Monday 140519

All-levels/Beginner / Experienced:
“Power Elizabeth”
21-15-9 Reps of:
Power Clean (135#/95#)
Ring Dips

10×250/200m row/run

(Photo credit: Lisa Haefner)

All day with Chad McKay (video)
Twin carries sister over the finish line
All the actual science behind the myriad health claims for coconut oil
Labs are told to start including a neglected variable: Females
Men, another reason to squat: your shorts are getting shorter

Here’s what’s on tap for Tuesday’s classes:

A. Front Squat 5×3 @ 60% of Back Squat
B. Overhead Squat work up to a heavy triple

A. Deadlift 5×3 @ 80% of 1RM
B. HSPU strength work
C. Max Effort Press @ 50% of 1RM


  • Bennett

    8:37 rx (2:17 pr from 12/18/13 when I scaled it to 115# PC & rack arm dips)

    • Addie B

      huge improvement

  • Jonathan D

    6:00am/Kyle: 8:36 (115#/mostly parallette dips). This was a rough one. I think if I went a little slower with the pacing on the cleans my form would’ve held up better by the end. Dips sucked because I was still a bit sore from cleans on Saturday so I switched to parallettes towards the end of my set of 21. Still not disappointed with how things went overall. Almost a full minute PR over my attempt last July at 95#!

    • Christina Berry

      Anytime!!! Good work!

  • Abraham

    8:26, 85# and incline push-ups. A two minute and twenty pound PR over last time I did this a few months ago. The cleans were okay, but this really highlighted how embarrassingly bad I am at push-ups.

  • Dani Freeman

    Power Elizabeth – 6:56 – 95# and box dips. Last time I did this was in December with a full squat clean at 75# and box dips with toes on the ground in 11:05. Happy to say I kept my toes off the ground for all the dips, and the power cleans felt quick.

  • Russ Kempf

    610am ewod. 4:36 rx

    • Dan Castillo

      You’re an absolute machine! Awesome work

    • Robert Keeley

      Super strong! Great Job.

    • Glenn McMahon

      Damn – you and Joe F crushed this WoD good work

  • Dan Castillo

    7:10 Experienced
    6:10 Rx – Definitely a humbling experience this morning. Broke up cleans as: 11-5-5, 5-5-5, 5-4. Ring dips were what bit me in the ass. Broke them up as: 11-5-5; once I got to the set of 15 I broke them up in 3’s but starting fatiguing way too quickly. Last set of 9 were singles and I rested a bit too much in between reps. I know what my cash-outs will start to consist of from now on. Great work from everyone this morning!

    • Russ Kempf

      Dan, some unsolicited and extremely unqualified advice on the dips: next time don’t do 27+ rds of Cindy a few days prior.

      • Michael J. Bultman

        Or have godzilla do the dips for you. Tiny arms make for an easy lockout.

        • Dan Castillo

          • Joseph Gizzi

            Might try to hit a 7:10 with you guys on Friday.

        • Christina Berry

          Kyle kept saying what a fantastic movie Godzilla was all class. Surely, then, Godzilla can dip like a boss.

  • Rob Panor

    6:10 exWOD 9:50 Rx

  • JP

    6:10 EX
    7:22 Rx – unexpected, but very happy with the time.

  • Edward

    6:10 eWOD with coach Chris. 6:44 rx. Thanks Ryan for keeping me on track. Thanks Russ for keeping a keen eye on my ring dips 😉

    • Russ Kempf

      I’m sorry but I really thought the wod was cleans, dips and sht talking. Honest mistake my friend….

      • Edward

        Lol. Your time was no joke though. Under 5 – craziness…

  • Jacek Rycko

    7:10AM Experienced:
    RX. Did not finish in 10:00; 21+21+15+11 = 68. Intended to do rack dips, initially. Chris, however, had a great point about doing rings and benchmarking myself

  • Robert Keeley

    6:10am eWoD with Chris:
    Power Elizabeth: 6:50 RX
    Breaking up the cleans in sets of 7’s and 3’s really helped me on this.
    Dips I broke into 7’s, 5’s, and 5 and 4 on the last round.

    • Glenn McMahon

      Damn Rob your crushed it

      • Robert Keeley

        Thanks Glenn! Happy to get through it.

  • Drew T

    7:10am – 8:00 rx. That was hard.

  • Addie B

    7:10AM Experienced:
    Power Elizabeth: Rx. DNF in 10 min. 2 ring dips left

  • michael saterman

    7:00: 8:20 (135#/bar dips)

    That was hard – my lungs hurt and I’m going to have a bruised collarbone tomorrow.

    • reisbaron


    • BenS

      Loud noises!

      • michael saterman

        Loud noises = shirtless
        Choose wisely my friend…choose wisely.

  • John M

    8:30 w/ Chris
    5:41 rx First time doing “Power Elizabeth” so satisfied with my time.

  • Eric

    7am with Kyle

    Did this in Sept – finished at 9:36 @115# with bar dips

    This time around – finished 7:09 rx. Really happy I worked on cleans on Saturday, mentally prepared for Elizabeth. Though, I definitely have to work on ring dips – I broke these into singles/doubles.

  • Ryan Schoenig

    6:10am Experienced
    7:33 Rx

  • Brian P

    6AM UWS
    Cleans- 85lbs first round 10+11; 2nd-5+5+5; 3rd round 5+4
    Dips were bar dips right out of the gate First round 7×3; Second and third got broken up based on when I fell off the bars. Killer!
    Time: 8:04.
    This was my first time with Elizabeth!

  • AndyK

    Is anyone else having issues with the Zen iphone app?

    • Sam S

      Yes, it won’t load the calendar to reserve/remove reservations!

      • AndyK

        OK. Since it seems to be an issue with Zen, can someone at CFNYC take a look into this?

        • Stan

          The app is probably having issues. Zen is working fine on my browser. I recommend not using the app, use a browser on a PC or Mac. Try using Google chrome, Firefox or Safari. If you ever have any issues with it, clear your cache, cookies and history and try again. That usually solves the problem.

          • AndyK

            OK. The app is very convenient when it works, but will go back to using computer.

            I also emailed the info address about auto sign-up, can you confirm?

          • Stan

            Yes, I received it.

          • Kristin

            Stan, I love and miss my zp app!!! I’ll give you a cookie if you fix it.

            Andy, I’m going through major zen planner app withdrawal. I love that little doodad dearly.

          • Jenny

            FWIW, I think the Gym Class app created by a CFNYC member is even easier (and better) than zen planner.

    • ToddMorris

      go to the CFNYC home page on your iphone and go to the right hand side – click on “mobile site” and save that page to your phone. It works better than the zen app. It tells you how many spots are left in classes AND it allows you to check into classes from your phone, very hand for when you are on the 4th floor @ 26th street!

  • Alex Behrman

    First time doing Elizabeth: 6:41 scaled to 53# and push ups on a box – should have added more weight to the bar. I’ve gotten into a habit of underestimating how much weight I can handle – I should stop doing that.

  • KyleF

    710am exwod with Chris
    8:10 RX – first time with Elizabeth. I’ll probably retest on Sunday, doing dips cash out this past saturday was not brightest idea.

  • All guts and glory @ UWS 6AM with Coach Michael B
    Elizabeth: 7:23 @ 95# and bar dips
    My partner Nathan suggested breaking up the first round 8-7-6, the second round 6-5-4, and the third 4-3-2. I actually found this to be very helpful. Still iffy with my form on the cleans so scaling down seemed appropriate. The bar dips is where I made my time up – honestly they were too easy. Should have done the rings.

  • Sean M

    I’m mainly posting this for Craig Bagno since he doesn’t generally believe me when I tell him used to scale almost everything, and as a tribute to AveryFit:

    “Power” 9/15/2010 5:40 @95#
    “Power” 1/16/2011: 5:36 @ 115#
    “Power” 7/20/2012: 4:04 @ 135#
    “Squat” 7/27/2013: 4:56 @ 135#
    “Power” 10/24/14: 2:32 @ 135#

    Also interesting to point out, over this same time period I went from 140lbs to 165lbs body weight.

    • Jason W

      This. A general rule for scaling in a wod is 50%-60% of your 1rm. So if you have a 225#-270# Power clean, then go crazy (but don’t drop your bar!). Otherwise, scale (and don’t drop your bar!).

      I wish I had followed this rule when I was first starting out. I can tell you that my fundamental unit of movement is slower because I prioritized rx’ing wods over developing strength, speed and power.

      • Sean M

        To Jason’s Point my 1RM Clean tracks this scaling pretty closely.

        9/15/2010 1 RM Clean 165#—scaled to 95#
        1/16/2011 1 RM Clean 205#—scaled to115#
        7/20/2012 1 RM Clean 225#—-Rx’d
        7/27/2013 1 RM Clean 250#—-Rx’d
        10/24/2014 1 RM Clean 285#—-Rx’d

        • Addie B

          Thanks for this. I have been guilty of the same but will adjust in the future.

    • AndyK

      25lbs, thats a lot of Doritos

      • Avery W

        And bacon cheeseburgers.

    • Abraham

      Sweet, I’m only 10 pounds and three minutes behind Sean of 2010. See you guys at Regionals 2017.

    • Craig Bagno

      Ha. Thanks for this Sean. Logically? I completely believe you. Viscerally? I still think you’re a big liar. 😉

      That said, I do keep fairly copious notes. And I’ve made a lot of progress. In another 13 years or so, i’ll be pretty good at this.

  • BenS

    9:57 rx – ring dips were a brick wall for me today

    • reisbaron

      Good effort today. Seems testing week has taken it’s toll on a lot of us. #temporary

      • BenS

        Thanks man — I am looking forward to retesting this one on a full tank of gas.

  • Jason W

    PCs 5×5: 45-95-135-155-185
    Elizabeth: 6:36 rx’d
    PCs: (15-6)(8-7)(5-4)
    Ring Dips: (11-10)(5-4-3-3)(2-2-2-2-1)

    Trying to YOLO all my workouts and was hoping to go unbroken that first set. Old habits are hard to break.

  • reisbaron

    7am w/ Kyle
    8:44 – 135# + elevated parallette dips

    27-second PR same scaling as 10 months ago – surprised I didn’t hit the cap today. Bar felt like 185 when I first picked it up. Michael S kicked some serious ass at 135…good job.

    • michael saterman

      Reis Baron = best cheerleader, ever!

  • Erik D

    Question about this coming Monday: are we doing Murph? I didn’t get to Cindy last week, but I don’t want to make that up Sunday if I’m doing Murph the next day.

    • Avery W

      Hi Erik
      Yes Murph will be scheduled for Memorial Day Monday – more to be announced on the blog. I would plan on skipping your Cindy test all together (do not make it up on Sunday!). There will be times to test Cindy again over the summer.

      • Abraham

        Oh God, Murph. I just barely missed it last year, as I started Elements just before Memorial Day. The Day of Reckoning has come.

      • Eric

        Skipping Cindy test for sure then

  • Jim S

    115#/ring dips: 9:23

  • Maria Sanchez

    12pm w kyle
    still feeling tired from saturday’s cmc
    9:25 power elizabeth @ 63 + banded dips (started out with blue and switched to green about half way)
    just glad to put #’s up today…

  • Talia

    UWS noon with Michael:
    5:36 waaaay scaled. I probably should have not scaled as much as I did. 63#/box push ups.
    (Still sore from Cindy and Francy) if we couldn’t do bar or ring dips (which I can’t yet)… We did push ups.
    Last time and only time I did Elizabeth was sept 2013 2months into cf… 53#/box dips 10:57.

    In warm ups though I held a 20 sec on rings 🙂

  • Stacey Pearson

    DNF. I got through the 15’s on the buzzer.
    -73# cleans (which were tough at that volume, but I think appropriately scaled.
    -“tricep pushups” Those little monsters started off ok, and dropped off FAST! I’m going to do a little EC with those, and hopefully get ring dips soonISH.

  • Craig Bagno

    Noon with Mr. Kyle. 9:45 at 115# and ring dips. Ouch, in a good way.

    I felt good about it. Slowly getting to heavier weights. Kyle accused me of having a gear called “Craig Going Slow” which i thought was apt. But which I tried hard to avoid today. 😉

  • Rich J

    8:13: 135# & bar dips

    I had to no rep my self 2-3 times on the last set of dips. Still feeling the effects of Cindy from Friday (i’m old and don’t recover quickly), but aside from that excuse: dips, pushups, bench presses – these are just not in my wheelhouse.

    • Eric

      Awesome job – no repping yourself and pushing through

  • Ashley Landay

    UWS w.Sir Bultman.
    Mistress “Elizabeth” started to throw shade (and didn’t let up) during the 15 portion of my push ups. Brutal, but great. 7:07, scaled 65#/push ups. I know my butt is thoroughly schooled when the workout forces me to eat my lunch at my desk by 11:30am.

  • Joseph Gizzi

    5:33 Rx.. Thanks for the push Sara

  • Yoni R.

    11:00 AM WOD

    7:56 RX – Cleans 8/7/6 – 6/5/4 – 5/4, All singles on the dips.

  • ben

    1st time doing Elizabeth rx

    7:43 rx
    Ring dips were pretty quick (thanks to coach David’s tip last week about keeping legs straight on way down before kipping)
    Cleans fatigued me too quickly…solution for that: need to get stronger

  • Christina Berry

    6:00AM with Kyle
    6:14 (73#) – I went too light! Rats! But I do have a sweet “clean hickie” on my collarbone. Oh yeah…

  • Chad Kindred

    10# PR on Elizabeth. 95# cleans and assisted ring dips – feet hold. 7:13. Much improved over last September when I did 85# and couldn’t finish in 10 minutes.

  • Glenn McMahon

    6am UWS w Coach Michael. Elisabeth 120# rack dips 7:31 thanks Joe for pushing me and great work on your RX 6min+ Looking forward to doing this again – next time RX

  • smgreene789

    5:30pm exp w/ coach Avery
    Elizabeth @ 95
    7:26 (+2:33 from last attempt 13 months ago)
    Next time need to go heavier and be smarter about the ring dips. Shoulders were dunzo on the last 9.

  • Del

    7:0PM Exp
    6:47 RX first time doing this work out.

  • lauracton

    640 with Sophia
    63#/push-ups – 6:09

    Was disappointed with myself for not putting more weight on (still am), but found my notes from my first Elizabeth on 12/18/13:
    58#/box dips (toes on floor) – 11:51.


  • Merlyne

    7:30pm Ewod w/Avery
    9:43 RX (compare 10:09 squat clean Elizabeth last fall). Think I did well on my technique with the cleans. Must work on kipping dips efficiently.
    EC: 5×5 pendlay rows (83 for 2 sets, 93 for 3 sets)

  • TheLumberingOx

    8:00 pm with Joe
    8min RX Feeling really happy with this — 1:47 pr from November when i scaled to 95#

  • Losis2honest

    Worst thing about a mid shift is that you can’t attend a class before or after work.

    WOD @ home
    “Power” Elizabeth Rx’d

    9:13. Given that I had to place the bar down as calmly as possible and not use that much force to power clean it made me break it up at the beginning and waste a large amount of energy, time and effort. PC(7,5,4,3,2 then 5,5,3,2 last 5,4) the ring dips (11,10 then 10, 5, then 6, 3).
    Old time is 8:51.

  • David Slifer

    8pm with Brian. Barely made it to class….
    6:04 RX. Cleans felt strong(10,8,3 – 5,5,5-5,2,2). Struggled on the ring dips(tons of 3s).

  • Lauren Saxton

    8:00 pm with Joe

    7:32, rx weight, 9-7-5 ring dips. The weight felt good, the ring dips… I want to be better at them.

  • Daniel Larrea

    8pm beg
    6:08 Rx up from 8:30ish last July
    Cleans – 9-7-5, 7-5-3, 5-4
    Dips – 6-5-5-5, sets of 3 most of the rest of the way

  • Kate Parker

    7pm w/ Brian
    A: 5:51 with 93# and pushups. Cleans were no problem: 8/7/6, 5/5/5, 3/3/3 (should’ve done 5-4 for last set). Pushups are just slow. 34 seconds faster and 10# heavier than 7/26/13.
    EC: EMOM for 10 mins: 2 bar dips.

  • Kameron_K

    6:04 Rx.

  • Nicki Osborn

    6pm with Coach Brian
    6:36 @ 53# and push ups – my entire body was still tired from Cindy (first time Power Elizabeth…even thinking about Squat Clean Elizabeth hurts)