always make class a ball of laughter.

  • Ben Fornecker

    Crossfit Speakeasy Drop in Day 2:
    400m Farmer’s Carry AHAP
    70# KB 6:34 – the sweat made me drop them a little too much. About 11 drops I’d say. Next time I will try smaller quicker steps and engage my shoulders more to keep my thighs from colliding with the KBs.

    15 Minute AMRAP
    6 Strict HSPU
    9 C2B
    12 Burpees
    15 Double Unders
    The strict HSPU killed me. Went unbroken the first round and had to break it into singles thereafter. I was coached into wider hands and turning the thumbs toward the wall which allowed me to move quicker as this provided for a shorter range of motion.

    Cash out was 800m Airdyne which I’ve never done before. Took me 1:16. Highly suggested as a good cash out as it will definitely test your mental capability and is considered an all out sprint in which you will want to give up in the first 400m.

  • Jaclyn Henry

    5:40pm beginner w/ Sully!
    Air Force: 8:45 (RX) woof! Was shooting for sub-8 minutes, but those push presses and OHS made me take an extra break in my reps. Big thanks to my partner (and everyone from the 6:40pm class) for cheering me through my last few sets! Can’t wait to retest this one in the future. ALSO big question: do you START with burpees or thrusters?!

    • Dan Tshin

      We started with burpees, but some ppl forgot that memo.

    • Talia

      We started with burpees also

  • Glenn McMahon

    6am UWS w Michael Bultman Great WoD – let’s do this one again soon

  • Jim S

    A: De-loaded back squats 5×5
    I’ve been struggling to keep my weight on my heels as I get heavy. I tend to roll forward onto the balls of my feet which emphasizes my quads at the expense of my hamstrings. So, I did five very light sets tonight to really focus on activating my hamstrings with weight on my heels.
    B: Power Clean and Push Press
    up to 155lbs
    C: Grace (105lbs) 5:52 (just a smidge faster than the 5:58 I did in Feb
    D: 30 ring dips in sets of five. 3:42

  • Steve BBQ

    7:20pm with Erica

    11:54 Rx. Interestingly, I actually found the Push Jerks (completed in reps of 6, 5, 5, 4) more difficult than the Overhead Squats (completed in reps of 7, 7, 6).