Friday 140627

NOTE: On Friday 6/27, Saturday 6/28, and Sunday 6/29, all foot traffic must be directed through the main lobby entrance. There will be concrete work in the freight area for these three days. Thank you for your understanding!

A. Push Press 5×2
B. With a partner, complete 60-50-40 reps for time, alternating movements every 5 reps (Each person completes 75 reps of deadlifts and box jumps.):
Deadlifts (135/95)
Box Jumps (24/20)
C. Max Bar Hang for Time

A. Muscle Up Progressions
B. 15 minute AMRAP:
3 Muscle Ups (Ring or Bar)
6 Front Squat (135/95)
9 Chest to Bar Pull ups
12 Wall Balls (25/16)

For time:
800 m run
50 squats
40 burpees
75 squats
30 burpees
100 squats
20 burpees
800 m run

(Photo credit: Lisa Haefner)

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Here’s what’s on tap for Saturday’s classes:

A. Work up to a heavy thruster from the floor.
B. 5 rounds for time of:
400-meter run
15 Thrusters (95/65)

Conditioning Intervals (40 on/20 off) – 40 minutes
1. 10 V-ups – AMRAP Russian KB Swings (32/24 kg)
2. Double Unders
3. 6 pistols (3 L/3 R) – AMRAP wallballs (25/16)
4. Row for Cals
5. 3-5 HSPU – AMRAP NP burpee


  • Craig Bagno

    Still in a city that isn’t, sadly, NYC. 😉

    Did Nasty Girls here at CFPT. Scaled to 50 air squats, 14 C2B, 115 power cleans at 115#. Fun.

  • Jonathan D


    A. Push Press 5×2: 95-115-135-145-145. 10# PR, I think! Shannan’s tips on stacking my chest really helped me to get it overhead without putting as much pressure on my back.

    B. Partner 60-50-40 Deadlifts/Box Jumps: 13:40 RX. My partner Luis and I kept a good pace throughout.

    C. Max Bar Hang: Didn’t make it much longer than a minute as I was pretty beat by that point.

  • KyleF

    710am exwod chris
    A: yes
    B: 4+2 mostly singles two doubles for mus
    Ec: moving apartments. Old commute to cfnyc 60secs new commute >15mins

  • Jordan Krasne

    6am with Shannan:
    A. Push Press 5×2: 115-125-135-155-165
    B. Partner 60-50-40 Deadlifts/Box Jumps: 13:00 Rx with Randy
    C. Max bar hang: around 1 minute. Definitely not my best showing

  • Edward

    6:10 eWOD with Chris. Was able to piece together 3 rounds. Was very proud of that… Until I saw that everyone else did 4+. Gotta keep practicing those MUs.

  • Glenn McMahon

    UWS 6am Loved this WoD – strength work on push press to start and than high volume deadlifts (#135 felt easy).

  • Benny Roitman

    7:10 eWOD w Chris
    A: MU continue to be a work in progress. Some of the fellas seem to float like a butterfly – I look like an unco (that’s Aussie for ‘uncoordinated’) bull
    B: 4 + 24 scaled (6 FS / 9 C2B / 9 Dips / 12 WB)

  • Talia

    7 am UWS with Kate (so early for me):

    A. my fav Push press – 73-78-83-93-98 but then that very last rep – it happened a spasm on my left lat? (mid back left side) or a pull and I crumbled. I hope it is just a spasm. it was feeling great before that happened… well this tells me that I am taking the weekend off

    B. 11:10 RX – since deadlifts and box jumps are legs it was ok and it was a great workout

    C. Tried to hang with the boys around me – lasted 1:25. did 50 sec longer than I thought I was going to do.

    Have a great weekend everyone 🙂

  • Chris F.

    6AM UWS
    A. 115-135-155-165. Didn’t have time for the 5th set but I think I need to start heavier out the gate.
    B. 13:20ish RX – like I’ve said before, deadlifts bring out the best in everyone.

  • Rob Panor

    610 eWod
    A. Worked on bar MUs.
    B. 4+1 rx. MUs got exponentially more difficult each Rd.

    • AndyK


      Struggled through the MUs today. Got all three linked together in round 1, then on rounds 2 and 3 did not get any – moved on after many many failed attempts, then on round 4 strung 2 together, but couldn’t get the third.

      The good news is that everything else felt great!

  • ToddMorris

    6:10am Experienced w/ Chris

    4+1 Rx w/ a 30lb ball (prob the LAST time i forget to check which ball i’m using.)
    Love me any WOD with MUs. It’s a lot different practicing after class and performing them under pressure.

    • AndyK

      Our ball was 30? It shockingly felt fine!

      • ToddMorris

        Yeah, that chalky black ball was 30#. You are a beast if you didn’t notice!

  • Laura G.

    8 am/Shannan:
    A: 103 (10 lb PR!)
    B: 12:44 Rx with Trisha…that was really fun actually. Just enough rest time to move at a pretty good clip each round.
    C: 1 min. yikes.

  • Kirsten Chilstrom

    A. Feeling like a bad ass since I got 100# on the press. That’s a PR for me, as the last time I checked I was at 73#!

    B. We rocked it out and got 11:56

    Good times!

  • Madison

    6am UWS w/ Kate
    A) Push press: 115-125-135-140-145
    B) Dead lifts + Box jumps: 12:39 partnered w/ Adam. Really enjoy the partner/team WODs… good times.
    C) Bar hang: 1:35

  • constantinXF

    Today, we had air conditioning on the UWS. Are we getting too soft?

    • Glenn McMahon


    • Chris F.

      Yeah, we’re definitely getting soft. I thought the AC unit was installed so we could put the heat on.

      • Glenn McMahon

        Bultman already told me he is going to turn it off during the 6am. He said, “AC is for _ _ _ _ _ _ _”

        • TheLumberingOx

          Spoken like a true wrestler

    • Madison

      just don’t take away that big industrial fan. i love that thing like a dog loves sticking his head out a car window.

      • Glenn McMahon


  • Maria Sanchez

    12pm w kyle
    a: push press 53/63/73/83/93 PR by 10 lbs yay!
    b: w the lovely jane (coach) 14:13 just made the 15 min cap but we rx’d it!
    happy weekend peeps 🙂

  • Edouard P.

    got my first muscle up today! excited…

  • 12:30 eWod with Shannan

    First time getting a muscle up.
    4 rounds with bar muscle ups and 115 for the front squats.

  • Brian P

    UWS 6AM Kate
    Nice meeting Kate.
    A-Push press- worked up to 145#. Maybe could have gone heavier with a deeper push. Still pleased.
    B- 12:40 with Chef David! Welcome back D!
    C- 30 second hang

  • Marissa Stephenson

    7:10 ewod with Chris
    A. Yep, and still progressing.
    B. Spent a chunk of time working on kipping the C2B pull-ups, and modified the MUs to dips on the bar. Just snuck in 3 rounds. A heartbreaker when Chris pointed out I was about 4 inches off doing full ROM dips, but correcting it made me see how building that strength will transfer to MUs some day. (Before 2015?? 2016. For sure.)

  • 3pm w Kevin
    A: push press up to 205×2
    B: 9:48 Rx

  • Stephanie Ryneveld

    8:30 Beginner WOD/Chris
    a. Push Press 5×2 – 67
    b. Partner 60-50-40 Deadlifts/Box Jumps – 14:46 Rx
    c. Max Bar Hang: 2:26 PR

  • Molly McCabe

    5:30 eWOD with Josh
    A. N/A just discussed what we should do for the WOD
    B. 4 rounds even
    – subbed 3C2B + 3 ring dips for muscle ups
    – the rest Rx.

  • ben

    EWOD with Josh

    4+3 rx (ring MUs, CTB butterflies)

    Had to run two flights of stairs to and from the rings on the 2nd floor!

  • David Hyatt

    5:30pm beginner WOD with David S at 67th street.
    Hooray for the new air conditioning!
    And between the instructor and the participants, we had four Davids in the WOD.
    I’d be willing to bet David is the most common name in CFNYC.

    A) New p.r.! Two reps at 150#. Boy oh boy, shoulder to overhead p.r.s are hard to come by.
    B) 13:00. A fun one.
    C) 1:37 bar hang. Definitely a good skill to work on…

  • Andy Graves

    6:30 eWOD w/Josh.
    A: Ah yeah, lets do some muscle up work and then do a mess of C2B pull-ups…so that didn’t really happen.
    B: 4 even, subbed 3C2B and 3 ring dips for MU’s, then Rx. Mind you, only did my first ever C2B in yesterdays workout, which were good ones. Today, not so much. My forearms and biceps are shot.

  • Nicki Osborn

    Spent about 30 minutes before class attempting to get a muscle up on the rings on the 2nd floor…no dice, but I am SO CLOSE! That transition… Thanks to Stan, Tait and Shannan for tips/encouragement. (And to Stan for doing a strict MU with a 20# weight vest on! Beast.)

    6:30pm Experienced with Josh
    A. 15 min AMRAP warm up of DUs/KBs took the place of this.
    B. 3+6. Subbed 3 C2B pull ups + 3 ring dips for 3 MUs. 58# FS and 14# (ugh) WBs. My legs feel like I’m lifting rocks going up stairs after yesterday and today! Loved the Experienced WODs this week!

  • Will Choi

    7:30pm with Josh
    A: done
    B: 3+3 3rd round i could only do 1 MU. But rest sets were pretty good. This is the most MUs I have ever done in a WOD.

  • Melissa

    4 rounds even with 1 ring MU, down & up the 2 flights of stairs . C2B unbroken until last round. Chose rings to challenge myself – I wish MU in a wod would come up more bc it’s hard to practice then when fatigued.

  • Kate Parker

    A: 15 min warmup of DUs and kb swings, deadlifts and thrusters
    B: Scaled muscle ups to 3 strict C2B + 3 strict ring dips. 20#wbs. Was moving very slowly. 3 + 1