Sunday 140518

Programming Reminder: This coming week is our last testing WOD, “Elizabeth”! Make sure you get an accurate score for “Elizabeth” by attending Experienced WOD on Sunday 5/18 or any class (excluding CFE) on Monday 5/19. A make up session for “Cindy” and “Elizabeth” will be available during Experienced WOD classes on Sunday 5/25.

Skill: Overhead squat
“Francy” 5 rounds for time:
15 front squats (95/65#)
400 meter run

“Power Elizabeth”
21-15-9 Reps of:
Power Clean (135#/95#)
Ring Dips

(Photo credit: Lisa Haefner)

Here’s what’s on tap for Monday’s classes:

All-levels/Beginner / Experienced:
“Power Elizabeth”
21-15-9 Reps of:
Power Clean (135#/95#)
Ring Dips

10×250/200m row/run


  • smgreene789

    Will tomorrows experienced WODs be Elizabeth? Not sure I can make it in today.

    • smgreene789

      Never mind I’m an idiot didn’t read the message at the top of the page.

  • Daniel Kunitz

    9:30 WOD with Erica
    Did regular Nancy rx: 14:40

  • Craig Bagno

    11am All Levels with Nick. 22:31 (I think – precise time on board).

    Wow. That was misery. I swear to you, even my teeth hurt.

    The Rx weight was the killer for me. Managed to run the running, you know?

  • Addie B

    A. 4×3 OHS worked up to 115#. Kept it light.
    B. Francy: 13:15 rx (unbroken FSQ)

  • ben

    Francy 14:30 rx. Front squats ub. Could have made up some time on the runs…maybe paced a bit too much

  • ElsieAl

    Completed Francy at 16:37 Rx. Unbroken FSQ’s. Could have picked up the pace a bit more on the running.

  • BenFund (Hobie’s Dad)

    12:32 Rx.

  • Jim S

    Clean 1RM 195lbs. Sooo close with 200. Tried five more times but fatigue won.

  • Steve BBQ

    3:00pm with Dave

    14:49 rx. Dammit, couldn’t beat either of the “Bens” today.

  • Natasha Komninos

    My Zenplanner app on my iphone stopped working. I deleted it and tried to re-download it via the app store, but it’s not coming up when I search for it. Does anyone have any idea why it’s not available anymore? Does anyone use another app for scheduling?