Friday 140523

Programming & Holiday Schedule Notes: Make ups for “Cindy” and “Elizabeth” will be on Sunday 5/25 in the Experienced WOD classes. Do NOT plan to make up “Cindy” on Sunday if you plan to attend the Memorial Day “Murph” workout on Monday 5/26. Memorial Day classes will run on a Sunday schedule BUT ONLY AT OUR 28th St LOCATION. Classes on UWS are cancelled on Memorial Day.

A. Hang Power Clean 3×3
B. 7 Min AMRAP:
10 Russian KB Swing (RKBS) 24kg/16kg
20 Double Unders
7 min Rest
7 Min AMRAP:
10 RKBS 24kg/16kg
20 Double Unders

“Nasty Girls”
3 Rounds for time of:
50 Air Squats
7 Muscle Ups
10 Hang Power Clean (135#/95#)

Five rounds for time of:
400 m run
Walking Lunge, 25 steps
15 Burpees

(Photo credit: Lisa Haefner)

For the knee-wobblers out there
There’s nothing new under the sun
Timed squats for cardio
Sugar is not the enemy

Here’s what’s on tap for Saturday’s classes:

4 Rounds
800m run
20 Burpees

8 rounds, alternated with a Partner
800m run
15 Man-Makers (45#/25#)


  • KyleF

    710am exwod with Chris
    11:07 – Squats and hpc unbroken and were fine.
    First 4 ring MUs strung together then failed 3 times so moved to CTB and bar dips for the rest. Next 2 rds attempted ring mu again and failed prior to CTB/dips
    Looking forward to murph as it was one of my first work outs when started around this time last year. Anyone attempting with a vest?

    • AndyK

      I dont have a vest, but I do have a camelback I use when mountain biking. I think I can take out the water pouch and throw 4x5lb plates in there.

      • Erik D

        Just make sure you secure those plates so they don’t bounce around while you’re running.

        • AndyK

          Haha. I would say I could tape them, but it seems that there is a significant lack of tape around the Box lately!

          • Sean M

            free access and unrestricted demand for a finite resource ultimately reduces the resource through over-exploitation

          • Joseph Gizzi


          • Michael J. Bultman

            Uncle Sean <3

    • Dan Castillo

      This can get spicy. I like where your head’s at

      • KyleF

        Well fortunatley or unfortunatley, I have a 20# vest that all but has the tags on it from 9+ months ago. I’m strongly considering it. Dan/Andy want to give it a go? I’m signed up for 930am.

        • AndyK

          I’m in for 9:30 too, finish Murph, drink American beer

  • Jonathan D

    A: Hang Power Clean 3×3: Did 3 at 95, then a few more sets at 115. No problem! Should’ve gone for 135!
    B: 7 min AMRAP 10 RKBS/20 DU: Round 1 I came in at 5 sets even, Round 2 at 4+21. A helpful tip on DUs allowed me to get my longest unbroken set, though! 15 in a row! Woohoo! Spent the rest of the time mostly smacking myself in the face or legs, but still: PROGRESS.

  • Rob Panor

    610 eWod 18:36 rx
    I knew it would be bad when 65# cleans felt heavy in the warmup. Solid programing this week. Now we rest.

  • AndyK

    6:10 eWOD

    3 months ago did Nasty Girls in 11:13, today around 14:15. Was on pace to have a PR through the second round. Then the 3rd round of muscle-ups hit. Grip and pulling power were spent. Think it was a combo of all the snatches yesterday and today being day 4. Even though I love Saturdays at the Box, thinking that tomorrow is a rest day!

    Agree with Rob – another solid week of programming.

    • Craig Bagno

      Agree. Loved the programming this week. And of late, in general.

  • Patrick

    610am ewod: 13:58 Rx. Grip shot after second round.

  • Joseph Gizzi

    EWod “Nasty Girls”
    10:10 Rx .. Missed one muscle up and should have done HPC faster and unbroken in 2nd round

    • ToddMorris

      Rx Joey at it again!

  • BenS

    Nasty Girls: 19:13 rx’d. First time getting through this workout rx’d after several tries. HPCs were unbroken, everything else very broken.

  • Dan Castillo

    7:10 Experienced “Nasty Girls”
    -11:07 (7 ring MUs + 14 bar MUs). Ring MUs continue to be my #1 goat, but including them more in cash-outs will help with improvement. Love having them programmed in WODs.
    -EC: ring dips, parallette HSPU negatives, and GHD sit-ups

  • Brian P

    UWS 6AM with MJB the apparent new Dog Whisperer (see Pic on blog)

    Day off on Thursday to recoup the pulled muscle in the back! Reis Baron, we do not know each other but all hail the Epsom Salt Bath! Thanks for the suggestion. MJB says you’re the tops!

    HPC- Worked up to 135lbs with Greg. Good form too!
    1st AMRAP- 6 full rounds with RX on the RKBs and stringing 10, 13, 20 DUS (and of course some 2-3s when I would get frustrated)
    2nd AMRAP- 6 full rounds again and stringing DUS throughout.

    Where Wednesday I was sad, Friday, I am pleased. Happy Holidays all!

    • reisbaron

      Happy to pass along the good word. I first read about it from Blair Morrison’s blog:

      If the walking around pain has subsided definitely throw some mobility WODs into the mix for thoracic and lumbar extension. Lots of free videos from KStar on these areas.

  • Addie B

    7:10am EWod “Nasty Girls”
    13:15 Scaled
    s/14x C2B-Dips/7x MU

  • reisbaron

    A: 175 across
    B: Went from 20 attempts in round 1 to a minute of attempts each round thereafter. So basically 4-5 rounds each cycle, and probably a lot more double unders than I’ve done in a WOD before. I’m across the street from the parking lot of the ballpark on getting those down. But I feel I’m getting somewhat closer.

    Great job Rich, and thanks for the rope…Enjoy your weekend everyone.

    • Rich J

      keep plugging away at them, they’ll come.

  • JP

    6:10 exwod with Chris
    13:49 RXish – did bar MU instead
    It was solid programming all week! I am seeing some major GAINZ!

  • Jaclyn Henry

    Took a day off work so I figured I’d check out the morning crews at 8:30am w/ Chris!
    A. Hang Power Clean 3×3: 115lbs felt REALLY good! Wasn’t around to test 1 RM clean on Saturday, so had to use an older number. Hopefully this means it’s higher now!
    B. first AMRAP- 8 + 4 rounds, second AMRAP- 8 + 11 rounds w/ 20kg bell & DU.
    Even though it felt like Bikram Crossfit today, whoever was in charge of the music station deserves a high five. Can we get some of that for the evening classes? Nothing like sweating to some Ja Rule and Juvenile

  • Rich J

    A: 3×3 HPC: 175# across
    B: 8+2, 7+10 (i think)
    I felt really sluggish today on the HPC. The weight went up but it didn’t feel great. On the bright side, I got 20 unbroken DUs 3-4 times today. That felt really good.

  • So much love at 6AM UWS with Coach Michael B.
    Round 1: 7+10
    Round 2: 8
    The double unders are coming along. Pretty sure I got about half of the double under rounds unbroken. And Brian was killin it too.

    • Brian P

      Thanks Chris. I am having fewer and fewer welts on my shins and arms from the wayward ropes. Have a good weekend. Kirsten too!

  • Talia

    10am UWS with MJB:
    A. HPC 3×3 up to 95 lbs and felt great. My last 1 RM on cleans was 95 so 100s.. I have my eye on you!

    B. 1st amrap:7+ 21. 2nd amrap: 8.
    I really was able to strung those DU… Even 3 of each set were unbroken and a couple I got up to 17-18.
    Even though today is my 3rd day straight, I feel great! Maybe it’s the new nanos that’s helping me out 😉 now 2 days off before I tackle my first murph on Monday.

  • John M

    8:30 w/ Chris
    A. Hang Power Clean- Started working sets at 185 then 205 and finished with 225
    B. Round 1 8+10…Round 2 completely flatlined 6+2

    All in all, as a few guys mentioned above me, really good week of programming.

  • Alex Behrman

    11am with Sofia
    A: 73#
    B: Round 1: 4+14, Round 2: 4+16. DUs come and go. At one point I managed to get 12 unbroken, which was awesome, but then I made up for it in the next round by barely getting 2 or 3 together.

  • Emkay

    Random question — when are the crossfit 2014 open shirts arriving?

  • 12:30 xwod con Carr
    14:34…MU until the last round when after three MU i failed three times…c2b and hrpu to finish it off.

    ec: kvetching.

  • ToddMorris

    12:30 Experienced with Sara

    MUs were broken up into 3/2/2 (Thanks Sara!)
    HPCs were broken up into 6/4 (I thought up that one on my own!)
    Happy to just do this Rx bc MUs are newer for me.

    EC: 3 sets of 15 Back Extensions w/ Dan.

  • Daniel Kunitz

    12:30 EWOD
    Nasty Girls
    13:25 rx

  • Eric

    8am with Kevin

    A. 3×3 at 155#
    B. 8 rounds, 7 rounds + 5 ….I got a nice souvenir for MDW, nice whiplash from the DUs!

  • Dani Freeman
  • Edward

    5:30pm eWOD with coach Avery. Dnf but very happy I got through the 2nd round plus the 50 air squats.

  • ben

    nasty girls:
    not going to count my time here because i had to switch to CTBs to finish up the last round of MUs.
    first 6 MUs of round 1 unbroken, then kind of stuck in MU failure hell from the midpoint of round 2 on…
    setting a goal to work on strict MUs to build more pulling strength and do this again in 6 months with plans for all 3 rounds of MUs to be unbroken.

  • Craig Bagno

    4pm All Levels with Kevin. Power cleans at 95#. Improving, thanks to Kevin’s Words of Day: “commitment” and “aggression”. Did the two AMRAP rounds at 7+8 and 7+13. DUs largely unbroken. Five slips in total. Sweaty goodness.

  • ben

    nasty girls: what a nasty workout. felt like an open wod
    last time we did this (maybe 9 months ago) i used 115# and did bar MUs.
    today I used 135# and did ring MUs. First 6 MUs unbroken (pr for consecutive MUs), then they started getting tougher/broken up and by round 3 I had to switch to CTBs to avoid infinite MU failure hell. I’m going to work on strict MUs now in an attempt to increase my pulling strength because I think when I fail MUs when fatigued, it’s about my pulling strength at the top (as opposed to my kip falling apart or something). one more item to my list

  • David Slifer

    Nasty Girls – 9:46 RX
    Love me some muscle ups and cleans any day of the week… air squats – not so much

    • Sean M

      Solid time

  • Will Choi

    6 PM eWOD with Josh
    Nasty Girls: 16:15 @ 135# — started with ring MUs but that went away quickly. I did a few bar MUs. I ended up with C2B and ring dips. I spent too much time trying to get ring MUs. Failed too many times.

  • Mike

    12:30 exp- 13:50 and I got my very first bar muscle ups!!

    • Will Choi

      Thats awesome!

  • Merlyne

    7:30 eWod w/Avery
    13:30 @ 7 strict Chest to Bar supinated pullups, 93# clean
    Failed several times on pullups so actively rested (basically swung my arms around) to get the blood flowing. Liked doing muscle up progressions as a warm up. Got some great tips from Avery and Kate.

  • Robert Keeley

    7:10am eWoD with Chris
    Nasty Girls: 10:45 (Scaled MU to CTB Pull-ups and Dips) (2:1 ratio)
    EC: 75 Burpees