Saturday 140412

NOTE: There will be NO WATER after 3:00 P.M. at 28th St. today, Saturday April 12th. Anyone who needs to use bathroom or shower facilities will need to go to our 26th St. location during this time. The good news is, this work should solve our hot water supply issues we have been experiencing over the past several months. Thank you for your understanding!

REMINDER: In addition to regular classes at the gym, don’t forget we’re doing Park WODs today in Central Park. DETAILS HERE! (sign up on Zen Planner here)

High Hang Snatch 3-3-3-3-3

A1. Snatch Balance 3-3-3-3-3
A2. Snatch 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 *** (alternate)
rest 3-4 minutes between sets


Here’s what’s on tap for Sunday’s classes:

5 Rounds
4 min AMRAP “Cindy”
Rest 2 minutes

Overhead squat 1-1-1-1-1
Front squat 2-2-2-2-2
Back squat 3-3-3-3-3


  • Jonathan D

    8:00am Experienced with Kate: A1/A2 (3 snatch balance/1 snatch): 45-65-75-75-85-80. Kept it light because today marks the first day overhead squats and related movements weren’t some kind of ordeal for me! Kate was right on me as soon as she saw my form and her advice finally got through to me on doing this movement consistently. It only took about a year but it finally clicked! Now I don’t have to cringe when I see OHS or snatches on a WOD.

  • jenntang

    3 Snatch Balance/ 1 Snatch: 73-73-83-88-93-98-98

  • Charlotte Goins

    1st heat CMC with partner, Felicia.
    Part 1: 5 rounds for each partner of pit plus 5 STO
    Part 2: 65 Burpees
    Part 3: 4.5 rounds partner carries

    Perfect day for it! Fun in the sun.

  • Craig Bagno

    10:20am experienced with Kate. Did 4 sets of 2x snatch balances and 1x squat at 65# and a fifth set at 75#. Fairly light but it seems like my technique is improving.

    If you’d asked me a year ago if I’d care that my Olympic lifts are improving I’d have said you were bananas.

  • Patrick

    9am eWOD with Kate.
    3 snatch balance / 1 snatch: 115-115-115-115-125-135-135

  • 9am eWOD

    Snatch complex: 105×2 115×3

  • Addie B

    10am WOD w/ Pete:
    A. 3-3-3-3-3 Power Snatch: Worked up to 105# then scaled back to 95# to work on technique.
    B. Cashout 4min Tabata: 20sec situps, 10sec burpees. Score is minimum situps/burpees: 11/3

  • KyleF

    1020 with Kate
    A1 and 2: 3 snatch bal and 1 squat snatch
    EC: DUs tried flight simulator got to 50 by 10 min time cap

  • ToddMorris

    1020 with Kate
    A1 and 2: 3 snatch bal and 1 squat snatch
    EC: DUs tried flight simulator with Kyle got to 35 by 10 min time cap.

    Oh – and I got tired of people goofing on me for how I do bar muscle-ups. So, even with smoked shoulders I finally squeezed out two legit bar MUs. Not sure what took so long.

  • Daniel Kunitz

    EWOD with Kevin
    A: up to 115#
    B: up to 155#

  • Exwod w nick
    Snatch complex up to 165.
    Couple single snatches: 175, 185

  • Lauren Saxton

    10am all levels with Peter and fallout boy.

    A1- 3×3 snatch balances – 33-53-63
    A2- 3-3-3-3-3 hang power snatches – 63-73-83-88-93 – 93 was my 1RM a couple months ago, although the form was rough on the last set.

    cash out “Evil tabata” – 20 seconds sit ups, 10 seconds burpees, score is lowest rounds – 10 and 4.

    • Abraham

      “Evil tabata”? Department of redundancy department!

  • Jeff Yazel

    That was the most epic three part WOD in the history of three part WODs.

  • Abraham

    Did the 10:30 Park WOD. Lots of fun. Even if my partner and I did pick the muddiest station to do our CMC thing 😛

    The partner carry was interesting. I was pleasantly surprised by how I did carrying my partner….but I was surprised by the difficulty I had when I was the one being carried!

  • Dan Castillo

    11:30 Central Park CMC WOD. Felt like field day all over again. This was a nice change of pace to do tons of outdoor specific movements, like wheel barrels, partner carries, and bear crawls up hills. Awesome turn out with spectators and multiple run ins with the Central Park Police haha

  • Steve BBQ

    4:00pm with Joe

    A1: 65×3, 85×3, 95×3, 95×3, 95×3
    A2: 95×1, 105×1, 115×1, 95×1 (went back down to correct some form issues), 95×1, 115×1

    While there are a lot of things I need to remember for the snatch that haven’t yet become instinctual, the issue that stuck out the most today was keeping the bar close during the final pull. When that locked in today, 115# felt easier than 95#. Thanks Joe for the tips!

  • Jenny

    8:00 AM experienced with Kate
    3 snatch balance + 1 snatch – worked up to 68 (lost track of number of sets).

    Keeping elbows down and forearms straight was a good tip that I hadn’t heard before.