Saturday 140517

Programming Reminder: This coming week is our last testing WOD, “Elizabeth”! Make sure you get an accurate score for “Elizabeth” by attending Experienced WOD on Sunday 5/18 or any class (excluding CFE) on Monday 5/19. A make up session for “Cindy” and “Elizabeth” will be available during Experienced WOD classes on Sunday 5/25.

All-levels/Beginner / Experienced:
Regionals Master Qualifier #1: Find your max Clean

(Photo credit: Lisa Haefner)

Here’s what’s on tap for Sunday’s classes:

Skill: Overhead squat
“Francy” 5 rounds for time:
15 front squats (95/65#)
400 meter run

“Power Elizabeth”
21-15-9 Reps of:
Power Clean (135#/95#)
Ring Dips


  • 8am with nick.
    250#, pr

  • lauracton

    820 with Kevin
    98# – 25# PR! Failed at 103 and 100 even (had to go for it, right?). Next time.

  • Robert Keeley

    8am eWoD
    Post Cindy Alligator Walk warmup is a burner.
    Loved the KB work as well!
    Clean: 195# PR

    • Glenn McMahon

      Great work Rob

  • Alex Behrman

    9:20 with Kevin: 88# (15# PR)
    Great class today – going step by step through the clean was really helpful.

  • Eric

    8:20 with Kevin

    205# PR – slowly but surely learning to get quicker under the bar. Awesome coaching today.

  • Bennett

    190 (5# pr) – it took 3 attempts

  • ToddMorris

    10:20 Experienced with Lobo
    245lb (10lb pr)
    Still have more in there – Just thought the class ended on the 30 when it really ended on the 20. my bad.

  • Craig Bagno

    10:20 with Coach Nick. Maxed out at 115# for a full clean, which is a PR, believe it or not. Got 135# up and down smoothly, but couldn’t finish the front squat. Making progress on form though. The fact that I sort of enjoy these now is telling.

  • Andy Graves

    9AM UWS w/ Dan. 175 (15# below PR)

  • Jonathan D

    8am Experienced:

    155#, PR. I probably could’ve gone heavier but I wanted to save my energy for Elizabeth on Monday. Enjoyed all the running for the warmup, though!

  • Kristen Connor

    9am with Nick
    The warm-up was like playing Frogger on 27th St. I survived the cement truck and oncoming traffic and pothole the size of Rhode Island, and then managed 133# squat clean PR. Fun day!

  • ben

    185 pr…went for 200 about 30 times but couldn’t get under it. Blaming it on Cindy

    • Avery W

      Ben, good job on your PR, but don’t forget about those 5# plates :)!!! Did you try 190 or 195??

      • ben

        185 felt easy so I got greedy and wanted the 200…with a few minutes left of class I realized 200 wasn’t happening so I did put on 195 and failed that too…you are right though I should have just gone up by smaller increments from 185 bc I Prob could have gotten 190 today. :/

  • Will Choi

    2 PM UWS with Peter
    220# (10 #PR)

  • Dan Castillo

    3:30PM Experienced with Nick
    225# (10#PR). Tried for 230# but couldn’t get under the bar fast enough. Gotta work on dropping under the bar faster and elbows up!

  • Addie B

    10AM w/ Pete
    185#. No PR for me today.

  • David Slifer

    Dropped in to Bowery CF: Partner Wod – 30 min amrap 400m, 30 box jumps, 30 wb@20.

    Power clean: #235. Almost hit #245 but felt pretty fried (old PR #240)

  • Jonathan P

    245. PR by 10. <3 today.

  • Edward

    8am eWOD with Nick. 205# pr. Was shooting for 185# but got added support from Danny and coach Nick. Thanks guys.

  • Losis2honest

    11AM with Peter
    205#, 20# PR
    I like how my partner said he wanted to get up to at least 115#/125#. He didn’t know what was his 1RM was or didn’t think he was going to heavier than what said. He also said he didn’t “have” a PR.
    He got a 205# power clean. Awesome work, John.

  • Steve BBQ

    4:00pm with Joe

    95×1, 115×1, 135×2, 155×1, 165×1 (these were done as hang squat cleans to practice speed in getting under the bar)
    175×1, 185×1, 195×0(fail – mental fail… my brain made me try to ‘crossfit’ clean this with my back arched and hips forward. Super ugly), 195×0(fail – got lower under the bar but still not quite low enough), 195×0(fail – got under it, but elbows were not fast enough so the bar rolled off my non-existent front rack), 195×1 (got under it. Took forever to stand up from the squat, but I got it. #5 PR)

  • Joseph Gizzi

    2:30 with Lobo
    245# 10#PR. Tried for 255# and got under it once but need to get comfortable at the bottom of heavy front squats. Maybe some tempo would help.

  • KyleF

    9am exwod with Nick
    235# PR by maybe 10#. I hope to do more as I caught pretty high and rode down to squat. Think my power clean is. 230# so need work on getting under. However was a bit tired when tried 245#
    EC: 2.5 hr bike ride ~40miles

  • Jenny

    9am experienced 113# (PR by 10#)