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3K Row

5K Row


Rowing technique videos from Concept2
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Albert Azaryan: Lord of the rings
The death of steady-state cardio
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Here’s what’s on tap for Saturday’s classes:

REMINDER: In addition to regular classes at the gym, don’t forget we’re doing Park WODs today in Central Park. DETAILS HERE! (sign up on Zen Planner here)

High Hang Snatch 3-3-3-3-3

A1. Snatch Balance 3-3-3-3-3
A2. Snatch 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 *** (alternate)
rest 3-4 minutes between sets


  • Abraham

    This morning we had the option of running instead of rowing (I guess owing to rower supply issues), which I begrudgingly took, since I’m supposedly doing a 5k at the end of May and I sorta skipped this entire week of Couch to 5k….

    Did a 15(ish) minute jog/run around the park with 5 minutes decent-speed walking on either end. Covered 1.59 miles in 15:24. Did all right at first but my pace absolutely collapsed after the first 3/4 mile. Need to learn to pace myself better, which is a problem I have in a lot of the metcon WODs too.

    That’s one of the most amazing things about Rich Froning to me. He often doesn’t start off quite as hard and fast as the other guys. But he maintains the Exact. Same. Pace. and the Exact. Same. Form. throughout the entire workout. Freaking machine.

    • Maria Sanchez

      what was the distance on the run option

      • Abraham

        It was a suggested time of 15-25 minutes.

        • Maria Sanchez


    • Rich Froning is not a human. It has been scientifically proven. He is a mutant from the planet Bandanacoversmybaldspot. His body contains no lactic acid whatsoever. His sole nutritional requirements are eye shadow and Nickelback.

      • Abraham

        That’s as plausible a theory as I’ve ever heard.

      • ben

        and sick necklaces

  • Jacek Rycko

    6:20AM Experienced:
    4K row subbed for 5K row at around 3K mark: 15:33

  • Dani Freeman

    4k instead of 5k – 16:58. That was fun. In other news I strung together 20 double unders today!!!!!! TWICE. Thanks Chris.

    • Talia

      Congrats on the DUs! That is exciting

      • Dani Freeman


    • Glenn McMahon

      DU’s!! great work, I am finally stringing some along too

  • reisbaron

    5K Row – 20:47
    2K was the longest I had rowed prior to this morning. Nothing like hitting the 2K mark and realizing I wasn’t even half way. Far less of a shit sandwich than I was anticipating.
    3K time – 12:45

  • Bennett

    4K – 16:01 (Might not have slowed down as much at times if I knew we were only doing 4K at the start)

  • Dan Castillo

    7:20 ExWOD:
    4K Row – 15:28. Tried to keep a consistent pace of: 1K=2:00, 2K=1:57, 1K: 1:50-1:55. This was a lot less of a nightmare than I had anticipated.
    EC: Banded MU transitions

  • Kristen Connor

    I bench pressed for the first time ever today and did some Mayhem strategery with Chris. (Thanks, coach!) Then I ran into a rower logjam, so I went home to my building’s gym and rowed 5k in solitude. 22:44.

    • Talia

      I hope we do have more Bench Pressing since it is in the Mayhem WOD and I have yet to bench press so have no idea how much I can do

  • Eric

    Just kept a steady pace for the 3k – 12:01

    Practiced MU transitions – I will get one. Love these open gym skill WODs.

  • AndyK

    5k row 19:10. First time doing anything over a 2k. Goal was to hold under 2:00 the whole time. Held 1:57-2:00 for first 2500, 1:55-1:57 for next 1500 and sub 1:55 for last 100.

    • Talia

      was waiting to see what your time would be! Great job!

      • AndyK

        Thanks! Was not sure how to approach this one, so happy with how it went. Don’t feel the need to do it again soon though!

  • DrewD

    Didn’t go today as it’d be my 4th day in a row but as a former rower I think considering some erg skill classes would be great for members. With all the fitness and strength of our gym I think tips on race strategy and form would go a long way. In a former life I pulled a 6k in 21 low (1:45 average) and there are approx. 100 guys more fit than me in this gym according to the open so I think it’s something that would be easily improved. Kasey lets make it happen!

    • Stacey Pearson

      Hey Drew, that’s awesome, and I need some of that! We actually did a “how to row” seminar last year and it was a huge success. There have been talks about bringing the “how to” classes back in the near future, since all of them were so popular. Maybe we need to get you in front of the class with Kasey next time. 🙂

  • Christine

    8AM UWS – Did a handstand push-up for the first time! Would happily have gone home immediately after that, but still had the 3K to row. First time I’ve ever rowed anything more than 1K. 13:24 (felt like forever, especially around the 1300m mark), and I think walking might hurt tomorrow.

  • Laura G.

    today was super fun. 8 am with kyle included obscure animal walk warmup (ostrich walk? huh?) a nice 2 mile run down to union square and HSPU practice. getting closer!

  • Brian P

    6AM- Row 13.31. More importantly, I can skin the cat and other variations. Oh and twice I increased my handstand walking to 5 steps both times! Who would have thought being upside down is a strength of mine! Thanks Coach Michael and 6AM UWS energy!

    • Madison

      Sick walks, Brian!
      Also, the 6AM UWS energy definitely has been building… we all need to get louder!

  • Madison

    6AM UWS
    3k Row – 11:39
    Pseudo “Mary” – went at it more as technique learning than an AMRAP. First time HSPU and unassisted pistols. I’ll need to learn/work on kipping HSPUs as my arms crapped out after 1-2 reps. Thanks to coach Michael B for the great guidance!

    • Brian P

      Madison–you killed the rower!! Find a box in Dallas next week. Safe travels!

      • Madison


  • Lauren Saxton

    8:30 with Chris, who let me row 6K, in order to repeat a workout from January.
    Finished in 27:07, about 40 seconds faster this time.
    2:05-2:10 on the first 2K, 2:15-2:20 on the second 2K, 2:10-2:15 on the fifth 1K, 2:05 on the last 1K. Luckily Kasey restrained herself from kicking me in the head on the final 2K, when my form sort of degraded to complete suckiness.
    Was talking with Chris after while not wearing shoes and HE SOLVED THE MYSTERY OF WHY I SQUAT UNEVEN – the arch of my left foot is much more pronounced than the arch of my right foot! The problem isn’t that one side of my body is *that* much stronger, its just that I’m bad at standing. Whew.

  • Ben M

    11:00, 5K 19:43. Not as terrible as I would have assumed, outside of getting bored and just wanting to stop.

  • Maria Sanchez

    3K row 15:32
    happy with time because i imagined it’d take me at least 16 min based on my 1500 time.
    row helped ease shoulder/arm soreness. 2 PR’s this week! wooohooo!! happy weekend everyone!

  • colindowell

    I thought about rowing 5k but after 3k (11:29) I was like meh.

    Worked on HSPU as it’s my goal this year to be able to do at least one. Currently I can go up and down with 3 mats and kip with 2. Any tips or links on progressions would be appreciated.

    • Andrew R

      I got mine by doing lots of negatives with no mats. Just kick up, hold a hollow position for a few seconds, then lower yourself as slowly as possible. Repeat as necessary.

    • Cara

      It’s all in the hips.
      The trick is to get into a tiny ball upside-down, rotate your hips completely under, and then shoot your toes to the sky and drive open your hips. The speed and power in the hip drive will get you up on your hands. Good luck!

  • Robert Keeley

    3K was good. Time 11:57. Goal was to stay sub 2min on every 500m and sprint to the finish. Sort of looking forward to a 5K next time and pacing it out. I’d love to go sub 18min. The 21,000m Row from the Games in 2013 must have been brutal.

  • ToddMorris

    12:30 EWOD with Sara

    5K Row: 19:22 – That was a lot of fun. I had no idea how It would go so I am happy to pull a sub 2:00 split time. Next time I will listen to ANYTHING other than streaming NPR news on my iphone.

    • Dan Castillo

      Why would you torture yourself like that!!!?

      • ToddMorris

        haha, at the time I just wanted anything to distract me. But mid-row I realized it was kinda putting me to sleep. So, instead I just stared at Joey’s screen next to me and made sure I stayed ahead of him. Mission accomplished!

  • Charlotte Goins

    12:30 ewod w/ Coach Sara
    Sweaty warm up – got first ring dips (kipping and strict) – hspu prac w/ 2 mats and hs walking prac.
    24:47 5k row. Sub 25 was my goal and luckily Sara was there for final 500 to Coach me perfectly to the finish.

  • Stacey Pearson

    12:30 EWOD with Sara.
    5k row…27:01
    I didn’t cry, yell, or quit. Success. 🙂

  • Andreas Kraus

    10am UWS
    3k row: 12:22
    Fun class this morning with a lot of handstands and skill work!

  • Yoni R.

    7:20 eWOD – worked on Hollow Rock and various core strength exercises with Coach Chris. 4k Row – 15:53 avg pace was 1:59.3 splits.

  • ben

    5k row: 20:16. Can’t imagine doing this without listening to music on my iPod, but adjusting headphones slipping out every few hundred meters was probably not great for overall time. Need one of those silly armband iphone holders or something. Boo

  • Jaclyn Henry

    4:40 with Coach Kate: 3k row in 12:23. Picked it up with 300m to go, and went all out on the last 100. Definitely should have started to ramp up the pace a little earlier, but now I know for next time! I loved having the rest of the class to work on gymnastics goats! One day I will get you, pullups…

  • Craig Bagno

    Felt a bit battered from the last few days so I took Joe’s advice and didn’t bro-out on the row. 3000 in 11:46. Took the short option and took it just a tad slow.

    Was cool to have some time to work on gymnastics stuff. Hollow everything. 😉