Wednesday 140528

A. Work up to a heavy power clean in 10 minutes. Drop 30-40# and do 5×2 at the same weight.
B. Reverse Tabata L-Sit

A. Work up to a heavy power clean in 10 minutes. Drop 30#-40# and do 5×2 at the same weight
B. Accumulate 2 minutes in an L-Sit

400m run
50-40-30-20-10 Situps

(Photo credit: Lisa Haefner)

Thrusters = your best friend
Really, sugars are sugars. Some sugar is good. Less is better.
Tips to improve recovery
Building behemoths, part 1
My butt is doing what?! Squats and butt wink

Here’s what’s on tap for Thursday’s classes:

A. Press 5×5 @ 75% +2.5-5#
B. 3 minutes Double Unders
3 Minutes Wall Ball
2 Minute Double Unders
2 Mintue Wall Ball
1 Minute Double Unders
1 minute Wall Ball

A1. 5×5 Press @ 75%
A2. 5×5-8 Barbell Row @ 50% of Bench Press 1RM


  • reisbaron

    Crossfit tries to water down the NPFL with a team competition series of their own:

    • Hari Singh

      Actually, I imagine that CrossFit will take its well developed system for running the Open and apply it to team WOD’s.

      If you enjoy doing team WOD’s and liked doing the Open, you should find this to be a positive development, especially if you are a member of an affiliate with the resources to run the WOD’s and support the program.

      Most people cannot compete in the NPFL. but will be able to do these WOD’s. I see just this as CrossFit doing more of what it does well.

      • reisbaron

        I agree entirely, though I question whether this would have happened if the NPFL didn’t exist. Naturally anything run by Crossfit will be a high-quality event and experience. And anything that both showcases and pays athletes is a net positive for the community. The fact that it’s a retaliation and intentional distraction from the NPFL gives the event an interesting footnote though.

        • Hari Singh

          Assuming it is a competitive response, it surely is not an unprovoked response.

  • Glenn McMahon

    Hari SUPER TEAMS competition – sounds great is CFNYC going to jump on this?

    • Hari Singh

      My assumption is that this will be run like the Open, but for teams. Instead of registering as individuals, any two men and two women will be able to register as a team.

      If that is the way it works, we will likely have a significant number of our members who wish to participate and will no doubt be running ad judging the WOD’s as they come up.

      • Glenn McMahon

        Hari – great, thanks. Looking forward to learning more about how this is going to work and how CFNYC will be participate

  • KyleF

    Can anyone suggest a good box in san juan PR? Closer to the airport the better. Thanks.

    • Yoav

      Aggressive Crossfit is a good box. I did 14.5 there. I think it’s as close as you can get to the airport.

  • Jonathan D

    A: 155#. Need to work on getting lower, but again the hook grip helped a lot. Use it! Did 4×2 at 135#, which got progressively uglier but it’s getting a lot easier to get under the bar.
    B: Subbed in Tabata hollow rocks, averaging about 10 per round.

  • Brad Hoover

    I had a blast dropping in on my old stomping grounds this morning. It was great to see and catch up with Coach Chris, Kyle and so many of my friends who are still getting after it at the black box. Everyone was super welcoming as if I’d never left. I worked up to a 165 power clean, which is a PR. Sloppy footwork and slow elbows, but I’ll take it. A fun morning all around.

    • Stacey Pearson

      Shoot me a heads up next time Hoover!

    • Crawford Roark

      Your cubby is lonely.

      • Brad Hoover

        Let me know your workout schedule. I’ll drop in on 26th st if that’s where you’re at. Totally forgot about my LBB cubby haha

        • Crawford Roark

          Where are you working out now? Happy to travel.

  • AndyK

    6:10 eWOD – Worked up to 235 (10lb PR, but probably had at least another 10lbs in me). 5×2 at 205.

    • reisbaron


  • BenS

    Worked up to 215# power clean. Only had time for 3 sets of 2 at 185#. Enjoyed working out with Beard Hoover this morning.

    • Brad Hoover

      I think my beard got more love than I did.

  • Melissa

    Power Cleans : 123
    5×2 @93 to work on getting low without jumping jack. This weight used to feel so heavy. I made it my goal to make it my b*%%^ in 2013 and it definitely worked!
    7×15 sec + 10/5 sec L hold on 25 lb dumbbells. That was tough but liked the scaling up option!
    Ec: 3×5, 3×3 ring dips

  • kellen

    Is anyone missing a black & red Rogue wrist wrap and have a black & red Harbinger wrist strap in its place?

  • Bennett

    A. PC x 1: 195 (10# pr)
    A2. PC 5×2: 165#
    B. L-Sit: 4:45 (switched between kbs & rings)

  • Russ Kempf

    6:10 eWod
    A: 275#, then 245, 225×3, 245
    B: Yes, I did accumulate

    • Glenn McMahon


  • reisbaron

    A: 235
    B: 185

  • michael saterman

    A: 155
    B: 135
    This is one of my weakest movements as I still can’t get the bar up faster and get myself under – sloppy footwork and slow elbows.

    • reisbaron

      Well done.

  • Joe Orloff

    6:00 AM Beginner w/ Kyle

    A: PC-265#
    B: 5×2 @ 235#
    C: Tabata Hollow Rocks.

  • Edward

    6:10am eWOD with coach Chris. Worked up to 195# power clean and did 4×2 w/ 175# and the last at 185# (Adam pumped me up). L-sits were hard – 2mins felt like an eternity. Then cashed out with a push-up/hollow rock with Russ for an extra pump. Feeling swole!

  • Eric

    7am with Kyle

    A. 195# then dropped to 175#
    B. L-Sit/Hang the rest of the time

  • Nicholas Ross

    A: Up to 225 then 5×2 at 195
    B: done w/legs straight

  • Talia

    Today was not a good day
    Only could work up to 88lbs. Last week I killed 3 hang power cleans at 93. Oh well today is not my day. 5×2… 68lbs.
    Is anyone else still so sore from murph?

    • Jonathan D

      Even after a year-plus of going 3-4 days a week, I definitely have days where my body just isn’t cooperating or my form is just plain crap. And that’s okay! You can always go back and look at what was giving you trouble to see what you can address the next time it comes up. Rest is important too! Give yourself a break, especially after powering through something like Murph.

  • iRon Bucks

    A: 225 which is a significant jump in PR… 5×2 @ 185…
    B: did some sort of ring L-sit ish thing which appears to have worked my triceps more than anything…
    BTW, first ever drop in at Crossfit Laurel over the weekend… good folks, good times plus they give free t-shirts to new members (even drop ins).

  • Addie B

    Hey all. Any recommended boxes in Harrisburg?

  • Adam Murray

    6:10 Exp
    215lb – then 5×2 @195lb & 205. I bet I could go much higher on max power cleans. Regardless still shocked at how fast max has gone up in 3 months. Same with ability to link muscle ups together consecutively
    Solid programming and enjoying the experienced class

  • Craig Bagno

    Funny. I felt great yesterday. Today I came to CrossFit and when I tried to actually do CrossFit I felt like I’d been hit with a stick. I’m pretty sure it was the Murph stick.

    1pm with Kyle. Never ventured over 125# on A and stuck at 95# on B. Kyle showed me that I was pulling too early. Super helpful.

  • Stacey Pearson

    12:30 with the adorable duo: SGG and Erica.
    108# power clean. (5# PR)
    dropped to 88# for the 5×2

  • colindowell

    12:00 w/ Kyle
    A: single PC topped at 155#
    B: 5×2 SC at 135#

  • Jacek Rycko

    7:10AM Experienced:

    A. Heavy single clean @165#. 5×2 @145#.
    B. 2 min on ring L-sit, albeit at ~45deg angle…

  • Yoni R.

    7:10 eWOD with Chris

    A – Worked up to #225 PR by 5 (Finally hit the double blue plate club)
    B – 5 x 2 #185
    AC – Muscle ups & DU/TU work

  • Steve BBQ

    3:00pm with Kevin

    A: 185 (PR match), then 155×2, 155×2, 155×2, 155×2 (from high hang), 155×2 (from high hang)
    B: Done
    EC: 400m run
    50-40-30-20-10 Situps – 12:47

  • Elaina Gemelas

    7:10am eWOD with Chris
    *Modified for back

    A. Heavy Power Clean: 103 — Kept it lighter than normal
    5×2 Power Cleans: 93

    B. L-Sit: Subbed 3×20 hollow rocks and 3×10 10# weighted hollow rocks

  • Rob

    Today in my CF “beginner” class, my partner was, no joke, an ex-CF games judge who could power clean 200+ pounds.

    I’m not onto the green plates yet.

    Nice guy, but I don’t think the class delineations are having much of an impact…

  • Chad Kindred

    5pm with Brian. New PR for cleans. 175lbs. Great class. 155lbs for the 5×2

  • ben

    6 pm with coach Brian
    A1: 200# (pr). Thanks again to Brian for the good pointers and Zach for the encouragement
    A2: 5 x 2 @ 155#
    B: done on paralette bars. These are always so tough
    Bonus: got my first strict MU before class

    • Avery W

      Yeah Ben!!!

      • ben

        Thanks Avery!!

  • Andy Graves

    6PM w/coach Joe
    A: 190PR thanks Joe today and Brian Sunday, sure both helped get that
    B: 155 no time left, did them in four minutes
    C: horrible

    • Crawford Roark

      Awesome work. 200 club is next.

  • Jim S

    Doubled up today.
    A: 30min EMOM Snatch 65×3,75×7,85×10,95×5,100×5
    B: “Heavy” power clean: 165 (not that heavy, but what I had tonight)
    C: 5×2 pc at 135lbs
    D: ring L hold: 8×15 seconds

  • Nicki Osborn

    6pm with Coach Brian
    88# (10# PR!) then 5×2 @ 68#

  • A1: Powerclean up to 225#
    A2: 5×2 @ 195#
    B: L sit, 40s, 23s, 17, 10, 10, 10, 10

  • Vi-An

    PC: 133lbs (Brian said it was my best one! Woohoo bc it was my heaviest of the day)
    5×2: 103lbs (the repetition is helpful to practice technique)
    L-sit: sets of 10s but focused on good form…straight legs and pointed toes.
    Ec: ghd back extensions/abs

  • Daniel Larrea

    A: worked up to 205 (5# pr) then dropped down to 165
    B: Done in sets 10-15 secs (forgot how tough these are)
    EC: 12 min emom, 30 dus odd min, 4-5 strict hspu even min

  • Will Choi

    A: Built up to 185# – felt really weak today. Maybe because I took 5 days off.
    1×2 at 135#, 3×2 at 155#, 1×2 at 175#
    B: Done

  • Merlyne

    8pm eWod w/Brian
    A. 133# power clean, then 5×2 @ 103#. Still working on technique here.
    B: Done. 10 second holds with 30 sec in between each set.
    EC: Butterfly pullups and chest to bar technique

  • Rich J

    A: 245, leaning back too much so only really counting up to 225
    5×2 @ 185
    B: awful!

  • Matt Braunstein

    7pm w/ Brian.
    A. 245 (135-185-215-225-235-245-255fx3). Got under-ish 255 twice but couldn’t quite finish.
    B. 215 5×2. Failed my second rep of round 1. Sigh….
    C. 4×30 seconds on rings
    D. Rowed 1k @ 3:45

  • Robert Keeley

    4pm All Level with Sully
    A: Heavy Power Clean – 185#
    B: 5×2 Power Cleans @ 155#
    C: Reverse Tabata L- Sit on Parallettes
    EC: 90 Burpees