Monday 140630

A. Find Back Squat 5 RM
B. One Max Effort Set for Reps: 80% of 5 RM

A. Deadlift 4×3
B1. Bench Press 3×5
B2. Barbell Row 3×5
C. Max L-Hang or L-Sit for Time

(Photo credit: Lisa Haefner)

Our new No-Show Policy (goes into effect today)
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Here’s what’s on tap for Tuesday’s classes:

A. Strict Press: Work up to a heavy single.
B. “Bizzaro Nicole”
20 Minute AMRAP:
400m run
ME Strict Press (60% of heavy single)

A. Skill: Handstand Practice
B. 4 Rounds each
Partner A: 500 m row
Partner B: 3-5 HSPU or Tempo Pike Push up
ME Double Unders
Score = Double Unders


  • Hari Singh

    Reminder: Effective today, the new “no show” policy goes into effect:

  • Jonathan D


    A. Max Back Squat 5RM: 275. 30# PR from last week. 10# shy of my 1RM. BOOYAH. According to the 1RM Calculator (, thanks Kyle), looks like I’m ready to try squatting 300 soon. BRING IT ON.

    B. Max Effort Set for Reps @ 80% 5RM: 15@225. These felt easy right until the end and even then only the last rep was a bit of a struggle.

    Can you tell that squat days are my favorite?

  • Dani Freeman

    First day back from Vacay – 6:10eWod w/ Shannon

    Deadlift – worked up to a few sets at 203#…kept it relatively light….after a week of rest I was hoping the back issue would resolve itself but it looks like I will be seeking out some sort of doctor/chiropractor to have a look
    Bench – 93# across…these felt good
    Barbell Row – 83# across reps of 6

    Happy Monday

  • KyleF

    710am exwod uws with nick
    A: 315, 335, 355 ran out of time felt good
    B1: 225, 230, 235
    B2: 135, 185x3ish, 165, 3
    C: parallettes ME L 37, 30, 25secs
    Only 5 people in the class is very different atmosphere

    • ToddMorris

      How is the new commute?

    • Benny Roitman

      I was signed up for the same class… But then Pride happened…

  • AndyK

    6:10 eWOD with Shannon
    Solid “Meathead Monday” workout this morning:
    A: 225, 275, 295, 315 (3-rep PR)
    B1: Subbed Strict Press – 115, 135, 135
    B2: 115, 135, 135

    • Edward

      Had I done the 6:10 with you guys i would have encouraged a dumbbell curl EC to complete the meathead Monday WOD. Max effort for maximum pump.

  • Lisa VanBemmelen

    5:30am Beginner w/Sofia
    A) 5RM Back squat – 153 (1RM is 158, hopefully this will
    B) ME Back squat at 80% of 5RM – 21 reps @ 123

  • Patrick

    6:10am ewod
    Kept weight light after 1.5 week absence from the box
    A: 225-275-295-315
    B1: 185-185-205
    B2: 115-135-135
    C: 60 sec ring L-sit

  • Danny Best

    710ex UWS w/ Nick:

    DL: 3 x 3 275/315/365
    BP: 3 x 5 165/185/195
    BOR: 3 x5 155

    Thanks for bringing and ExWod to the UWS 🙂

  • ToddMorris

    6:10 Experienced w/ Shannan

    WU: 90 unbroken DUs (up from 75)
    A: 225/325/375/385 (20lbs short of my max 3rm)
    B1: 210 across – up 5 from the last exposure
    B2: 3X8 @ 135
    L-Sit Max: 40 seconds from the bar

  • Edward

    5:50am eWOD with Chris. A: 135-225-315-355. B: 175-185-185. C: 135 across. Cash out – L hang for a solid 20 seconds. Yep, need to work on that too. EC 100 push-ups.

  • Jordan Krasne

    5:50am eWOD w/Chris

    A. 185-225-275-295
    B1. 135-185-205
    B2. 95-135-155

  • Russ Kempf

    710 exp
    A: 365, 405, 425, 445
    B1: 235
    B2: 155

    • Edward

      I am impressed that you managed to get that many bumpers on the bar. We were having trouble with 315 + 4 x 10# bumpers.

  • Marissa Stephenson

    6:50 with Chris
    DL: 183# BP: #73 BR: #63 L-sit: 23 seconds (ish)

    EC: kipping pull-up practice

    One of many reasons why I love the crew in the ewod classes: I can stay after to practice, but I’ll still leave Melissa and Elaina doing something like this.

    • Elaina Gemelas

      Ahhh you caught us! 😉

      • Melissa

        Lol caught red handed! I love the AM girls 🙂

  • Addie B

    7:10 Exp w/ Shannon
    A: 315-315-315-325
    B1: 155
    B2: 145
    2x L-Sit: 48 sec, 43 sec

  • Elaina Gemelas

    6:50am eWOD with Chris
    *Modified for back injury

    A. Deadlift: 103 – The most I’ve deadlifted in a while, so that’s good and it wasn’t too tough on the back

    B1. Bench Press: 63-63-73 – Felt good

    B2. Barbell Row: Subbed KB rows with 16kg from the bench

    C. Max L-Hang or L-Sit for Time: Subbed 3×10 GHD back extensions and 3x :60 10# weighted planks

    Good strength WOD today 🙂

  • Ryan Tigh

    Switched Jump Ropes??

    Any chance someone picked up a Black Handle / Black Cable Rogue RX 5ft8in ((1.8OZ Cable -8’8″)) rope from the 4th floor late last week? Good chance you have my rope and I have your Black Handle / Black Cable Rogue RX 5ft8in ((3.4OZ Cable – 8’8”)). I would be very happy to switch back. Please message me at Thanks.

  • Rob Panor

    550 eWOD w/Chris
    A. 225 275 315 335. New 3 rep PR and 5# off my previous 1 rep PR
    B. 185 185 185
    C. 125 125 135
    L-Hang 15 seconds on the rings

  • John E

    9 am with Erica

    A) 315, 325, ran out of time
    B) 18 reps at 260. Does anyone else feel like they are gonna black out with high reps squats? My legs wanted to keep going but my brain spazzed.

    • Rich J

      yeah, it usually means your ass is taking all the blood from your brain. it won’t kill ya, but best practice is to rack the weight.

      good job on the 18reps btw

  • Melissa

    6:50 am ewod: I like this time and it was nicer having a smaller class!
    DLs: 183 (felt easy should have gone heavier)
    Bench: 73×2, 83 (Way too easy should have gone heavier. I guess my 1RM has changed?
    Rows: 3x7reps at 83
    Max L-sit on parallettes: 53 seconds. Wanted 60 sooo bad but I just gave out 🙁 Thanks Marissa for the encouragement! My previous Lsit was 42 secs so I’ll take it as a PR!
    EC: 3×1 min plank with 25 lb plate with Elaina

  • jenntang

    A: 5RM Back Squat @ 163# – could have gone heavier, ran out of time

    B: AMRAP BS @ 133# – 30 reps

  • Dave Glaser

    9:00 AM w/ Erica
    A: 5RM Back Squat @ 185#

    B: ME Back Squat 20 reps @ 145#

    Anyone have a recommendation for a box in DC? I’m moving there in two weeks 🙁

    • jenntang

      I go to Crossfit Balance whenever I’m in DC – 14th St and L. Danielle is a great coach and a beast to watch.

  • Rich J

    A: 5RM: 335# – Think I could’ve done 5-10# more but short on time
    B: 275 for 10 – I probably could’ve gotten a few more but did this about 90 seconds after the 5RM and short on time. 10 sounded like a good round number anyway

  • Globogym workout today:
    deadlift 5×3 @ 355#
    strict press 5×3 @ 165#
    Pullups: 7 strict after each press set.
    Mirrors everywhere selfies: 10^28xnon-stop

    • Losis2honest

      Did you get to pose in front of the mirror?

  • Alex Koslow

    6:50am ewod
    A: 315
    B1: 225 and dropped to 185 (shoulder injury started to bother me – was a bit upset)
    B2: 155×8
    Lhang: 45
    EC: hand stand walks and hand stand pushups

  • Madison

    6am UWS w/ MJB
    A: Back squat 5RM: 190#
    B: ME @ 80%: 28 @ 155#

  • Brian P

    A: 215# for my 5RM 30# lighter than my 1 RM. Confused if that is good progress. Have to read the Squat Thesis on the blog (which I do find very helpful).
    B: 80% 185# for 15.

    • Sean M

      “Confused if that is good progress”

      -Yes it is. Doing 5 at 87% of your previous 1RM is pretty solid.

      • Brian P

        Thanks Sean. I take very seriously the guidance and just skimmed the blog so did not want to go up too heavy, which seems contraindicated for the strength building this progression is advising us to do. Much appreciated.

    • Madison

      Nice figures, Brian.

  • Ben M

    12:30 eWOD w/ Shannon
    a: 315, 335, 355, 375
    b1: 225, 225, 225
    b2: 135, 135, 135
    c: 45 second, 45 seconds
    And now time for a nice vacation on the beach. Enjoy the July 4th week CFNYC!

  • Lauren S

    12pm UWS with MJB

    First blog comment ever! I started feeling guilty about always reading through everyone’s results and never posting myself, so here we go:

    A. 5RM back squat: 153#, which as of May 5th, was my 1RM, so this is super exciting.

    B. 11 @ 123#. I don’t think I rested enough after my 5RM.

    EC: Working on sucking less at planks and hollow rocks.

  • Abraham

    12:30 eWOD with Shannan.

    A.) Worked up to 255 x 3. Only 10 lbs less than last time I tested my 1RM.

    B1.) 125. I wasn’t doing the eWODs when they tested bench 1RM, and the few times I’ve done bench on my own I know the range of motion left a lot to be desired. Some tips from
    Coach Shannan helped make this less of a disaster, though I clearly need more practice.

    B2.) 85. First time ever doing these.

    C.) Like 10 seconds. My grip strength sucks.

  • Mike cee

    1:00pm w/ kyle…

    315 max set of 5..proved to myself how important streching and proper warm up is after almost falling apart last week with 245lbs..

    speaking of falling apart…only got to 10 reps with 255..overall a good day though

  • David Hyatt

    Up to new five back squat p.r. at 185#.
    Brian’s emphasis on breath over the last month has really helped the back squat form.
    Then 23 reps at 145#. Fwubberlegs!
    Watched partners do five reps at 295#. Yowza.

  • Craig Bagno

    All Levels at 1pm.
    A. 145#
    B. 25×125#
    Big thanks to Kyle for two tips that had a transformational impact. Super great.

  • Molly McCabe

    6:10 eWOD with Brian
    A. 133-153-173-183 (amazing how much better my form felt today)
    B1. 73-83-88
    B2. 53# based off 50% of 1RM, but should have gone heavier.

  • Talia

    6pm UWS with Kasey
    During warm ups… A great thing happened. I got 2 strict pull ups In a row with out rest. First time. Was able to do only 1 before. That began a great wod.

    A. 5RM: 140#… Stoked because my 1RM is 145 so this programming thing must be working. 🙂
    Shout out to my partners Jaclyn who did 195!!!! She’s a beast. And Andrea who did 165.
    B. 13 reps at 115#

    EC: Jaclyn and I did tabata planks and weighted sit ups.

  • ben

    A: DL: 4×3: 225-265-285-305. Really happy to have gotten 305 for 3 (did 295 for 3 last time we did 3 reps of DLs). Thanks Alan for making us get there
    B: Bench 3×5: 155-165-175. 175 felt easy. Prob should have tried 185
    C: Row 3×5: 95-115-135. 135 felt easy-ish. should have done 135 across or ended at 155
    D: L-sit in rings for 30 seconds

  • Andy Graves

    6PM with Kate
    A: 5RM 255 Surprised myself. This is 10# below my 1RM from May 5.
    B: 80% ME 205×22 Lower back got tired, probably from dead lifts yesterday.

    Yes, breaking the rules, mixing eWODs and All levels. However, I am going away for 10 days on Wednesday. Will be working out in the CFNYC satellite deep woods box in northern Minnesota, while also working on my house there.

  • Jaclyn Henry

    6pm UWS with Kasey von Traps
    A. 5 rep max backsquat: 195#. Last time I hit a set of 5 it was at 178 and that felt very heavy. Coach Traps said I was hitting 195 at least, and well I didn’t want her to be wrong. thanks Kasey!
    B. max effot at 80% of part A: Six. yup. SIX. back tweaked and I decided to call it a day. Not how I wanted to end the workout, so Talia and I tabata’d our way through some weighted planks and sit ups! great PRs for our entire group today!

  • Kate Parker

    A. 183 – 203 – 213 – 223 (much easier than 5×3 at 213, which is what I did last)
    B1. 98 across
    B2. 4×8 at 77#
    C. Instead of doing a max, accumulated one minute in 10s intervals (10 on / 10 off) on paralettes

  • Ben

    A- 5RM Back Squat- 265#, 30# higher than last week. This is 95% of my 1RM, so need to figure out how to reset going forward.
    B- 17 reps @ 215

  • Jenny

    5:50pm experienced with Avery
    A. Deadlift 4×3: 168# (~90% of 1RM)
    B1. Bench Press 3×5: 83# (first exposure to bench press)
    B2. Barbell Row 3×5: 73# (first exposure to barbell row – thanks for tips, Avery!)
    C. Max L-Hang or L-Sit for Time: 60 sec (bent knees, not L-hang)

  • Alan

    A: 225, 265, 285, 305 – the 305 felt pretty good. Next time, I will go a bit heavier.
    B: 135, 185, 205 – The last rep on 205 was a bit of a struggle. I think that’s my 5 rep max.
    C: 95, 115, 125 – No way I was gonna get 75% of my 1RM bench press lol. I was very conscious about keeping my hip steady and doing strict rows.

    L-hang: 30 seconds
    L-sit on rings: 20 seconds

  • Alan

    Btw, the “case for time caps when crossfitting” is such a great read also (along with the back squat cycle program update). Being the guy that always believed in volume (because more is obviously better, right??? lol *sarcasm, in case you don’t catch it*), crossfit, and specifically, the programming here has changed (or at least started to change) my lifelong belief on that.

    Now, I definitely focus more on intensity and if the coaches say that there’s a 10 minute time cap but really, this workout should be done in 6 minutes, I try to figure out what would allow me to get it in about 6 minutes (I still don’t follow this all the time but you know, at least I’m starting to lol).

  • Lauren Saxton

    8:10 ewod with Brian

    A: 133-183-233-243
    B1: 95-100-105
    B2: 83 across
    C: 41 second L hang

  • Losis2honest

    810 eWOD w/ Brian

    A.225, 275, 295 (rushing I thought it was 315), 315. Clean grip until the last set.
    B1. @ 90% of 1RM. 155# across. Felt good
    B2. 115#
    C. Didn’t have enough time :/

  • David Slifer

    7:10 exp with Brian
    A – 185, 225, 275, 315
    B1 – 185,185, 195
    B2 – 135 Across
    C – :45 (L Hang)