Upcoming Programming Notes

This May, our programming will feature 5 benchmark WODs.  We encourage all members (especially those who primarily attend Experience WODs) to complete and to record your scores for all five benchmarks.

We know that our coaches already stress the importance of tracking your WOD scores and strength numbers, so that you can see your improvement in CrossFit over time.  But we wanted to give you a further heads up about these upcoming benchmarks,  so you can prepare yourself for the coming two weeks!  

If you participated in the Open this year (or in years past), you know firsthand the value of seeing performance improvement over your CrossFit career.  Tracking and posting WOD results is often directly correlated with improving performance.  (That’s why it’s an integral part of being a member of the Competition Team at CFNYC.) 

Here are the upcoming WOD’s you should plan to attend.  You should not attend Sunday and Monday Experienced WOD classes in the same week, as those will be the same WOD.

– Sunday 5/4 Experienced WOD: 1 RM Back Squat
– Monday 5/5 All WOD classes (not CFE): 1 RM Back Squat
– Tuesday 5/6 Experienced WOD: 1 RM Strict Press and 1 RM Bench Press
– Tuesday 5/6 All Levels/Beginners: 1 RM Strict Press 
– Wednesday 5/7 All WOD classes (not CFE): 1 RM Deadlift

If for some reason you can’t make one or two of these classes, we will have make up session for your 1 RM lifts the following Sunday 5/11 in all Experienced WODs.  (The Experienced WOD on Monday 5/12 will not be a make up session, but a different WOD entirely.)

For those of you who are dedicated to the Experienced WOD track, it is particularly important you have recent numbers for your lifts.  For those of you who are new to CrossFit, these benchmarks will give you a better sense of your current maximum lifting capacity, which is very helpful for scaling WODs. If you are still in your first 3-6 months of CrossFit and have minimal prior lifting experience, we recommend that you speak with your coach about your best option for the 1 RM WOD.  For complete beginner’s, we often recommend a “5 RM” instead – meaning that you complete 5 heavy reps with best possible form and full range of motion.

We will also do two conditioning workouts as benchmarks.  They can be completed whether they are scaled or not; just make sure to write down how you scaled for future reference.

– Friday 5/16 All WOD classes including CFE: “Cindy”
– Sunday 5/18 Experienced WOD: “Power” Elizabeth
– Monday 5/19 All WOD classes: “Power” Elizabeth

Experience WODs on the following Sunday 5/25 will be make up sessions for these two workouts.  (Here again, the Experienced WODs on 5/26 will be different WODs.)

You should expect to see these benchmarks again in another testing phase of programming in the next 3-4 months, so finding these numbers now will be invaluable for gauging your progress.  In future months, as continue to work towards next year’s Open, you will see more opportunities for Open-style “testing” on the first Saturday of each month.  We’ll explain more in detail in a future post.


  • RP

    I’m running the Brooklyn Half Marathon on Saturday 5/17. Should I hold off on doing Cindy on 5/16 as a result?

    • Avery W

      Yes, hold off. I couldn’t imagine a worse experience – doing a half marathon the day after a 20 minute AMRAP with air squats. Plan to sign up for one of the make up sessions on Sunday 5/25.

    • Edouard P.

      had the same question… and same conclusion… Any chance we could program a Cindy make-up later that month?

  • Alan

    I will be in Japan from 5/15-6/2 but I’ll def do those WOD’s. To be clear (and it will probably be posted on that day but…), power Elizabeth means power cleans instead of squat cleans, correct?

    • Alan

      Before anyone gives me ****, let me just say that I didn’t want to assume anything lol

    • Correct. Technically, all the Girls [Grace, Elizabeth, Isabel, etc.] are meant to be done full squat unless specified otherwise.

  • TheLumberingOx

    1 RM Back Squat, Press, Bench Press and Deadlift all in one week!! Every lumbering oxes dream come true — looks like nyc is havin christmas in may this year ladies and gentleman!

  • Abraham

    Me gusta.

  • smgreene789

    Hi, next Tuesday May 6 I can only make the 5:20am beginner class. I have been doing the experienced programming since it began and don’t want to miss the 1RM bench press. Is there anyway I could both the strict press and bench in the beginner class? If not no big deal I can do the Experienced benchmarks on my own at my local gym.

    • smgreene789

      Sick double negative btw

  • Christina Berry

    Most importantly: Will there be a corresponding Happy Hour to celebrate everyone’s new 1RM at the end of the week?

    • Stacey Pearson

      Hey, ask and you shall receive. I’ll get a happy hour in the books pronto.

      • Christina Berry

        Awesome! Thanks!

  • ben

    very awesome to know all of this in advance so we can prepare accordingly. thanks for the heads up! very excited to log some new numbers and have a jumping off point for the summer.

  • Addie B

    I haven’t tested most of these 1rm since starting crossfit so I’m really looking forward to setting some benchmarks next week.

  • Mike

    Looking forward to these workouts! Unfortunately though I will be not be able to do the 1rm deadlift as I will be away wed thru sun that week..will I be able to make it up immediately after or will I have to wait until the next round?

  • Antony Fewster

    I’m planning on dropping in that week from out of town – will you be doing metcons after the benchmark lifts, or just the benchmark lifts?

    • Avery W

      Antony, we will be spending the majority of the class doing the benchmarks. We want people to have enough time to rest between attempts and find a max.

      On Mondays and Wednesdays you have the option of dropping into the AM CFE class (Monday) or AM/PM CFE class (Wednesday) instead, which will be more met-con oriented.

  • Nicki Osborn

    Exciting stuff!

  • Yoni R.

    I have a programming suggestion. Just an idea… thought I would throw it out there.

    How about holding a ‘Regionals’ style weekend of programming? 5 events over 2 days or 7 events over 3 days that would give us regular CFers some idea of what it would be like to put our bodies through so much volume.

    Not sure if that would just be an invitation for mass injury but I think it would be fun to see what its like to work under fatigue of previous WODS compare with the feeling of our usual daily WODS.

    • Avery W

      Yoni, the logistics that would be required to do a Regionals style event would probably be too great of a strain on the gym’s resources.

      I highly recommend consider participating in a local CF event if you are interested in a multi-WOD event. We try to do our best to advertise ones in the area that are coming up here or on FB. We’ve had groups (with coaches) travel together to do competitions like the Subway Series, Beast of the East, and Belle of Bayside. If you see a competition come up that you’d think members would be interested feel free to let Stacey or I know – we’ve done beginner, intermediate and advanced level competitions – and it’s never limited to just the Comp team.

      IMO simulating a Regionals weekend is just an invitation for injury without much training purpose – even if you were going to Regionals. The Comp team has slowly been building up to the volume that they’re about to face over the past two years and I suspect they won’t want to repeat it after the are done – and that’s really nothing compared to what the individuals have to do!

      • Yoni R.

        Sure, I thought as much. Thanks for clarifying though. I’ll keep my eyes open for upcoming comps.

        • Jason L

          Yoni, me and a couple more guys from CFNYC have signed up for WODFest in the Wild. This looks like a fun comp and heard great things about it last year. Team Comps are more fun too. Its all about strategy.

          • Yoni R.

            Oh Awesome, If I’m still in the country August 1st I’d definitely be down to sign up.

            My Visa ends in July though so we’ll have to wait and see if I can get an extension!!

            Thanks mate

      • Eric

        Hey Avery, are we going to be able to do more strength based programming based on these benchmarks? Something like Smolov’s squat program – working on increasing our numbers on these movements?

  • Andy Graves

    Excellent. Love it!

  • Eric

    @disqus_3YWnadw9BP:disqus @joshuabnewman:disqus Are we going to be able to do more strength based programming based on these benchmarks? Something like Smolov’s squat program – working on increasing our numbers on these movements?