Thursday 140522

Programming & Holiday Schedule Notes: Make ups for “Cindy” and “Elizabeth” will be on Sunday 5/25 in the Experienced WOD classes. Do NOT plan to make up “Cindy” on Sunday if you plan to attend the Memorial Day “Murph” workout on Monday 5/26. Memorial Day will run on a Sunday schedule.

Skill Work: Snatch Balance 5×2
Hang Snatch 7×1

A: 3 Waves working up to a heavy 1 Snatch + 2 Hang Snatch
B: Snatch Grip RDL 40% of Deadlift 3×3

(Photo credit: Lisa Haefner)

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Here’s what’s on tap for Friday’s classes:

A. Hang Power Clean 3×3
B. 7 Min AMRAP:
10 Russian KB Swing (RKBS) 24kg/16kg
20 Double Unders
7 min Rest
7 Min AMRAP:
10 RKBS 24kg/16kg
20 Double Unders

“Nasty Girls”
3 Rounds for time of:
50 Air Squats
7 Muscle Ups
10 Hang Power Clean (135#/95#)

Five rounds for time of:
400 m run
Walking Lunge, 25 steps
15 Burpees


  • Andreas Kraus

    Dropped in at Crossfit San Diego (was easier to get there then to the other boxes around. Thanks again for the comments)

    A: work up to 1RM C+J
    Never tried to do a 1RM for this. Maxed out at 179lbs with which I’m very happy 🙂
    B: 15min EMOM
    1.min 6-8 strict Pull Ups
    2.min 6 Hang Power Cleans @135#
    3.min 15 Sit Ups

    With a lot of driving tomorrow I’ll take a rest day.
    Next stop will be Phoenix.

  • Abraham

    6:20 with Peter. Worked up to 75 on both the snatch balances and the hang snatches. Definitely all about technique today as opposed to going as heavy as possible. Snatch balances, like everything behind the neck to overhead (behind the neck press etc) destroy me. Lack of shoulder mobility maybe? As far as the hang snatches…the pull part is generally decent; my problem is getting low enough, fast enough, for the full squat version. On the plus side, repeatedly trying and failing to go low and fast apparently resulted in some “really good” power snatches 😛

    As an aside….does anyone else often find that they hop into a time machine to August 22nd, 2013 when opening the site? Happens to me on a semi-regular basis, on different computers and browsers, and it’s interesting because it’s always that particular date.

    • Jonathan D

      I definitely encounter the same thing with the date, but only on computers, not on my phone. Weird!

      • Abraham

        Hmm yeah, I don’t think it happens on my phone either….

    • Stan

      Yeah. That’s actually a thing. It happens when is typed in the address bar as opposed to
      So just type in www.

      • Abraham

        Haha thanks!

  • Jonathan D

    Snatch Balance: 65/75/75/85/85
    Hang Snatch: 65/75/85/95/85/85/85

    You know that thing where coaches tell you to use the hook grip? USE THE HOOK GRIP. I was having a hell of a time with heavier weight on the snatches and getting down quickly enough. Then I actually remembered to USE THE HOOK GRIP and banged out some pretty ass snatches. Something about tweaking that one little thing made everything click. So, in conclusion: USE THE HOOK GRIP.

  • Kristen Connor

    6:40 with Chris had only 6 people today. So nice and spacious and plenty of coaching to go around. A nice treat.

    A. Snatch balances, worked up to 83#
    B. Hang squat cleans, worked up to 88#

    Still need to get down faster, but making progress…

  • David Slifer

    Snatch practice – worked up to 135
    RDL – 3×3 @155
    Thumbs – throbbing

  • Great coaching by Nick L. at 6AM UWS. Loving the snatch work. Wish we’d do way more of it.

    • Madison

      Are you guys planning to do murph on monday? Normal time?

      • Man, I’m tempted but Kirsten and I are making up Cindy on Sunday at 28th St. No way we can do those back to back. But we’ll be back at UWS on Tuesday for sure. Standard time. With strength and honor.

        • Madison

          Possibility of Murph in lieu of Cindy? Murph kind of looks like a 20 round Cindy sandwich w/ a couple runs for bread.

          • Brian P

            I am doing Murph at 930 down on 25th st!

          • Madison

            I’m in for 9am (9:30 is full) so see you as I’m about to pass out!

  • Bennett

    A. 1 S + 2 HS: 65 – 75 – 85 – 95 – 105 ( i did this 2x)
    B. Snatch Grip RDL 3×3: 155

  • Dan Castillo

    7:10 Experienced
    Snatch practice – worked up to 135
    RDL – 3×3 @ 195#
    EC – bar MUs

  • Addie B

    Snatch practice – 3 waves worked up to 1x snatch/2x hang snatch @105#
    RDL – 3×5 @ 185#

    It felt great to practice the snatch for most of the workout.

  • Jacek Rycko

    7:10AM Experienced:

    A. I need to work on shoulder stability so I subbed snatch practice for sets of 3 rep snatch (no squat) + 3 rep behind neck push press + pause + 3 rep OHS. Worked with 75#.
    B. 3 rep snatch grip RDL. Worked up to 165#.

    Thanks, Michael for the sub suggestion and tips throughout the workout, today.

  • AndyK

    6:10 eWOD with The BultMan

    A: Snatch Complex – Worked up to 135 two times. Second round felt easier, so hit 145 on the squat snatch, but missed the hangs, no grip left.

    B: Snatch RDL – 3×155

    I think I need a full 60 minute WOD of farmers carry to build up some more grip strength!

    • AndyK

      Interesting, just checked Beyond the White Board, and I guess the 145 snatch at the end was a 5lb PR for a squat snatch.

    • Abraham

      1.) Nice job on the PR.
      2.) I totally read that as The ButtMan
      3.) I still knew who you were talking about….

      • AndyK

        Michael “The Buttman” Bultman sounds like a WWF wrestler

  • Rob Panor

    A. Worked up to 105
    B. RDL 3×3 @135
    Thanks Michael for the tips on increasing hip speed and pull power. Snatches slowly improving but need a lot more practice.

  • jenntang

    Snatch Balance 5×2 : 73-78-83-88-93
    Hang Snatch 7×1: 73-78-83-88-93-98-103F(caught it at the bottom, then dropped the bar)

  • Elaina Gemelas

    7:10am eWOD with Michael
    *Modified for back injury

    A. 3 reps each of power snatch / snatch grip push press from behind neck / OHS: Kept it light with 3 sets at 53#, 1 set at 58#

    B. Snatch Grip RDLs: Kept it light again with 53#

    EC. 3x of 10 GHD back extensions / 20 hollow rocks

  • Stacey Pearson

    12:30 eWOD w Sara:
    A: wave 1: 53-58-63
    wave 2: 58-63-68
    wave 3: 63-65.5-68-73
    B: 3×3 RDL 73#

  • Talia

    10am UWS
    A. Snatch balance…33/43/53/58/63
    First time doing these and love them. What a great drill to learn how to get under the bar fast and first time I actually felt like I did it correctly. It felt right.

    B. not so correctly… 33/43/53/53/58/58/58 but learning more how to do it with correct form.

    Agree with Jonathan D… Hook grip is key. That wide grip is so hard but hooking it makes it a bit easier.
    Love these learning form days!!! Snatches are definitely goat for me (as for everyone else right?)

  • ToddMorris

    12:30 Experienced w/ Sara
    A: Worked up to 115lb
    B: 115lb
    EC: 5 sets of 10 GHD med ball sit ups @ 20lb

  • Dani Freeman

    6:10….I am not super at receiving the bar over my head in a frightens me…I worked up to 68# …I can (and I did) muscle snatch this…but it is a big feat for me to get above the weight of just the bar into a full squat snatch.

  • Madison

    Will there be any Murph at W67 on Monday? The calendar doesn’t appear to have any time slots away from 28th st right now.

  • Daniel Kunitz

    12:30 EWOD
    A; wave 1: 65-75-85-95
    wave 2: 95-105-115-125
    wave 3: 115-125-130

    B: 3×3 Snatch-grip RDL at 125#

  • ben

    1x snatch, 2x hang snatch up to #115
    RDL 5×3 @ 135. Trying to focus on good hook grip throughout. Thumbs not 100% stoked.

  • Joseph Gizzi

    A. worked up to 125 but failed the second hang snatch
    B. 4×5 @145

  • Craig Bagno

    My comfort level with the snatch has grown exponentially in the last ten days or so. Huge thanks to Coach Brian, especially, who has made a huge difference.

    Did the beginner WOD at 5pm today. Stuck to 75# for both A and B. Totally enjoyed it though. Such a great feeling when it clicks. Almost effortless.

  • 730 X wod:
    A: 170# Snatch complex
    B: 170# RDLs
    EC: Snatch singles, up to 185#

  • Will Choi

    8 pm eWod with Brian
    A: Wave 1: 65-85-95 Wave 2: 85-95-105 Wave 3: 95-115-125
    B: RDLs @ 145#

  • Lauren Saxton

    7:30 Ewod with Avery

    So fun to snatch again!
    A: 53-63-68
    73-83f (stupid fail, just too loose on the last rep)-83

    B: RDL – 113#

    EC: butterfly practice, strung together 8 reps that felt ok.

  • Merlyne

    8pm eWod w/Brian
    A. Worked up to 93#. Tried to follow Brian’s advice: pull as hard as you can using arms and shoulders from the start position until you reach your final position. This really helped with snatches, but had a little difficulty applying it to last set of hang snatches.
    B. 3×3 @118#
    EC: shoulder mobility exercises

  • Losis2honest

    Brian eWOD 6pm
    1. 85,95,105(F)
    2.110,115,120(fail the HS but PRd the 1st snatch) then ran out of time.
    RDL: 135
    EC: 500m row
    Wanna thank Kurt who suggested to bring in my hands a little bit which helped so much for the rest of the snatching. 115 felt so easy compared to before even at Hang. Also Brian had said to keep in mind of throwing it straight up. Now I know next time I can snatch much heavier with better form.

  • Kate Parker

    6pm w/ Brian
    WU: 5 muscle snatch + 5 tall snatch – 33 / 33 / 43 / 53 – the tall snatches were very helpful at forcing me to catch the bar in a squat
    A: two waves: 73 / 83 / 93 – 78 / 88 / 98. actually squat snatched today – felt really solid
    B: 5×3 at 103#
    EC: 3 mins of DU’s, handstand practice