Saturday 140531

Complete as many rounds in 20 minutes as you can of:
Run 400 meters
Max rep Strict Pullups

Experienced :
Complete as many rounds in 20 minutes as you can of:
Run 400 meters
Max rep Strict Chest to Bar or L-Pull-ups


Here’s what’s on tap for Sunday’s classes:

A. Back Squat 5×5 @ 75% +10#
B. 60/50 wall walks for time. Start with 2:00 min row, each calorie completed = 1 wall walk completed. Clock keeps running after the row is completed. Score is total time.

Experienced :
A. Back Squats 5×5 @ 75%+10#
B. 12 minutes AMRAP: 1 partner farmer’s walk 4 lengths (no running, as heavy as tolerated, break up as needed) while 1 partner completes wall walks, score is total number of wall walks.


  • Craig Bagno

    6 rounds plus 1 run with Coach Kevin. 75 strict pull-ups. 18,13.12,11,10,11. It is fun to have one day a year when I can pretend I’m not too bad at CrossFit. Here’s to June 31, 2015. Ha. Fun class. Thanks Kevin.

    • Andy Graves

      Man, you got pull-ups!

      • Craig Bagno

        Ah, well, I’d gladly trade some pull-ups today for some back squat Tuesday, so to speak. 😉

        • reisbaron

          I’ll take that action…

    • ben

      Mr pull up! Nice work dude

  • Robert Keeley

    8am eWoD with Kevin
    Nicole: 6.5 rounds 10 CTB/40 Reg – 50 total
    Really enjoyed this combo.

  • Andy Graves

    9:20 w/ Sullymeister 7 rounds running 35 pull-ups in first 6, just finished the last run. BTWB posted me at the 6th percentile. I didn’t think I did that bad but then I noticed, Rx’d is just pull-ups, not strict pull-ups. Personally, I preferred doing the strict.

  • Daniel Kunitz

    7 rounds–49 strict c2b pull-ups

  • Joseph Gizzi

    57 strict CTB in 7 rds.

  • 5 rounds plus a run. 41 strict PU

  • Losis2honest

    5 rounds + 400m run
    9, 8, 8, 6, 6 = 37 strict C2B

    EC: 4 sets of 1 Power clean + Power Hang clean. 135# – 165#
    3×10 hyper extensions.

  • Will Choi

    5 PM with Joe
    44 total reps 15/10/7/7/5 first 15 were C2B

  • Dan Castillo

    3:30PM with Brian
    A: 56 total in 6 rounds. Varied types per rounds (10 CTB, 13 chin-ups, 9 wide chin-up grip, 7 L-sit chin-ups, 9 L-sit pull-ups, 8 chin-ups)
    B: Group L-sit raise/L-sit hold TABATA
    Cashout: 50 strict ring dips

  • Marissa Stephenson

    12:40 with Chris. 8 rounds, + 1 run, 24 strict pull-ups (well, a mixed bag of pull-ups and chin-ups). Love those 400m repeats, but the pull-ups were the kind of super-slow-inching-up that, if you were watching, you’d probably think “go, go, go.” Psyched to test this one again down the road to see if I can make progress there.

  • reisbaron

    Lookin good Jonathan!