Thursday 140703

Complete 3 rounds of:
5 Minute AMRAP
6 Push Ups
9 NP Burpees
12 Jump Switch Lunges (6 ea/leg)
18 Double Unders
Rest 5 minutes

A. Back Squat 5×5 (75% + 35-40#, 6th Exposure)
B. Accumulate up to 30 Weighted Pullups or 50 Strict Pull ups during the class.

(Photo credit: Lisa Haefner)

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Here’s what’s on tap for Friday’s classes:

All levels:
The Seven
Seven rounds for time of:
7 Handstand push-ups
7 Thrusters (135/95)
7 Knees to elbows
7 Deadlifts (245/170)
7 Burpees
7 Kettlebell swings (32/24 kg)
7 Pull-ups


  • Edward

    Holy moly. July 4th WOD looks magnificent. Can’t hardly wait (yes, terrible 90s movie reference).

  • Richard

    What is the All Level/Beginner WOD tomorrow? Assuming it is a few rounds of what is shown above as just one round?


    5 Minute AMRAP:
    6 Push Ups
    9 NP Burpees
    12 Jump Switch Lunges (6 ea/leg)
    18 Double Unders
    Rest 5 minutes

  • vikkikatz

    Any chance of an 8am WOD on Columbus on the 4th??

    • Hari Singh

      We’re running a Sunday Schedule on July 4.

      • vikkikatz

        Aw, bummer. It would be awesome to get in a workout before heading out of town.

        • Hari Singh

          You can take an 8:00 AM at 28th Street and leave town 20 minutes later.

  • Craig Bagno

    Yes. That looks terrible. I love it. 😉

  • Edward

    6:10 eWOD with Sara. A: 240-240-240-185-185. The last rep of the 3rd set was very dubious so went down to 185. Body screaming for a reset. B: 30 weighted pullups with 20kg kbs.

  • Jonathan D

    3 rounds/5 minute AMRAP of 6 push-ups/9 NP burpees/12 jump switch lunges/18 double unders: 8.

    Double unders suddenly got really hard in the final round, which slowed me down significantly. I also had my speed rope fly apart in the first round. Someone did NOT want me to do double unders today.

  • Benny Roitman

    7:10am eWOD w Sara
    A: 5×5 @ 205lb (same weight as last week but less of a battle this week)
    B: 30 weighted PU @ 20lb (PR)

  • Eric

    7:10 eWOD with Sara

    A. 5×5 at 265# with Ben – last set was fun.
    B. 30 weighted pullups with 20#

  • KyleF

    710am ewod uws josh
    Bs: 305, 310, 305, 305, 305×3. This was a battle.
    Pus: ~25 with 20kg strict
    Prob doing 10am uws tomorrow.

  • AndyK

    6:10 eWod with Sarah:
    A: Finally hit my failing point on the back squat sequence – made it through 2 rounds of 5 at 250 before failing in the 3rd round. 250 is 88% of 1RM, so can’t be too disappointed. Dropped down to 225 (~78%) for the last two rounds, re-established form and depth.
    B: 6×5 weighted pullups 4×5 with 25lbs, 2×5 with 45lbs. More weighted pullups please!!

    • Edward

      I know, right? I starting to fall apart mid way set 1 (usually I don’t need Sara coaching me with set #1!). A miracle I got through 3 sets at that weight. But… My 1rm was 245 6 months ago – so being able to roll with 240 for a 3×5 is amazing to me.

    • Craig Bagno

      Ah. Yes. I adore weighted Pullups.

  • Reuben Mungai

    710 eWod with Sara
    A: 5X5 @ 315
    B: 30 weighted pullups with 45# on weight belt

    • Glenn McMahon


  • Matthew Mediatore

    7:10 ewod UWS
    225 x 5..should went 235 Im feeling. 50 strict PU’s was challenging.
    10 am UWS 7’s tomorrow!!!

  • BenS

    710 exp
    A: 5×5 @265 w/ Eric
    B: 30 weighted pullups w/ 12kg bell

  • Addie B

    7:20 all levels
    3 rounds: 4+18, 4+10, 4+8
    Nice little burner

    • Glenn McMahon

      you kicked ass

      • Edward

        Glenn u gonna be at 28th st tomorrow? I will be at the 8am.

        • Glenn McMahon

          Edward. At CrossFit Hamptons tomorrow. Good luck with the 7’s

  • Lisa VanBemmelen

    5:30am Beginner w/Chris
    3 rounds: 3+6, 3+6, 3+7

  • Chris F.

    Today’s WOD can be perfectly encapsulated by music Coach Nick played (subjected us to?).

    1st round: Celine Dion station (3 rounds + 9)
    2nd round: classic rock station – specifically Cream’s “Sunshine of Your Love” (3 rounds + 12)
    3rd round: Pantera’s “Walk” (3 rounds +15)

    • Glenn McMahon

      ditto the snarky music comment

      • Chris F.

        In full disclosure I kind of love Pantera. It’s the only explanation for my +15 on the last round.

  • Dani Freeman

    My DUs didnt show up today…. 3+6, 2+21 (?), 3……happy 4th everyone

  • Glenn McMahon

    UWS w Nick 6am. 5 Rounds – It was a good warm-up not much of a workout. I contemplated jumping into the 7:10 EXP class afterward but had to go to work….

    • Avery W

      Glenn, sometimes we moderate volume and intensity throughout the week so you can a) recover from previous workouts and b) hit other workouts during the week with intensity. Like tomorrow’s Hero WOD.

      • Glenn McMahon

        Avery. Not complaining. I felt like I had more in the tank and would have liked to keep going. Unfortunately I had to go to work.

    • ToddMorris

      25 minutes of that at full effort sounds exhausting.

  • Rob Panor

    610 eWOD
    A. Reached my fallback point as well after adding another 5# from last week to 93% of my 1RM. 5@210# 3@210 5@205 5@205 5#185
    B. 30 weighted pullups with 25#

    • Edward

      Dude – all monster efforts. Great stuff.

  • michael saterman

    12 rounds (@12dus/round)
    Did you see my double unders? Consecutive and sh*t. BAMMM!

  • David Slifer

    8:10 pm with Brian
    A- 265# across
    B – Strict C2B

  • Talia

    Noon UWS with nick:
    Awful but wonderful all at the same time?
    3+9, 3+3, 3+3
    Jump lunges are the worse. DU were eh. I would get to 16 then fail.. Only 2 left almost every time. Need endurance practice for those.

    Happy anniversary Nick and Sarah. And happy 4th of July weekend everyone

  • Maria Sanchez

    12pm w kyle
    1000m row warm-up felt great
    amrap: 3+6/3+6/3+6
    i agree w/ talia: my jumping lunges had no jump.
    excited for tomorrow, hope my arms recover

  • Nicki Osborn

    12:30pm Experienced with Sara (who forgot my name…sheesh)
    A. 105.5# across (+2.5# from last week)
    B. 6 C2B during warm up, 2×3 strict weighted @ 10#…then put on Stan’s 20# weight vest for shits & giggles after class, not expecting to do more than 1-2 reps: 2×3!!! HUGE PR!

  • Abraham

    12:30 eWOD with Coach Sara:

    A.) 165 across. I came in expecting to do 195 (10 lbs more than last time), but did a couple of warm-ups and they just felt crappy. But it was a blessing in disguise, because working at a lighter weight opened up the opportunity for Sara to spend some time really helping me fix some long-standing issues with posture (chest. up.) and depth. When my brain is going TOO LOW! ABORT! YOU’LL BE STUCK DOWN HERE FOREVER! ABORT!!!….only THEN am I squatting low enough. Since I was altering how I usually squat, they felt more difficult, but also somehow more…right. Hard to explain.

    B.) Gathered 27 pull-ups (9 sets of 3) throughout the hour, using just the green band. Think I’m kissing the blue/green combo goodbye, unless it’s super-high volume.

  • Stacey Pearson

    12:30 with Sara….and everyone else and their mother. Big class today, lots of fun having all those 9-5ers with us!
    A.158 across the board. Stayed at the same weight as last week, but they felt significantly less horrifying. Looking forward to 163 next week.
    B. Going back out there now for the remaining 46 pull ups I owe. Teehee.

  • Mike cee

    12:30 w/Sara..
    275lbs all the way across…great class lots of people today..I feel like I’m at the gym all the time but somehow I missed the first 5 squat exposures..anyhow hopefully by the end I can do 5x5s in the 300’s

    • Stacey Pearson

      What’s the word for the opposite of “cherry picking”? Unlucky I guess? Obviously the only logical solution is: No more rest days. Ever.

  • teddy g

    last year, i did a version of this in CF Hong Kong. looking forward to sweating through this at the Black Box, though which is the correct format? which seven movements is the REAL “seven” WOD? (the CF HK is far easier than what we’ll have to endure tomorrow) see below for what i did in China; 7 of each—HSPU, front squat, knees to elbow, push jerk, burpees, KB swings, pulls ups.

  • ben


    A) backsquats x 5: 260# x1, then 250# x 4. going to work up from 250# again. seems like a good spot for me to really dig into.

    B) 25#, then 45# weighted strict pullups (35 total).

    EC: ninja practice in the gauntlet

    • ToddMorris

      not sure what ninja practice is – but I want in!

      • ben

        ninjas are silent and swift…they attempt to swing from one end of the gauntlet to the other without their coaches noticing (as not to trigger any alarms…or incur any burpee punishment).

  • David Hyatt

    All levels with Brian at 5pm

    One of these days, a WOD will be easier than it reads.
    Today is not that day. Jump. Switch. Lunges.
    3 +15 / 3 + 10 / 3.

  • Molly McCabe

    A. 148#
    B. 50 strict pull ups (sets of 3-4 felt really good about these.)

    EC: 5×3 HSPU practice & 3×10 GHD back extensions

  • Lauren Saxton

    A: 5×5 @ 173#. 180# was on the edge last time, but this felt pretty easy.
    B: 33 strict pull ups

  • Wilfredo Flores

    7/3/14 Kevin P. 5:20p

    3 rounds of:
    5 Minute AMRAP
    6 Push Ups
    9 NP Burpees
    12 Jump Switch Lunges (6 ea/leg)
    18 Double Unders
    Rest 5 minutes Total rds. 3/2/2

  • Losis2honest

    8pm w/ Jason
    5×5 BS 220# across
    30 strict pull ups w/ 12kg kb

  • Jenny

    All level 4pm with Sully

    Still working on stringing doubles. Did single/double again, but only counted doubles.