Tuesday 140701

A. Strict Press: Work up to a heavy single.
B. “Bizzaro Nicole”
20 Minute AMRAP:
400m run
ME Strict Press (60% of heavy single)

A. Skill: Handstand Practice
B. 4 Rounds each
Partner A: 500 m row
Partner B: 3-5 HSPU or Tempo Pike Push up
ME Double Unders
Score = Double Unders

(Photo credit: Lisa Haefner)

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Here’s what’s on tap for Wednesday’s classes:

A. 15 Minutes to Establish max height Box Jump
B. 5-7 sets: Clean + Hang Clean (Below Knee)

A. Back Squat 5×5 (75% + 35-40#, 6th Exposure)
B. Accumulate up to 30 Weighted Pullups or 50 Strict Pull ups during the class.

5 rounds for time:
400 m run
30 box jumps (24/20)
30 wall balls (20/14)


  • reisbaron

    Dave Castro teases the location of Event 1 – http://bit.ly/1qtONXH

    • AndyK

      As a life-long competitive swimmer, I love watching swimming events at the Games. Makes me know that I could compete in at least one event!

      • Craig Bagno

        I’m a radically less accomplished swimmer than Andy (trust me on this) but I think it would be fun to try to arrange some sort of a swimming WOD some day.

        • Glenn McMahon

          Im in

      • Glenn McMahon

        Loved the one last year where they swam and then did MU – this year it looks like it is going to be an ocean swim

    • Michael J. Bultman

      Best comment: 100 shark cages

  • Edward

    5:30am WOD with Chris. A: 145#. B: 64 reps in 6 rounds with 85#.

  • Benny Roitman

    7:10am UWS eWOD w Josh
    403 DU (scaled down to kipping HSPU w ab mats)

    • Glenn McMahon

      Damn, good work

  • Melissa

    710 w sara
    Partners with Jackie: 411 DU & 5 Strict HSPU w 1 abmat to work on my HSPU Strength. Next time using 5 lb plate bc these felt easy today – floor I am coming for you!

  • AndyK

    6:10 eWOD – i think there were about 27 people in class today, sort of ridiculous. Partners with Reuben – 17:17, 360 dubs, rows were in 1:38, then the rest in mid 1:40s

    • Reuben Mungai

      Your rope is magic!

      • AndyK

        Haha, now if it goes missing I know where to look!

      • Edward

        Ruben – I have an extra rope if you want. One of those thin Rogue ropes. Let me know if you want it.

        It’s funny – I can’t seem to be able to give this damn thing away…

        • Reuben Mungai

          Thanks! I’ll definitely give it a try. I have a speed rope, but I think I may need to adjust the length after using Andy’s Rx rope. I was surprised how much shorter his rope was from mine.

  • ToddMorris

    6:10 Experienced w/ Sara

    Partnered w/ Coach Ben
    17:58 w/ 5 SHSPU and 383 DUs (105/85/95/98)

  • Addie B

    7:10 Ex w/ Sara
    Partnered with Scott
    272 DUs, 17:14
    Strict Abmat HSPU

  • AndyK

    A ringing endorsement for CrossFit from Rick Ross – video is hilarious – http://blog.hellalife.com/rick-ross-talks-about-health-and-crossfit/#.U7K7P_ldV8E

    • iRon Bucks

      Seriously, thank you so much for this… “Shout out to all the pears…”

    • Travis Paquet


  • reisbaron

    A: 175 (failed PR @ 205)
    B: 20 Mins of 2-Mins Assault bike and max Press
    59 reps at 95#

    Babying the knee until further notice. Likely at 1x/wk frequency for a while. Enjoy your holiday everyone…

  • Brian P

    6AM UWS with Coach Nick
    Liked this WOD. Strict Press New 1 Rep Max of 140#, up from 135#.
    Fun AMRAP, killer though. 40 Reps at 95#. Great effort from all of class, fun seeing us run along Columbus!

    • Madison

      High five on the PR!

  • Elaina Gemelas

    7:10am eWOD with Sara

    A. Handstand Practice: Well that was interesting…

    B. *Modified for back injury: 24:11 (2 abmats) – It took me around 2:30-2:55ish to get 15 cals each round, and my DUs have been so off lately.
    4 rounds
    15-cals on AirDyne
    5 strict HSPUs
    100 DUs

  • Erik D

    7:40 beginner with Chris

    A: 125# – Ties PR. I failed at 130#. Bummed about that, but also realized a lot of press days coincided with my rest days the last few weeks.

    B: 6/52/75# – I made a big mistake at the end. I had one minute left and opted to run a 7th round rather than hold the bar, rest, and bang out singles every few seconds. I probably could have added another 5-7 to my score that way. Good to know for next time.

  • Kirsten Chilstrom

    7:40am w/ Chris

    6 rounds, 90 reps at 45#

    (I guess I should have had more weight?)

  • Madison

    6am UWS w/ Nick
    A: Strict press 125#
    B: 55 reps @ 75# – 7 rounds + 1 run
    Strict press days are a glaring indicator of my weakness w/ OHP.

  • Reuben Mungai

    610 eWod – 17:17, 415 DUs. Partnered with Andy. Slowly making progress on HSPUs

  • kristin

    Hi – Any chance an Endurance WOD will begin at 67th street any time soon? Given proximity to Central Park, it would be ideal.

  • Glenn McMahon

    610 EXP w Sara partnered with Ryan 17:00 253, 243 DU I thought that was pretty decent until I saw the other DU totals, I need to get my ass in gear

  • Rich J

    A: 165 – crappy rep but tied my PR.
    B: ugh…running in swampy air… no idea, completely lost count after 4 rounds.

  • Alex Koslow

    7:10 ewod w/ Justin
    223 DU & 5 HSPU
    A bit disappointed in my DU number. Expected to get closer to the 400 range, but kept tripping up today,

  • Christine

    7AM UWS

    Worked up to 68#, then did 53 reps at 45# in 6 rounds. Strict presses are so hard for me that sometimes I actually want to laugh at myself while I’m doing them, so needless to say today was not my favorite

  • John E

    A) 155 lbs (pr 175)
    B) 5 rounds + 1 run. 15 reps x 4 and 12 x 1 at 85 lbs

  • Ben

    6:20 w/ Kevin
    A. 135- 10# PR over when we tested in May
    B. 6.5 rounds at 90#, 49 reps I think. Didn’t realize we were supposed to count reps until afterwards, and my math clearly is terrible while at Crossfit, as I should’ve been closer to 80#.

  • KyleF

    1230ewod Sara
    great warm up
    A. Yes – needs work
    B. 17:15 with Stan. 355 DUs. HSPU were sctrict and at deficit 2 blue plates with 1 abmat

  • Jim S

    Did the eWod by myself in my 95 degree garage tonight. Pukie was hovering. Used my row times for HSPU / DU intervals.
    1:50/50, 2:00/30, 2:10/30, 2:11:50

  • Andy Graves

    6PM w/ Kate
    A: 135 5#PR from May (programmers, I got 135 in the fall of 2011. Add 15# to that before the end of the year and you will be saints in my eyes)
    B: 7 rds @80# 66 reps. I rowed though, also did 200M at the end rowing like a lunatic.

  • Nicki Osborn

    6:10pm Experienced with Brian
    A. Yup, I’m still scared of being upside down without a support (ie wall)…
    B. 20:59 with Erin. I did strict (no abmat) HSPUs 3/3/3/4. DUs got better every round! 21/35/53/60. Rowing is still my nemesis…just glad I wasn’t running outside, but props to the Beg/All Levels who did!

  • Lauren S

    7pm UWS with Kasey

    A. 73# strict press (8# PR from May!)
    B. 44 reps @ 43# (4 runs)

  • Will Choi

    7:10 pm with Brian
    Partnered with Ilya: 18:47
    DUs: 92/80/65/50
    Total: 287

  • ben

    5:50 experienced wod with Coach Avery.

    5 strict HSPUs
    375 total double unders. I think Alan and I finished in like 15-17 minutes? I didn’t take note

    Great wod for practicing DUs while fatigued

  • 8pm w Kate
    A: strict press: 190#
    B: obnoxious Nicole: 6.5 rounds @115#: 54 reps

  • Molly McCabe

    A. Done – actually starting to get excited when I see HSPU, weird.
    B. partnered with Amanda. Not sure exactly how long it took us. 20/21ish mins
    -strict HSPU with one abmat felt better than I anticipated.
    -DU were stringing together much better than normal.

    EC: 5×10 GHD back extensions & side squat walks with a band.

  • Lauren Saxton

    8:10 ewod with Brian, who is apparently NOT my hair twin.

    A: got close to that knife’s edge
    B: partnered with Kate, finished in 19:11 with 392 DUs. Did 3 hspu’s each round, all strict. First round all three no abmat, second and third round two reps no abmat, one with, third round one rep no abmat, last two with one.

    EC: went downstairs and tried out of one of the hail to the queen wods with Kate and Ryan. That’s gonna be a fun day…

  • Kate Parker

    A: always interesting
    B: Partnered with Lauren – finished in 19:11. 3 HSPU negatives each round. DU’s: 63 / 60 / 60 / 55 = 238. Rows were roughly 2:00 / 2:05 / 2:08 / 2:10
    EC: Hail to the Queen WOD with Lauren & Ryan – 7 mins of wb, t2b and box jump fun!

  • colindowell

    Noon with Kyle
    A: strict press heavy single 110#
    B: obnoxious Nicole: 6.5 rounds @65#: 54 reps