Friday 140516

Programming Reminder: This coming week is our last testing WOD, “Elizabeth”! Make sure you get an accurate score for “Elizabeth” by attending Experienced WOD on Sunday 5/18 or any class (excluding CFE) on Monday 5/19. A make up session for “Cindy” and “Elizabeth” will be available during Experienced WOD classes on Sunday 5/25.

All-levels/Beginner / Experienced / CFE:
20 Minute AMRAP
5 Pullups
10 Pushups
15 Air Squats

(Photo credit: Lisa Haefner)

Fed Up, the movie
Training Crossfit vs. Crossfit as a sport
Steak that sizzles on the stovetop
To dream in different cultures
When you fall flat on your face, literally…what do you do?
Stressful relationships vs. isolation: The battle for our lives
The impossible anatomy of Godzilla

Here’s what’s on tap for Saturday’s classes:

All-levels/Beginner / Experienced:
Regionals Master Qualifier #1: Find your max Clean


  • Guest

    Sorry I have to ask, but what is with all the shirtless photos on the blog lately? I feel like I’m looking at tumblr.

    We don’t all look like fitness models, and I think these photos reinforce the perception that CrossFitters are a bunch of meat heads.

    Action shots are more motivating. Thanks!

    • Robert Gillespie

      It is an action shot.

    • Hari Singh

      Do you assume that people who look like fitness models are stupid?

      • Guest

        No. But CF has never been about vanity, it’s been about fitness. Just a comment that the photos seem a bit too much about vanity lately. If I want that, I’ll go to Equinox.

        • Hari Singh

          As Avery points out, the photographs reflect CrossFit NYC as it is, not as you think it (or our members) should be.

        • reisbaron

          You’re seeing (almost forcing) a very narrow angle. If Crossfit is about fitness what is wrong with pictures of people deadlifting 225? Shirt or no shirt that is what we do. In my opinion it’s a picture of someone working their ass off to make themselves better. It’s not like they’re smiling, spray-tanned and holding an energy drink. Shirtless ripped athletes have been doing Crossfit for as long as Crossfit has existed. Your reference to these photos as “marketing” is confusing (are we selling something to people who have already paid?) and your characterization of people as “meat heads” based on a picture is at best shallow.

        • Naveen

          (1) CrossFit may never have been about vanity, but CrossFit photos have consistently been light on clothing and featuring shirtlessness – check the archives to see for yourself and go back as far as you want.
          (2) The picture above is accompanied by 7 links, none of which have anything to do with vanity.
          (3) The featured body type IS attainable by almost anyone. But it might take you a decade. I’ve been doing this for 7 years, and have seen transformations that I would never have thought possible. Why can’t we just be proud of our buddy in the photo, who’s earned his minute in the spotlight to show off the results of his hard work.

          • Russ Kempf

            Disagree with your second point. The Godzilla article was clearly ghostwritten by the beast himself. Pretty f’n vain if you ask me.

          • Dan Castillo

            Pretty selfish and vain

          • Dan Castillo

            Nailed it! In all honesty, compared to other boxes we’re actually pretty conservative with taking off our shirts. Bultman, I think it’s time to bring back beach season abs Fridays and do this ONLY with our shirts off. Just don’t bring back country Fridays…

          • TheLumberingOx

            I for one fully support the reintroduction of country fridays…their loss was a damn tragedy!

          • Obviously

            Please no more country Fridays.

        • Obviously

          “If I want that, I’ll go to Equinox”
          Hahaha yeah dude, go do some curls then hit the eliptical. That’ll work.

    • Avery W

      Just to see if there truly were a ton of photos with people without there shirts on, the past 30 days only 4 of those photos feature a guy without his shirt on.

      The photographer isn’t asking these guys to take their shirts off and is capturing the gym as it is…some dudes without their shirts on.

      • Guest

        My issue was never with the gym members. But whoever runs this blog seems to be highlighting a body type that is not attainable by most people.
        In general, I see the marketing of Cross Fit starting to go in a “sexy” direction.
        Just an observation.

        • Sean M

          I would like to point out the epidemic of unobtainable things the blog photos have highlighted recently, which have all served to make me feel worse about myself and less fit:

          14-May Unobtainable Head of Hair (I’m bald)
          12-May Unobtainable Calf Mass
          7-May Unobtainable Back Squat
          2-May Unobtainable Bear Crawl Position
          30-Apr Unobtainable Fashion Forwardness
          28-Apr Unobtainable Angry Deadlift Face
          23-Apr Unobtainable Overhead Position
          13-Apr Unobtainable Love

          • Michael J. Bultman

            Sean, that love is absolutely obtainable. Your hair though, well, at least you have your health.

        • Avery W

          Meh, I disagree. I don’t think the blog is going out of its way to highlight an unobtainable body type. It’s a little disheartening, because I see some other members with rocking bodies in all shapes and sizes that accomplish some crazy feats. Yet they had shirts on and no one called them out for doing something unobtainable or looking a certain way. Most of our posts and blog comments aim to highlight our members’ achievements – not that they have abs – I clearly remember Aaron’s 500# squat video – pretty freaking motivating for me (not that I’m going to ever squat 500#!).

          I find on average (if we look at the statistics), the photos, comments, posts, etc. reflect the awesome diversity of our membership, not a sexy marketing campaign.

          Maybe the best way to have addressed this is offline via Stacey or someone in management rather than an anonymous comment. Probably was just a coincidence that those photos (from the same WOD) were queued up one after the other.

        • Emkay

          If these are unobtainable body types I’m quitting! Think one of the reason we all like crossfit is the results … it may take time but it works

    • Mark


    • Stacey Pearson

      As someone with a shirtless 14.5 profile pic, I have to agree with everyone’s response.
      BUT having been a woman wholly out of shape most of my life, I relate to the sentiment behind your post. Our membership reflects all different levels of fitness and I sincerely hope (and think that we are) the kind of place that celebrates the first time someone gets upside against a wall as much as someone who gets their first muscle up. In fact, ensuring that we ARE that kind of place is a big driving force of why I work here. You’re point has been heard and I appreciate it.
      We currently have a new in house photographer (Yay Lisa!!) that is going to be taking more photos for us throughout the week for the blog. I am sure that with a more steady flow of photos, we’ll have a larger variety of subjects to post. *That being said, don’t expect topless photos to go away entirely, if you check CF main site, or follow CrossFit on FB/IG the topless shots are abundant.

      • Guest

        Thanks Stacey, you do get my point.

    • Naveen

      Is anyone else more bothered by the fact that he and Steve both have the same weird haircut? People are going start thinking this is some kind of cult!

      • Steve BBQ

        I’m only bothered by the fact that you think our hair cut is *THE SAME*. It’s so different…. jeeez, Naveen!

      • Alan

        It’s because I wanna be like Steve. Obviously!

    • ben

      this has nothing to do with vanity. clearly Alan had taken his shirt off because as we all know it is way more efficient (aerodynamically) to deadlift without a shirt on

      • David Slifer

        Not to mention you get 10% stronger when you pop the shirt off.

        Steve is totally about to no rep Alan…

        • Steve lost count of the reps and is just thinking if he prefers St Louis or Kansas style ribs.

          • Steve BBQ

            I actually prefer Memphis style ribs!

        • Alan

          Whatever, he’s too busy checking me out

          • Steve BBQ

            I’m too busy waiting for the right moment to tell you how fat you are, Alan!

          • Alan

            You win. Lol I really laughed out loud.

      • Craig Bagno

        Actually, i’m pretty sure Alan doesn’t own shirts. That’s his normative state. 😉

    • Guest

      Totally the same as shirtless deadlifts.

      • TheLumberingOx

        Very confusing as to whether this is the original guest trying to support their claim, or a new guest making fun of the original claim….. what’s with these anonymous accounts!?!?…oh wait….

      • David Slifer

        Capturing athletic achievement (Alan crushing a dead lift) vs. an advertisement designed to pique interest through sex appeal…as someone who works in advertising and CrossFits- there is vast difference between the two. Besides, these guys don’t even lift, bro.

      • Hari Singh

        Here is the difference:

        The photos that offend you are of our actual members doing 14.3. We had about 500 of our members do that WOD, and not one of them was posing for pictures. No one in the Equinox ad is doing anything but posing.

        The percentage of our men who were shirtless during the Open was higher than usual, in large part because they were testing, not training. This wasn’t about vanity. It was about controlling body temperature during an all-out effort.

        Probably 95% of the time that these guys are training, they have their shirts on. They’re not vain. Their numbers speak for themselves. On the other hand, when it’s time to get down to business, they don’t worry about who is going to be intimidated.

    • Allison Bojarski

      Dear anonymous “guest,” as the blogger responsible for the daily posts you’re calling into question, let me just say that I’ve never tried to “sex up” the blog pictures and the ownership of the gym has never asked me to do so. I’ve been our daily blogger for the past six years and though I do get paid to blog, I am so passionate about doing so that I’d (almost) do this for free.

      The daily links emphasize physical and mental well being and how to achieve it, not superficial aesthetics. I personally think the pictures as a whole do the same. I’m not the photographer and must use the raw materials I’m given. I usually vary from day to day whether we’re seeing a woman or a man and I LOVE showing every damn body type that exists in our gym because I’m a firm believer in the concept of health at any size.

      Thank you to the many coaches and members and owners who’ve already spoken cogently on whether or not there’s anything to take issue with here, as that saves me from having to write a book here (and I’m typing on my phone, sadly).

      Please know that I welcome any and ALL feedback via email at

      For those who prefer to give feedback via the comments, I’m going to encourage you to be brave enough to use your actual name like I do. Thanks so much and have a wonderful weekend! 🙂

  • TheLumberingOx

    Big Alan looking haugeeee crushing 14.3

  • Glenn McMahon

    Its called fitness – you are going to see guys without shirts, women in bra tops, they are pumped because they are working out, they are not posing. The difference is at Equinox -they are posing. Its all good.

  • Dani Freeman

    Judging by the set up, this is someone in the midst of 14.3 …. not sure how much more “action shotty” it could get.

    anywho…. I need to learn to kip so that Cindy isnt a bunch of ‘climbing up imaginary wall’ pull-ups

  • Bennett

    Cindy: 17 + 4 (3+23 PR from 10/15/13)

  • Jonathan D

    6:00am/Kyle: Cindy – 14+15. I came in still feeling sore from Thursday and expecting to tear my hands up and flop around in a pool of sweat. Kyle told us to have a number of sets in mind going into it and that actually helped me a lot. I figured 15-20 was a decent range. Pullups actually went far better than I expected AND my hands are intact! Squats were basically a break. Push-ups, however…I tend to encounter this thing that I refer to as “noodle arms” after doing a lot of pushups in a row? I broke them up, but after a while it was just a struggle even doing 2-3. I’m still very pleased with how everything went considering how unprepared I felt going in!

    • Stacey Pearson

      Noodle arms and Jello legs. And people thing CrossFitters are paleo crazies!
      Congrats! It’s the best when the inner ninja comes through!

  • Rob Panor

    6:10 Cindy: 19+25 (3+20 PR from 10/15/13)

    What a difference kipping makes. Next up butterflies.

  • KyleF

    710 exwod with Chris
    Cindy: 20+6 RX first time with Cindy
    Push-ups were the weakness and doing 5×5 bench last night didn’t help, very happy with hitting 20 though

  • Abraham

    Ah, Cindy. The first benchmark WOD I ever did. Ish. Like many people in Sofia’s 6:40 it seemed, the last time I did this was the half Cindy in elements, which for me was just shy of a year ago.

    May 2013 (half Cindy): 4 + 2, black+green bands, box push-ups on the tallest side (30″ I think?)
    May 2014 (full Cindy): 10+8, black bands, bar push-ups with the top of the bar just below the bottom of my knee when standing (maybe 16-18″?)

    Happy with how this turned out. I think the best moment was about 6 and a half minutes in where I realized I’d already beaten my half Cindy, with less scaling to boot. Now to work on being able to do unassisted pull-ups and legit push-ups…

  • Craig Bagno

    Okay – any Cindy strategy tips from anyone out there? My PR is 19 and change but I’d love to get well into the low 20’s.

    • Sean M

      Partition the push ups early

    • Rest only during your pushup partitions.
      Move quickly from the last pushup to the air squats and keep the air squats at a solid consistent pace.
      Use the last air squat as a jump to get up to the pull up bar.

      The two or so seconds saved with quick transitions adds up to 38 seconds over the course of your 19 rounds (assuming you can shave some time off your transitions). That is close to an entire round.

    • ben

      i think of the air squats as the money-maker. push-ups will fatigue and there’s nothing much you can do about them once your chest freezes up, and pull-ups will go as fast as you can do them. air squats are the only thing you can really control the pace of throughout-and I have been trying to use the air-squat section as my way to make up time and hussle. that’s all i got.

    • Obviously

      Sets of 2-3 push ups from the very start. Move quickly through pull-ups and squats.

  • reisbaron

    10 Rounds (PR of 1.2 Rounds) – Black & Blue bands, SlingShot for the pushups.

    Pushups have always been the bottleneck for me on Cindy. For those struggling with pushups I highly recommend picking up a SlingShot – . It forces proper shoulder and elbow position, and allows you to crank out more reps (and keep all of your reps rock solid). For those dealing with shoulder injuries it’s an incredible rehab tool as well. You can also use it to train bench press with more weight…check it out.

  • Dan Castillo

    7:10 Experienced
    Cindy: 27 +5 (PR)

    Butterfly pull-ups (unbroken); push-ups (first 5 minutes I broke them up 5-5, then the remainder of the time 4-3-3. Between each set I rested no more than 4 seconds and shook out my arms and shoulders); air squats (unbroken-steady pace). Halfway into minute 2 Elaina yelled out “STAND UP ALL THE WAY AT THE TOP OF YOUR SQUATS!” Definitely keeping me honest with locking out my hips. I personally need to stay conscious to give myself no reps when necessary. Awesome PR numbers this morning!

    • ben

      nice job dude.

    • TheLumberingOx

      This is an awesome score!

    • Reuben Mungai

      That is a beast of a score. Damn dude! Great job.

    • Jim S


    • Steve BBQ

      Awesome work, Dan!

    • Russ Kempf

      you are a robot

  • Rich J

    Cindy: 17+3RX (PR from 15+9 back in Oct)
    My hands were intact until trying to get those last few pull-ups.

  • BenS

    710: 15 +15 rx. PR of 1 round +15 reps. Pushups are a real goat.

  • So I need to make up Cindy. I read the Programming Reminder but does that mean make ups for Cindy are at any experienced class on Sunday or only a select few? And makeups for Cindy are a week from this Sunday only?

    • Avery W

      Make ups for Cindy and Elizabeth are not this Sunday but the following Sunday. All Experienced WOD classes on that Sunday you can make up either WOD. This Sunday Experienced WOD class will be Elizabeth only.

  • Drew T

    7:10am – Cindy: 24 + 15. Broke up push ups 4, 3, 3 from the beginning and stuck to it. Room for improvement in air squat speed too.

    • Dan Castillo


  • Ben

    Any recommendations on a good box near Uniondale or Roslyn? I will be in Long Island all weekend next weekend for a wedding and would like to drop in somewhere

  • Madison

    6am UWS w/ MJBulletman
    Cindy: 15+10
    Sluggish and never felt like I really got the motor running this morning. I blame it on alcohol.
    On the other hand, my only previous experience with Cindy was 1/2 Cindy during Elements in January. In 10 min, I only did 5+5 w/ bands and modded pushups in the latter rounds, so I’ll take this as an improvement.

    • Michael J. Bultman

      Totally boss improvement.

    • I feel you. On Wednesday I almost met pukie after that dead lift WOD. I blame it on beer and hot dogs. I couldn’t pull it together for Cindy today. But that is a huge improvement from elements to now.

      • Madison

        Sounds like you were carbo-protein loading for the WOD. I am so bummed I had to miss that one… looked like good times.

        • yeah, that workout was great but not after a late baseball game the day before. But it’s not like I’m gonna go to a baseball game and not drink beer and eat hot dogs – last time I checked this was America.

    • David Nichols

      i too am taking the alcohol blame.

  • Joseph Gizzi

    22 + 24
    Everything fell apart way quicker than anticipated. Yesterday’s bench and bent over row killed me.

    • Dan Castillo

      Dude, awesome job! Big numbers

      • Joseph Gizzi

        Forgot to mention I left my shirt on… Or I would have totally got 10% better score.
        Thanks Latin Dan you have been crushing it lately

  • michael saterman

    710: 16 +9 rx. PR of 1 round from Aug 2013.
    Very interesting that after a shoulder injury in Sept., a recovery and my current fear of reinjury, I hit a PR? Because fully clothed.

    • Sean M

      win “Because fully clothed.”

  • Brian P

    6AM UWS Coach MJB
    Well hello there Cindy! My goal was to try and do as many unbanded pull-ups. The kipping practice before was great.

    Results for Cindy- 11+8. While MJB told me to do the first 3-5 rounds of pull-ups without bands, I did 7 rounds without bands. Kipping was elegant at times, and at other times, it was more me throwing my body over the bar!

    And this is from someone who only had 2 hours of sleep the night before. I wish I had an exciting life to contribute to the stories people were imagining of me at 6AM. It was probably anxiety and not any wild night of frolicking. Brian does not frolic! Well, okay, he does at times.

    Good luck to the CMCers this weekend!

    • David Nichols

      6am UWS. Cindy 13 + 13.

      • Brian P

        welcome to the boards David and with an impressive Cindy score!

      • Madison

        Awesome. And awesomer for going sans shirt at the half-way point. Made me want to work harder.

    • Madison

      Boom.. pullups – yes, Brian!

      • Brian P

        thanks Madison. Great job and great improvement on your part.

  • Kirsten Chilstrom

    I got 10+7 and feelin’ good! Didn’t want to go nuts since I am running the Brooklyn Half tomorrow.

    And regarding the pictures comments, I love the shirtless pics! Please, keep them up! #eyecandy

  • Christine

    8 AM UWS 11 rounds of Cindy

    Last Cindy was 14+5 so this felt blah, even though the last push-ups were on my knees and these were on a bar off of the ground. They felt MUCH harder this time, but that was probably more on account of the tremendous weight of the shirt I did NOT take off at the 10 minute mark than the change in logistics.

  • Alex Behrman

    6:40am with Sofia
    Cindy:11+5, green and blue bands with push-ups on the box. My goal was 10 rounds, so I’m happy! Also, the only other time I did anything Cindy-ish was the half-Cindy in Elements back in February when I needed the black and blue bands and still could barely get my chin over the bar. Woo progress!

  • Richard

    Question on the programming…. given that Elizabeth is Sunday/Monday, I was surprised to see that tomorrow’s WOD is to achieve a 1RM clean. Should those doing Elizabeth Sun/Mon skip tomorrow’s WOD?

    • Avery W

      Hi Richard, it’s up to you. So many people tend to not scale Elizabeth enough (it’s generally 65% of your max), so finding your max clean (or working up to a heavy single, could be useful. Elizabeth is a short workout and we want people to focus on getting through ring dips not working at a too high percentage of their clean. You could then take Sunday off and test Monday (or wait til the following Sunday and test during the make up). Or you can skip if you know your numbers and test Sunday or Monday.

      • Abraham

        I’m not Richard, but I was wondering this as well. Thanks for the input!

      • Avery W

        Should have stated 65% or less than your max. Obviously the lighter the rxd is to your max, the easier the wod will be.

  • Chad Kindred

    All the posts about Cindy WOD are getting me excited for tonight’s class. Can’t wait to beat my score from Feb. 2014 – 14 rounds.

    • Chad Kindred

      Woo hoo! 2 round PR since last time. I’ll take 16. Like everyone else, the push-ups are the great punisher. Next time I’m going for 18.

  • Jim S

    Cindy: 16+3

  • Jordan

    This article says it all on why its ok to consider your shirt optional during crossfit

  • colindowell

    12pm w Kyle
    “Cindy” 15+3

    Every time I do this workout I’m reminded how bad my pushup endurance is and I say to myself “I should really improve my pushups” but I end up not doing any pushups outside of workouts.

    Anyone have any motivating or good pushup tips (other than doing them shirtless)?

  • Lisa

    Hi! The photographer in question here… if anyone has any comments, concerns, questions, suggestions about the photos I’ve been taking, or just want to know what days I’m going to be taking pictures each week, by all means I welcome them. You can contact me at my email: Or if you’d rather speak to me in person you can find me at the box. In fact, I’ll be there shooting tomorrow afternoon. I’m the tattooed redhead wielding the camera.

  • lauracton

    6:40am with Sofia
    Cindy:10+9, green and blue bands with push-ups on a box. Last “attempt” at Cindy was 1/2 Cindy in October elements – same bands, but I only got through four rounds, did knee pushups, and most importantly… needed someone to help me pull the bands down so I could get my foot in them. What?

  • Merlyne

    12:30 w/Sara
    Cindy: 15 + 23 (miscalculated during class) – old one 16
    Butterfly pullups unbroken (until last two rounds).
    Pushups – first broke up 5-5, then 4-3-3, then it was inconsistent after that. Tried to do at least 3 each time. This is something to work on next time.
    Air squats – went at a good pace and sped up at end. Next time will go fast on these the entire time, since pushups will eat up most of my time

  • Glenn McMahon

    6am UWS w Coach Michael. Great energy on the UWS at 6am and really good results. Finished 15 rounds, I need to work on kipping pull ups. Push ups and air squats were strong lost too much time on the pull ups. I will learn to KIP, I will learn to KIP….

  • ToddMorris

    12:30 Experience w/ Sara

    WU: one step closer to unbroken in the 5 minute jumping rope complex.
    Cindy: 19+15 (3+15 more than my last performance of 16.)
    I was 15 air squats away from hitting 20 AND I forgot to take my shirt off. You do the math.

    I just saw the WOD for tomorrow and giddy is the only word to describe how I feel!

  • Jenny

    9am with Sara
    First time in her class – great warmup!
    Cindy 9+14 blue green bands

  • Alan

    I’m just happy that no one pointed out my crappy deadlift position lol

  • John M

    3:00 w/ Kevin

    Considering I barely made it to 5 rounds during my 1/2 cindy while in elements, I’ll take that progress!

  • ben

    5:30 w/ coach Avery

    Cindy: 27
    Last time we did Cindy I got 22.
    Push-ups always get really slow at the end so I just try to power through everything else

    • Steve BBQ

      Damn – way to go, Ben!!

      • ben

        Thanks man!

    • Merlyne


  • Craig Bagno

    19+10 with strict pull-ups. PR versus 18. Was hoping for 20 minimum but I’ll take it.

    Think I’m going to have to start kipping if I want to get radically faster.

    Awesome buzz in the gym today. Maybe it was my toplessness. Ooh la la. Ha ha ha.

  • Molly McCabe

    6:00 eWOD
    13+3 RX (shirt off)

    Last time we did Cindy I got 17 rounds but I was using a green & blue band for pull ups and was doing push-ups on a box so huge PR.
    Today I was able to do my pull ups unbroken the entire time; push ups are what killed me but I took Coach Brian’s advice and did them in doubles from the beginning and in the later rounds went to singles.

    • Stacey Pearson

      Way to go! green and blue to RX? That’s awesome!

    • Nicki Osborn


  • Hilary K

    4:40 with tom
    Last time was 15+5
    Shirt off to honor this thread

  • Talia

    First of all… Omg over 100 comments today. Great read today!

    Second… My Cindy score. Last time I did it was December.. Got 16+3 but used green and blue band and after 5 rounds knee push ups.
    Today… 13+3. May be less but used green band only (sorry MJB couldn’t do the blue band) and kept to regular push ups the whole time (though they were wormy.)… I say progress right? Harder scaling.
    Ps. Thanks nicki for joining… Seeing you do air squats made me go a wee bit faster!

    • Nicki Osborn

      Woohoo you were awesome! Huge progress!

  • Andy Graves

    6PM with Kevin and the 80’s rock. 16+8, PR

  • Nicki Osborn

    7:30pm UWS with Coach Kasey
    15+17 Rx

    PR by 1 round+2 reps compared to 14+10 Rx in October (mis-counted in class…counting is hard when your brain isn’t functioning). No shirt off, because then I would have been naked!

  • Russ Kempf

    7pm 21 + 6. pullups unbroken, pushups mostly 5-5 and 5-3-2, squats were a killer. tight hammies from Wed. = tight back = breaking up the squats. Hoped for better but, you know, crossfit

  • Robert Keeley

    6pm eWoD with Joe
    Cindy – 20 rounds + 28 reps
    Increased my speed with 2 minutes remaining. Next time I will increase speed with 5 minutes remaining
    Thanks to Dave and Joe for the tip to break up the PU into 2’s and 3’s.
    EC: 50 Burpees (11 days left in the 30 day Burpee challenge)

  • Will Choi

    10 AM with Michael
    Cindy: 19+9 (PR by 1 round) – I am disappointed that I didn’t hit 20 rounds. Unbroken on both pull ups and air squats. I broke up the push ups 4-3-3. It didn’t last too long though.

  • Lauren Saxton

    7:30 Ewod with Avery

    18+15 as opposed to 16 in October. This was my first time doing butterfly pullups in a wod – definitely had some rounds where I had to add a rep since I was a little too low, and I know my form is still all kinds of weird, but I’ll take it for now.

    • Merlyne

      Great job Lauren!

  • Eduard Matamoros

    7p Cindy: 15 + 12 (PR)

    And I did it shirtless.

  • Melissa

    Cindy :19+7 vs Cindy at least a year ago 15+6
    Really wanted 20 and know I can do it. I spent too much time chalking and etc. last 7 reps were in 10 seconds so I knew I had more in me. Oh testing week!