Saturday 140524

Programming & Holiday Schedule Notes: Make ups for “Cindy” and “Elizabeth” will be on Sunday 5/25 in the Experienced WOD classes. Do NOT plan to make up “Cindy” on Sunday if you plan to attend the Memorial Day “Murph” workout on Monday 5/26. Memorial Day classes will run on a Sunday schedule BUT ONLY AT OUR 28th St LOCATION. Classes on UWS are cancelled on Memorial Day.

4 Rounds
800m run
20 Burpees

8 rounds, alternated with a Partner
800m run
15 Man-Makers (45#/25#)

(Photo credit: Lisa Haefner)

Here’s what’s on tap for Sunday’s classes:

Olympic Lifting Skill: Tall Cleans and 3 Position Cleans

Olympic Lifting Skill: Tall Cleans and 3 Position Cleans or “Elizabeth”/”Cindy” make up.


  • Dan Gahagan

    Coach Brian hang snatching on Business Insider.

  • Edward

    8am eWOD with coach Michael. ~64min rx. We started out starting each round after our ptr would return hence the time. Brutal but extremely fun. Thanks Glenn for keeping me going at a good pace.

    • Glenn McMahon

      Edward – great work man 45# RX BEAST of a WoD

  • John E

    9:30 ewod: 3 rounds + 15 mms in 40 min. Brutal.

  • Christina Berry

    Thank you, Sir! May I have another?

    9:00AM eWOD with Mr. Bultman
    About 45 minutes – all Rx. Quite a spanking. Everyone gave it their all on this one. Superb performances! Thanks to my partner et. al for cheering me on. You guys are amazing.

    • John E

      You were amazing!

      • Christina Berry

        Hahaha – no…YOU were amazing!!!!

  • Craig Bagno

    10:20 eWOD with Michael. Ouch. Sort of klugey. Push-ups with 40# DBs and the squats with teeny little yellow kettles. Finished 4 rounds and a run before the clock took mercy on me. Did I mention ouch? Ouch. But I liked it.

    • Michael J. Bultman

      “Ouch, but I liked it.”

  • Glenn McMahon

    8am 28th street w Coach Michael Bultman Kick Ass WoD today. Stopped at 3 Rds 35# should have worked through in overtime like Edward. Next time. More MAN MAKERS please Coach

  • Merlyne

    All level WOD at an outside track – 23:00
    Breaking up the run with burpees was actually great compared to a straight 2 mile run. Hope to see more WODs like this.

  • ben

    12:00 eWOD with Avery
    I did this with my wife! We finished at like 44: something. I used 40#, she used some kind of kbs…fun wod. Never knew about man-makers…good to know about for next vacation when dealing with a hotel gym

  • Chris Rand

    Nothing is sadder than learning you are still a boy.

    • John E


  • Marissa Stephenson

    11:20 ewod with indispensable Coach Michael. 33:43 Rx. There’s a certain kind of torture to first thinking, “There’s no way you’ll finish this WOD, so just go slow & steady,” …then realizing on Round 3 that you _could_ finish—if you push. Brought my pal Juno from CF South Brooklyn, and she said everyone was “super friendly and fun.” Of course!

    • Craig Bagno

      I like this. I’m going to take your lead and start putting an adjective in front of Michael’s name here whenever I mention him. Ha. Danger.

      • Marissa Stephenson

        Ha, yes! This will never get old.

        • Craig Bagno

          Never, ever. The inscrutable Coach Michael will likely agree.

  • Kate Parker

    1pm with Avery
    Finished experienced wod in 39:10 RX with Char. Not fun but glad to have done it!