Wednesday 140702

A. 15 Minutes to Establish max height Box Jump
B. 5-7 sets: Clean + Hang Clean (Below Knee)

A. Back Squat 5×5 (75% + 35-40#, 6th Exposure)
B. Accumulate up to 30 Weighted Pullups or 50 Strict Pull ups during the class.

5 rounds for time:
400 m run
30 box jumps (24/20)
30 wall balls (20/14)

(Photo credit: Lisa Haefner)

Exercise: It’s what’s inside that counts
Here’s proof going outside makes you healthier
The hows and whys of lateral lunges
What keeps you up at night
Moms-to-be still working out
“I call it RossFit…”
9-volt nirvana (audio)

Here’s what’s on tap for Thursday’s classes:

5 Minute AMRAP:
6 Push Ups
9 NP Burpees
12 Jump Switch Lunges (6 ea/leg)
18 Double Unders
Rest 5 minutes

A. Back Squat 5×5 (75% + 35-40#, 6th Exposure)
B. Accumulate up to 30 Weighted Pullups or 50 Strict Pull ups during the class.


  • Glenn McMahon
    • Madison

      Holy smokes, amazing jegging control. Sick bowl cut too.

      • Glenn McMahon

        Madison -all around instant classic

    • reisbaron

      Shared. Awesome.

    • Jaclyn Henry

      my money is on Bultman for fastest time

      • Glenn McMahon


  • Dror Zadok

    Hi all

    Going to be right outside Annapolis, MD, for a (very) long holiday weekend, starting tomorrow. Any suggestions/recommendations for a good box in the area?


  • Jonathan D

    7:00am/Kyle: My mini-Kyle reputation precedes me in the 7:00am class!

    A. Max Box Jump Height: 40″. 2″ more than last time, pretty sure that’s a PR.

    B. Squat Clean + Hang Squat Clean: 135#. Pulled off a squat clean at 155, but not the hanging version. Started to psych myself out, so I went to a lighter weight for the remainder to work on form. Got some awesome tips from Rich on form that made things look a lot prettier.

  • Ryan Tigh

    Figured I would give this one more try after yesterday’s ME DU’s:

    Switched Jump Ropes??

    Any chance someone picked up a Black Handle / Black Cable Rogue RX 5ft8in ((1.8OZ Cable -8’8″)) rope from the 4th floor late last week? Good chance you have my rope and I have your Black Handle / Black Cable Rogue RX 5ft8in ((3.4OZ Cable – 8’8”)). I would be very happy to switch back. Please message me at Thanks.

  • Dani Freeman

    I typically heart backsquat day….not today….20# UNDER my 75% felt HEAVY.
    153 across – slowly and steadily going down in weight ๐Ÿ™

    • Lisa VanBemmelen

      I’m sure it was just one of those days. Youโ€™re always an inspiration to me!

      • Dani Freeman

        Thanks Lisa! Time to see someone for a nagging pain in the lower back!

  • ToddMorris

    6:10 Experienced w/ Chris

    A: 285lbs ->
    B: 6 sets of 5 @ 45lbs

  • Addie B

    7:10 Ex w/ Chris
    A. 4×5, 1×4 @ 295# (failed final rep)
    B. 30 weighted pullups @ 25#

  • Lisa VanBemmelen

    5:30am Beginner w/Sofia
    A) Max height box jump 26โ€ โ€“ not feeling it today
    B) Squat clean + hang squat clean 108 (PR for both). Got 113 for the
    next clean, but couldnโ€™t get under the bar for the hang portion.

  • Chris F.

    UWS 6AM with Coach Bultman.
    A. Think I got 42″ – that was a lot of fun.
    B. 175# clean, 165# hang clean – taking it from the ground seems much easier to me.

    • Madison

      I think you got 44, like a magnum, gunslinger.

  • Reuben Mungai

    6:20 Endurance Wod.
    “Kelly” 30:53 – 25# wallball

  • Rich J

    A: max height box jump: 44″ – 2″ better than last time
    B: 1. work up to a heavy squat clean + hang squat clean: 225# – gotta work on catching the bar higher so it doesn’t crash down onto me.
    2. 6×1+1 at 60-80% of singe heavy: 135#

    good workout with Jonathan D today!

    • Jonathan D

      You made those squat cleans look easy!

  • Jordan Krasne

    6:10am eWOD w/Chris
    A. 185-235-255-265-265
    B. 10 sets of 5 strict C2B. Couldn’t find a belt for weighted pull-ups.

  • Lauren S

    8AM UWS with MJB
    A. a very sketchy 30” (4” PR). a very solid 28”.
    B. 93# hang power clean, 103# power clean (20# PR)

  • Madison

    6am UWS w/ MJB
    A: 46″
    B: 155# clean, 145# hang clean. Slow hips, slow footwork, slow elbows, slow getting under… just effin slow. Due for a rest/run day tomorrow.

  • Elaina Gemelas

    7:10am eWOD with Chris

    A. Back Squat: Didn’t even do it. Thanks to Coach Chris on the mobility and stretching movements for the lower back and psoas!

    B. 50 Strict Pull Ups: Completed with pronated grip (working on GOATS since my pronated is weaker than my supinated grip) in sets of 5, but the 5 were not unbroken.

  • Will Choi

    7:10 AM with Chris
    A: 235×2, 1 set of 240 3 reps, 1 set of 245 3 reps, 235×1
    B: 30 strict weighted pull ups @ #25 in sets of 5s

  • Talia

    8 am UWS with MJB:
    A. box jump – solid 30″ but could not get more than that – tie for past PR

    B. 93# Power and Hang Clean… I am still stuck at this weight- for 5 months now…
    one day will get it and be over 100#. Just happy that my elbows are getting up.

    C. EMOM for 5: 2 power clean+ hang power clean – did at 83# without a problem

    • Stacey Pearson

      I was stuck at 98 for a year I think. And then one day, I dropped in at a box in florida, I knew the wod was cleans, and I knew I was breaking 100 that day. No clue how I knew it, but I did it. You’ll break it well before a year! Hang there. Pun intended. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Talia

        Thanks Stacey! I remember watching that video on fb! You made it look easy. One day ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Wilfredo Flores

    Does determining max box jump involve skinning one’s shins on the box?? Guess I’ll find out.

    • Hari Singh

      Use the foam boxes.

      Also, here is a specific response to your previous question (re: penalties):

      • Wilfredo Flores

        Did just that…thx…did better than I thought I would and not one skinned shin. Also I see what you mean about penalties. Great policy you’ve implemented… ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Wilfredo Flores

        Also wanted to relay to both you and Josh about how great the coaching staff is..learn something new each in class. Good, friendly, knowledgeable coaching, Having a great time.

  • Maria Sanchez

    12pm w kyle
    max jump @ 24…up from 20
    cleans: 83lbs…tried for 93 just couldnt get there today but i will. left my sneakers home so im blaming failure on that

    can someone tell me what the WOD will be on friday? thx

  • Jason Lapadula

    Noon with Kyle:
    A. 50″
    B. 265# then 3 sets at 245#

    Finished with 4 sets of 1 min @ >80rpm on the assault bike, 5 min rest

    • ToddMorris

      Hey, hey, hey – Look who’s in town!

  • colindowell

    12:30 with Sofia
    A: Max height box jump 42″ (I’ve tested this 3-4 times over the past 2 years and it’s always the same)
    B: Max squat clean + hang squat clean 145#

  • Patrick

    6:20am endurance WOD
    Kelly w/ 25# wall ball: 33:16

  • Is the a B part to the All level WOD tomorrow? Or is it rest 5 minutes and repeat?

    • John E

      probably that…maybe 3 more times.

  • Addie B

    Good video on improving squat position.

  • Jim S

    eWod in my 98 degree garage. No problem keeping my knees warm tonight.
    A: BSx5 220’s across. That was really hard tonight.
    B: 50 strict pull ups. EMOM 5 per minute.

  • Melissa

    Traveling so did the squats in coach toms garage. Super sweaty but I kinda loved it.

    500m row WU
    5×5 @ 155# w men’s bar (87%) w no oly shoes which was fine.
    Then 5×10 UB diamond push-ups
    These exposures are totally working my 1RM in January was 163.

  • David Hyatt

    Endurance WOD, 6:30.
    Kasey invited us to consider four rounds instead of five.
    Then I looked around and realized a lot of people did not accept the four round challenge. So then I felt like a bit of a wuss. O WELLS.

  • Kate Parker

    7pm w/ Brian
    A: 5×5 at 178# (84%). Didn’t think I was going to make it since last week at 173 was very hard. 178 was slow and not pretty, but it got done.
    B: Accumulated 45 strict pullups during class

    Off to South Carolina for the long weekend – see y’all Monday!

  • Wilfredo Flores

    7/02/14 Kevin P. 3p

    A. 15 Minutes to Establish max height Box Jump 38′
    B. 5-7 sets: Clean + Hang Clean (Below Knee) 115#