Hail to the Queen

CrossFit Queens is hosting their 4th annual women’s only competition, called Hail to the Queen. It’s on July 12th, from 9am-5pm and is located at 2550 31st Street in Astoria. There are Rx and scaled divisions, and it’s a great event for those women looking to try a competition for the first time. There are a few of us already signed up, and not many spots left, so hurry and go here if you want to participate!


  • Kate Parker

    Awesome! I just signed up.

    • Molly McCabe

      Me too! First competition

      • Katerina Sardi

        Me too! Went for scaled since it’s my first as well. So excited!

    • Lauren Saxton

      me too!

    • Vi-An

      Lauren convinced me to sign up and I saw you were doing it so I signed up to hang out with you ladies. 🙂

      • Matt Braunstein

        Yea, I think I am going to go too to hang out with the ladies!

  • Nicki Osborn

    I’m in! Scaled…obviously. Competition isn’t my thing, but time to get out of my comfort zone! 🙂

  • Talia

    I am signed up for scale – I technically work that day so will have to find coverage since I REALLY WANT TO DO THIS… if not, I am sure I can get someone to take my spot. Can’t wait ladies 🙂