Coach Kyle says farewell

After two years as a coach at CrossFit NYC, Kyle J Smith has decided to move to Kansas City, MO, to start his own box. For more information, click here.


His last day of coaching is Friday, September 12th. To celebrate his last weeks we will do a special “Coach Kyle says farewell” WOD on Saturday, August 23rd, in all classes.

We will also celebrate with Kyle and his girlfriend, Kristin Nelson, that afternoon at American Whiskey (247 W 30th St., between 7th & 8th Avenues) starting at 3PM on Saturday, August 23rd. If you believe you will be attending please comment below, thank you.


  • Maria Sanchez

    AMRAP tears start now! i will be there to celebrate.

  • Good luck Kyle.

  • ToddMorris

    no place i’d rather be

  • Charlotte Goins

    So there and trying to get Ali Ro to ditch biz school and come up. You’re the best, and my answer is “4 arms.” Definitely. Already missing you.

  • Kelsey Maguire

    Good luck kyle! Was fun at the 1pm for a long time, thank you!

  • Jonathan D

    Please tell me this farewell WOD is going to be 60 minutes of bear crawls.

    • colindowell

      Maybe some wheelbarrow action as well. Warm up samson, spiderman, pigeon, downward dog, butterfly.

  • Sara Soto

    Wouldn’t miss it for the world!! Best of luck to you, Kyle!!

  • Jenny

    Goodbye and good luck, Kyle! You were my first coach at Crossfit and I’m still here two years later loving every minute. Thanks for serving me the Koolaid…

  • AndyK

    Super bummed that I will be out of town for the WOD and more importantly the Whiskey! Kyle, thank you for all your great instruction, great attitude (especially early in the morning), and of course the “would you rather” question of the day! FITNESS!!

  • Andrea

    Christina Berl and I will be there

  • JenniferP

    Would I rather drink a good luck toast to Kyle or be someplace else that day? Abominable snowman, of course! ( I mean, drink with Kyle!)

  • Tess

    I’ll be there, but I’m not going to pretend to be celebrating! 8am will miss you!!!

  • CC_wideturn

    awwwww so sad.

    but now missouri will have a great box! what an exciting adventure!


  • Kyle, you will be missed! Your fun attitude and always entertaining “Question of the day” made early morning WODs that much more fun. Best of luck! And thank you for all of your enthusiasm, passion and coaching! I’m not sure how I will ever get through the open 14.5 WOD again without you.

  • Zander Ebin

    Hoping to join!

  • The search begins for the next coach who will pick up the gauntlet and constantly yell in the middle of wods: “CROSSFIT YEAHHHHHHH!!!!!”

    Best of luck Kyle!

  • Kevin Nemeth

    Terrible news and CFNYC will not be the same without you Kyle. Really enjoyed your coaching over the last 1 1/2 years man! I’ll be in Denver on the 23rd, but I’ll pour some out for you!

  • Justin Katz

    You will truly be missed Kyle!
    Good luck with the new Box!

  • scott henson

    Who could ever replace that early morning siren…SIXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX!!! I will definitely miss you and Kristin every morning. Best of luck to you both.

  • Jim S

    Bummer. Great luck to you Kyle. Your box will be awesome.

  • Edward

    NOOOOO (Luke Skywalker voice)! It means that I need to put KC in my travel plans going forward (Kyle – KC MO or KCK?). I hope you know that it was you and Sophia that really got me into CrossFit – busting my a$$ to bust through limitations. And now I love/live it. So for the record… a huge THANK YOU.

    • Kyle J Smith

      KC, MO, baby!

      • Edward

        Love KC MO! Sadly I won’t be in town for the get together – but I would like to get you a drink (or five) before you depart!

  • michael saterman

    Coach Kyle made every morning enjoyable (and the harder WODs bearable). He will be missed.
    {crying emoji}

  • Emkay

    will try to join

  • Max Von Cannon

    I work at a hotel close by however will not finish work till 7 pm. Will you guys still be around by evening time?

    • Kyle J Smith

      worth stopping by. who knows with these crazy kids.

  • colindowell

    Congrats! You’ll be a great owner. I’ll stop by when visiting my family there.

  • Lisa

    Definitely be there.

  • Bert

    Revenge is a drink best served cold. See you there.

  • stevenrerickson

    OMG. Congrats, thats fantastic. I know you will be a big success, your energy knowledge and enthusiasm of and for Crossfit is huge. I’ve missed you and all the other Black Boxers since I left the city. There are few places that can compare and you were one of the reasons. Make sure to have cool t-shirts, keep your question of the day even thought it’s a grind to think of them, and of course don’t stop the sweet and sour compassion and yelling routine. Best of luck to you, However, your success will have nothing to do with luck. So happy to have met you and been a part of your zero dark hundred classes!