Friday 140530

All-levels/Beginner / Experienced / CFE:
“Filthy Fifty”
For time:
50 Box jump, 24 inch box
50 Jumping pull-ups
50 Kettlebell swings, 1 pood
Walking Lunge, 50 steps
50 Knees to elbows
50 Push press, 45 pounds
50 Back extensions
50 Wall ball shots, 20 pound ball
50 Burpees
50 Double unders

Good luck to Team CFNYC, competing this weekend at the Northeast Regionals! (From left: Kasey, Kate, Shannan, Kyle, Rob, and Sean.) If you can’t make it up to cheer them on in person, CLICK HERE to stream the live coverage all weekend long!

Open shirts are in! / If you’re going to Regionals / NE Regionals live stream
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Your Friday Funny: Naked CrossFit classes in Denmark were a hoax, gym owner says

Here’s what’s on tap for Saturday’s classes:

Complete as many rounds in 20 minutes as you can of:
Run 400 meters
Max rep Strict Pullups

Experienced :
Complete as many rounds in 20 minutes as you can of:
Run 400 meters
Max rep Strict Chest to Bar or L-Pull-ups


  • Jonathan D

    Filthy Fifty: 30:18. This was actually one of the first WODs I did when I got out of elements last year. My time then was 36:12. Heck yeah, progress! Pretty sure I would also count several of my attempts last year as no reps now. I also got out of it with a distinct lack of a feeling that I described then as “wanting to throw up my entire skeleton”, so that’s good, right? Overall this wasn’t bad until I got to burpees. Those were a slog. I was expecting double unders to be even worse and then I cranked out several in a row, no problem. Apparently those clicked for me once I was sufficiently worn out from everything else. I’ll take it! Breaking up reps definitely helped with some of the more rigorous movements.

  • Joseph Gizzi

    “Filthy Fifty”
    20:43 Rx. 6 minute PR
    Latin Dan you are the man with that time.

    • Dan Castillo

      You crushed it! Setting the pace for the rest of us

    • ToddMorris

      Man Joey – I bet if you would have tried a little harder it would have been sub 20 :/

  • reisbaron

    46:35 (2:46 slower)

    My double-under debut in this WOD and I got all 50. With those in motion I need to nail down K2E and I’ll RX it next time. Back extensions were on the GHD.

    I don’t blame the double unders entirely for the mess. The wall ball / burpee portion is always a bit of a tar pit, but today’s was exceptionally slow for me.

    • Kristen Connor

      Congrats on adding DU to the repertoire.

      • reisbaron

        Thank you Kristen, and HUGE thanks to the multiple heats that finished before me (and mostly started after me) who got me through the burpees and DUs. Your encouragement kept me focused when I would otherwise be losing my mind.

        • Eric

          You did awesome – for me, I like when people are around pushing me.. makes me work twice as hard to finish

  • Kristen Connor

    My second ever Filthy Fifty. 31:01, which is more than 5 minutes faster than the first time I did it, with a lot less scaling today. Progress is a happy thing, even when there’s a lot more progress to be made.

  • Alex Behrman

    Scaled to Dirty Thirty: the clock got stopped at some point but it was about 21 minutes I think. Having burpees at the end is just mean. (Burpees any time are mean, but especially at the end of this.)

  • AndyK

    20:15 RX. Last time I did this was a month into Crossfit last March, time was 24:50 with a mix of single and double unders.

    Wanted to get sub 20, but burpees were a struggle, too slow and too many short breaks added up.

  • UWS 6AM with Coach Josh M.
    Damn this hurt so good. Burpees were the worst by far – it was the only portion were I nearly lost hope.
    Great job from the class all around.

  • Brian P

    6:00AM UWS Coach Josh
    My first Filthy Fifty. Filthy is not the “F word” I would use to describe it. However, “Fabulous” describes the effort of everyone in 6AM.
    My time was 34:20.
    DUs I actually enjoy! Burpees I loathe!

    Great effort all around though and great support.

    • I totally agree. For some reason by the time I got to the DUs it was a total relief. Maybe that’s because you knock ’em out quick. And it being the last exercise of the workout doesn’t hurt.

  • lauracton

    6:40am with a special appearance from Coach Sully

    I scaled to Dirty Thirty and I’ve been kicking myself for it all morning (but I did do all the movements Rx, so at least there’s that). We had some clock issues, so I think my time was 18/19ish.

    Also, jumping pull ups are weird.

  • Yoni R.

    7:10 eWOD
    27:05 Rx – roughly a minute and half PR (I know I scored in the high 28 min range last time.)

    Filthy Fifty…… I hate you

    Latin Dan you’re a freak!

    • Dan Castillo

      solid work! bring some morning oats for the rest of us in 7:10 will ya

      • Yoni R.

        I’ll bring Weet-Bix & Toast with Vegemite.

  • Bennett

    24:26 rx

  • Dan Castillo

    ‘Filthy Fifty’ = 15:18 (PR by 2:38)
    Unbroken on the box jumps, jumping pull-ups, walking lunges, supermans, and burpees. Broke up KB swings 25-25; Knees to Elbows 10 then 5’s; Push Press 25-10-10-5; WBs 25-10-5-5-5; DUs tripped up on my rope 8-41-1.

    • Kristen Connor

      Freakin’ Fast!

    • reisbaron

      That is an amazing time Dan…well done.

    • ben

      nice dude

    • Will Choi

      You are insane!

    • Marissa Stephenson

      New CF mantra, “Move like Dan.” So fast!

    • Steve BBQ

      Awesome work, Dan! You and Box Jump Phil should go head-to-head one of these days…

    • Yoni R.

      next time you have to do all movements with one are tied behind your back.

    • Glenn McMahon

      Damn dude- great work

    • Christine

      Latin Dan, Can you do my Filthy Fifty for me? LOL

    • Robert Keeley

      Great Job Dan! Next level.

    • ToddMorris

      Awesome time Dan!

  • Jenny

    Love the “I don’t care if you don’t CrossFit” article. I finally have a handy response to post in the comments when one more person posts that Gawker article from 2012.

    • That article is so good.

    • I’ve seen a lot of hits come from CrossFit NYC on my blog. Thanks for sharing this! I appreciate it! When I make it back to New York, I’ll come visit. =)

  • Molly McCabe

    Dropped in to Reebok Crossfit BCN in Barcelona only to do round 2 of Cindy.
    13 + 21 Rx (PR)

    • Craig Bagno

      Ha. I’ve been there. I like those guys.

  • Madison

    6am UWS w/ Josh
    Filthy Fifty: 27:29 Rx
    First time and it felt stupid filthy.
    Box jumps, pull ups were fine. 1 pood KBS is kind of heavy for me – I need to work on technique. Lunges, fine. KTE – fine at first then sucked – I did 10-10-then a mix of 5’s/3’s/2’s. Push press – 25-15-10. Back extensions – ok, though I probably looked lame and made a nice pool of sweat under my chin on the floor (sorry). Wall balls and burpees SUCKED filthy filth today – my legs feel silly taxed this week. DU’s – still need work, but completed ranging from 1’s – 6’s strung together.

    Great energy and fun in the UWS dungeon as usual!

    • Glenn McMahon

      Great job Madison

  • Madison

    Best of luck, TEAM CFNYC! Get at it!!

  • Erik D

    Filthy Fifty: 36:21. Ugh, off my PR by over 7 minutes. A few factors contributed to this:

    1. I did 2 endurance classes last year, but haven’t gone back to them since I came back after my ankle injury. I definitely feel less endurance these days. Time to start supplementing WODs with runs again.

    2. First time with double unders. Stringing 5 together was tough, especially with how gassed I felt, so that portion took 5 minutes.

    3. I went hard on the push presses rather than pacing myself. Left me with too little energy in reserves for the already awful wall ball/burpee combo.

    4. I had a burp that hovered halfway up my esophagus. It refused to come up or go back down during the wall balls and burpees. Made me wonder if I was going to throw up.

  • michael saterman

    Filthy Fifty: 28:01 RX

    Yo, DoubleUnders… I hate you.

  • Russ Kempf

    610am 20:21, with ~19 of those minutes spent on burpees which beat me mentally and stomachly

    • AndyK

      Yeah, F-those burpees

    • Dan Castillo

      welcome back! a visit from Pukey this morning?

      • Russ Kempf

        had an extended stare down with the trash can next to the storage bins. decided to ease back and spare the lovely ladies stretching in my would be splash zone….

  • Ashley Landay

    7am UWS 36:09
    scaled- Coach Josh- you’re a rockstar- thanks for being awesome. The UWS peeps rock my demented little
    world. I started du’s as the 8am class was
    starting. I just wanted to finish. I
    look over and my classmates are still there cheering me on. They stayed!! (not surprising but I am so
    appreciative) Justin- many thanks for tracking my du’s, I seem to lose the ability to count during this madness. MK- you were my burpee queen bee
    you got me through it. LR- always there
    with a finishing touch of encouragement and a high five. cheers!

  • KyleF

    830am with Chris
    21:37 RX not sure is a pr since got 21:48 with T2B vs K2E but will take it
    Probably went out slightly too hard. I know when walls balls beat me up as bad as they did today that I’ve gone a bit too fast. Burpees were terrible this time around. UB DUs helped.
    Would like to have seen Latin dan hit 15 mins that is sick!

  • Marissa Stephenson

    7:10am, Filthy Fifty: 24:30
    Found lots, lots to work on. But above all, DUs. Gave them almost 4 minutes here, which I think is probably three and a half too many.

    • Ashley Landay

      Well your wb’s are fierce. I was next to you in class yesterday so I know. Amazing and inspiring.

      • Marissa Stephenson

        Thanks, Ashley! DU Hate must have fueled those wall-ball throws 😉 And congrats on crushing through your UWS Filthy Fifty!

  • Joe Orloff

    21:33 burpees continue to be a problem and should have done smaller sets on the knees 2 elbows.

    • ToddMorris

      Nice to see you back Joe!

  • Eric


    Thought I didn’t beat my previous time from last year but I was wrong – by 3 mins

    Wallballs/Burpees/DU crushed me, I wanted to get sub-20…this week was tough but great programming (I bet it was Murph)

  • Maria Sanchez

    12pm with kevin
    i think i could have pushed more, took a few breaks
    1st day back from vacation filled with lots of food and drinks didnt help either

  • Amber Rodriguez

    29:03 (only modification was hanging knee raises in place of K2E) – at the Sully/Erica 12:30 Party WOD. Definitely not a PR by any means. Amber needs to get back in shape.

    Thank you Steve BBQ for cheering me through what may have been the most boring couple of minutes of his life. Those 50 burpees feel like the rough equivalent of an ETERNITY.

  • colindowell

    12:30 w/ Sully
    31:50 Was targeting 28 but really didn’t have the energy today. Fell apart on the push press and wall ball with way to much rest.

  • Alex P

    Archive footage is up for the team events on the Games site. CFNYC’s heat starts around the 28 minute mark for event 1.

  • Jim S

    Really enjoyed Genevieve’s article.

  • Tony

    If anyone is still looking for a ride up there. I’m leaving tomorrow at 6 am and have 2 spots left. Let me know

  • Glenn McMahon

    Filthy Fifty UWS w Josh 6am Love this WoD . 28:21 Thanks Joe for pushing me over the finish GHD took way longer than I thought and I should have pushed through the 45# push press and wall balls faster. Made up some time in burpees and DU- finally

  • Robert Keeley

    It was great watching the team this morning via Live Stream! Good Luck guys through the rest of the events.

    12:30pm eWoD with Sully and Erica

    Filthy 50: 25:57 *First time for this one. Not pleasant.
    EC: 100 Burpees (The 30 day challenge is over)

  • Chad Kindred

    5pm with Brian. 26:02 which was 1:15 PR. Should we been faster but I couldn’t find the steam or willpower to push through the burpees faster. Too much resting. I have sub 25 in sight the next time

  • Drew T

    7:10am “Filthy Fify” – 21:04

  • Andy Graves

    6PM with Kevin and his great 80’s playlist. 29:50 nearly 3 min PR and that’s with a good couple minutes messing around with crap DU’s.

  • Craig Bagno

    27:38 Rx with the excellent Coach David. I like the abundance of spirit and sweat.

    First time for this WOD. My goal when I saw the post was sub 30. Then I got greedy and hoped sub 25. Guess I split the difference. I’ll take it.

    • Marissa Stephenson

      Good coach-adjective. And great time, Craig!

  • Will Choi

    Forgot to post yesterday. 7:40 PM with Chris — Filthy Fifty: 19:50. Finally under 20 mins.

    I got to burpees around 15 mins and finished 50 reps at 19 min.

    UB on Box Jump/Step Ups, Jumping PU, KB Swings, Walking Lunges, Superman, Burpees

    20/5/5/5/5/5/5 on Knees to elbows, 30/20 on push press, 20,10,7,4,3,3,3 on WBs, 30/20 on DUs

    This was my 4th time doing this work out.
    1st – 26:something with singe unders
    2nd – 24:something with single unders
    3rd – 26:21 with T2B and DUs

  • Dane Grams

    First 50 = 35:15. Rough & Rewarding.