Tuesday 140401

A. Deadlift 5-5-5-5-5
B. 21-15-9 reps of:
185 pound Deadlift
95 pound Overhead squat

Use one barbell. Have the 45# on the outside.

Experienced / Competition:
A. Deadlift work up to a heavy double in 20 minutes
B. 21-15-9 reps of:
225 pound Deadlift
135 pound Overhead squat

Use one barbell.

(Photo credit: Lisa Haefner)

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Report: Imagine how good it would feel to crawl back into bed right now
Health officials urging Americans to do something, anything for 30 minutes a day
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Study links meat, sugar consumption to early death among those who choose to be happy in life
Least popular fitness clubs

Here’s what’s on tap for Wednesday’s classes:

Split Jerk 5-5-5-3-3-3

Experienced / Competition:
A.Split Jerk 1-1-1-1-1-1
B.Weighted Box Step up with BB in front rack, 20″ box:
3-3-3-3-3 (each leg)

400 m run
21 kettle bell swings (24/16kg)
15 pull-ups
9 burpees


  • Steven Velasquez

    Any chance we can incorporate some rope climbs and tire flips into the WOD’s?

    • Hari Singh

      We may integrate some rope-climbing skill work into the Experienced WOD’s at 28th Street. Tire flipping is probably further down on our agenda.

  • Talia

    So Kyle asked today what everyone wanted to work at but I like to celebrate the positives also. Since this is a discussion board I decided to put this out there….

    What’s the one movement that you absolutely love and are great at… You know you see it on the wod and say YES!!!!

    For me this is actually hard for me to answer I feel like I’m a jack of all trades master of none. If I had to pick something… Maybe STO. I have good shoulder strength. So what is it for you?

    • Abraham

      Power cleans, or power clean and jerks. Can’t do them particularly heavy yet, but something about those explosive movements is just so damn FUN.

    • Nicki Osborn

      Love this angle, Talia! Remove that “maybe” in front of your STO – that’s a solid yes for you. (Bear Complex!)

      I would say: burpees (yes, they suck but being short plus not a lot of BW to move around is to my advantage), pull ups (strict/weighted in strength sessions), cleans and deadlifts!

    • Mike C.

      My true love? Pistols (yes, seriously). Sadly, they just don’t show up all that often. The rest of the time, DUs. Something tells me I’m different here than most.

      • Laura G.

        I’m in club DU with you. They’re fun and fast and once they clicked it felt **magical**

    • Charlotte Goins

      Jerks, sit ups, DUs, burpees (regret is already setting in from typing that), pull ups (on good days), push ups, etc – basically body weight stuff or things like jerks where I throw the weight on my shoulders. My legs are useless sticks.

    • AndyK

      This is a good question. I love cleans, especially from the hang. I am great at rowing, but I hate it!

    • Jonathan D

      SQUATS ALL DAY EVERY DAY. I’m not sure why I have so much lower body strength but I do always look forward to squat days because I can use it to my advantage.

    • Brad Hoover

      Burpees and deadlifts. Yes, I said burpees… But I love the challenge of OHS because they are an awesome combo of total strength and flexibility/mobility. So when I see OHS I’m usually excited.

    • Sam S

      Double unders, pullups, and running, just not all in the same WOD, please!

    • Kyle J Smith

      Snatch all day. Sleep all night.

      • Talia

        My least fav olympic lift πŸ™

      • Charlotte Goins

        Why no snatch all night?

    • smgreene789

      Squats, all kinds but especially OH (siked for tonight btw), cleans, STO, and HSPU… strict pull ups and push ups deserve to be in there as well I guess since my dad had me and my brother doing those around age 9.

    • Rich J

      This is a great question. When I started crossfit, I dreaded seeing any type of Olympic lift in any part of the WOD. They seemed so unnatural and awkward.

      Now, while my form is far from great, I love being able to work on them and hate it when I miss a day when they are in the workout.

    • colindowell

      I like like to see work outs with things that I’m not good at (OHS, HSPU, any overhead mobility…). It’s also great to see workouts that I know I can do Rx. I’m not sure why it just ups the accomplishment feeling.

    • iRon Bucks

      …absolutely love = sit ups, cleans, DUs in that order…
      …and are great at = “crickets”

      • Brad Hoover

        Which reminds me. I’m still waiting for a rematch of our head to head 100 situps for time…

        “Crickets” is slang for playin ball? I’m so out of the loop…

        • iRon Bucks

          Any time… could use some extra motivation to work hard. “Crickets” is the sound I hear when someone asks what crossfit thing I think I am great at… I guess I’m a pretty good cheerleader but great… “crickets”

    • Craig Bagno

      strict pull-ups. yes, please.

  • AndyK

    Experienced WOD:
    A: 295 (the year deadlift improvement begins) – felt better than usual, did 2×2 at this weight.

    B: Rx: 225/135 – 14:40, just got under the 15min time cap. OHS felt pretty good, just tried to safely work through the deadlifts.

    • Kristen Connor

      Those are big numbers for the 21-15-9. Great job!

    • Sam S


    • Eric

      Animal – awesome job.

    • AndyK

      Thanks guys, not as beast as some of the other times put up today, but happy with it given that 225 deadlifts are not a breeze for me.

      • reisbaron

        Excellent job…more impressive to take one of your goats and make it work in a tough WOD than putting up an insane time on things in your comfort zone.

        • AndyK

          Thanks Reis. Definitely my thinking too, goal for 2014 is more strength work, even if it means going slower on WODs at a heavier weight.

    • Mike R

      Hey Andy… I think its great you mentioned working safely on the DLs. I started to work on my DLs earlier this year by lifting really heavy but ended up aggravating the area where my glute and hamstring come together. I mostly attribute the injury to sitting in a chair 8-10 hours a day at work. I recently started to do more mobility after wods that focus on my hamstrings (mostly from mobilitywod.com). I feel like it has helped prevent that injury from reoccurring and will eventually enable me to lift heavier.

      • AndyK


        Yeah mobilitywod is great, I try to do a little bit every night. I always feel like on DLs its too easy to tweak something with one dumb rep. The worst part is that a tweaked back takes you out of everything, vs. a tweaked arm or leg where you can still get some work in.

  • Christina Berry

    6:40AM: Beginner WOD:
    A. …
    B. 9:23 (I believe): 113 Deadlift / 53 OH Squat
    Comment: First time I did OH squats and didn’t mess up my shoulder! Huzzah! Strength is here!

  • Kristen Connor

    A. 5x 123,143,163 and ran out of time. I wanted to get to 183, which is 75%.
    B. 10:16 153/63

    That was harder than I (foolishly) anticipated.

    • Kristin

      I spotted you doing an overhead squat this morning – to put the bar down post-reps, you tossed it up in the air, caught it, and gently placed it on the floor. It’s official, you’re too strong.

      • Kristen Connor

        Aw, you saw me from across the gym. How cute is that? ; )

  • reisbaron

    7am eWOD w/ Sara
    A: 345
    B: 14:12 RX’d

    While the setup was different than last time (this really should be a 2-barbell, 2-heat WOD with a 12-min cap), I can’t blame a 4-minute slower time on the weight changes (I tried to initially but came back to reality).

    Doing this one in 10:01 18 months ago makes me wonder how good my best lifts really are at this point. Set of 9 OHS was unbroken but anything but solid. In a WOD that used to bear my name I happily relinquish it until a day when I can reclaim some glory. Back to the shed…

    • BenS

      So the Pieces in Reis’ Pieces referred to the two barbells…

  • Brad Hoover

    A: OHS sets of 3 65-85-95
    B: Deadlift sets of 5 135-185-225-225
    C: 10:42 (deadlift/OHS 165/75). Broke up the deads 14-7, 6-5-4, 5-4 and OHS 13-8, 9-6, 9. I changed my own plates.

    I’m definitely still feeling the effects of 14.5 from Friday. OHS felt heavy. Deadlifts at 225 felt like 245-265. Grip was not strong. That said, I really like this deadlift OHS combo.

  • Patrick

    6:20am Experienced
    A: Only had time for 3 quick warmup sets of 5. Worked up to 225.
    B: 11:20 Rx

    • AndyK

      Great job!

      • Patrick

        Thanks Andy. Nice work finishing within the time cap.
        In response to Talia’s question, I am probably in the minority but I love OH squats.

  • Reuben Mungai

    A: Didn’t go heavy on the Deads, went up to 275
    B: Rx 225/135 – 10:05 : Broke up the dead lifts a lot, my back was smoked mostly likely the after effects of all those swings yesterday and of course the dreaded 14.5

    • AndyK

      Awesome job on part B, i was gassed today

  • Ryan Schoenig

    6:00am Experienced WOD
    A: 395
    B: 14:13 RX

  • Addie B

    A: OHS 3×3 worked up to 95
    B: DL 5×5 worked up to 275
    C: 10:37 (DL@175/OHS@85)

    I went lighter than usual because I felt unusually tired today. I’m still struggling keeping my balance with the OHS. Brad suggested keeping my eyes focused on one target through the entire lift which helped keep the bar steady.

  • Morgan Newman

    A: 203
    B: 12:05 rx’d
    …and now I’m ready for a rest day

  • Dan Castillo

    Experienced WOD:
    A: 225-245-255-275-295
    B: 9:13 (Rx for set of 21 OHS but tweaked something in my right shoulder, so scaled down to 95# for the rest of the OHS. Deadlifts were Rx)

  • Eric

    A. 7AM Kyle’s class – we just warmed up to the WOD rx weights.
    B. 8:03 rx – Split into sets of 11/10, 8/7 and 5/4

    I remember this time last year I had trouble getting full depth with OHS…so I’m really happy at my progress. Did 95# without any issues during the open so I was confident enough to go as unbroken as I could. Hardest part was the stupid transition…taking off and putting on the 45# slowed me down.

  • reisbaron

    Chris Spealler making today’s WOD look easy, at 1.5 BW on deads and near BW on OHS – http://bit.ly/1pEwZFS

    • AndyK

      That’s sick.

  • reisbaron

    Dmitry Klokov doing today’s WOD, with a creative interpretation of OHS movement standards – http://bit.ly/1pExaRH

  • BenS

    11:05 at 195/85. Not much in the tank today–though I did add 10# to the deadlifts to make up for the deficit on OHS

  • reisbaron

    Another worthwhile demo of today’s WOD. This is my favorite, strictly for the quality of movement – http://bit.ly/1pExMqj

  • Talia

    Nick’s beginner wod at 67th 8am:
    A: 83-103-123-143 ran out of time
    B: 9:06 – 103/53… my transition time took a lot of time actually. Broke up 11-10, 8-7, tried 9 unbroken – 6/3 for deadlifts, 9 unbroken for OHS.

  • Alex Behrman

    6:40am Beginner:
    Well, if there’s one thing today has taught me it’s that overhead squats have quickly made their way to the very top of my list of things that need some serious work. But I really benefited from having a partner today who motivated and coached me through the whole thing (thanks Christina!)

    • Christina Berry

      You did an awesome job! Time is all you need, girl. Let’s get it!

  • Mike C.

    A. 5 x 5 DLs: Ran short on time but was at 225 lbs for the 3rd set when we moved on
    B. 10:42 – 185 DLs, 85/65 OHS (lost 85 lbs on the last rep of the round of 21 – switched to 65 lbs for last two rounds)

  • Hari Singh

    Done with my fifth Open (Masters 55 – 59) .

    (I consider the 2010 Masters Open to have been my first .)

    So now I’m going to do exactly what we are going to encourage all of our members to do:

    (1) Hard look at the results:

    14.1 = 266 (202)
    14.2 = 149 (138)
    14.3 = 184 (133)
    14.4 = 260 (174)
    14.5 = 287 (16:54)

    Overall 171 (1146)
    Percentile = 171 of 1130 in my group who finished the first WOD =84.9%

    Question: What do I think I could do on these same WOD’s one year from now and what would it take to get there:

    14.1 = 114 (255) (Better DU’s, nothing else)
    14.2 = 47 (192) (needed 6 more pull-ups to get to the next round)
    14.3 = 76 (140) (need to add 30 lbs to DL)
    14.4 = 35 (181) (need to cycle cleans better, better conditioning)
    14.5 = 134 (15:00) (better conditioning)

    If I were there now:

    49 (406) = 95.7 percentile

    What is most likely to get me from here to there:

    (1) Do the Experienced WOD 4 times per week.

    Everything I need is in our current programming, and that’s what I will be doing for the next year, with only a slight detour to do the four WOD’s in the next round of the Masters.

    • Talia

      Hari – since this is my first open I am a little confused with the numbers. I know the number in the parenthesis is how many reps you did but what is the number in front of it? the 266, 149, 184 etc?

      • Hari Singh

        The first number is my rank within my (Men 55-59) group. Most of our members first number is their rank within all men or women who are not in a specific masters group.

        • Talia

          Thanks! great job!

  • Jason W

    A: 345
    B: 10:36 rx’d
    DLs: 21, 10-5, 5-4
    OHS: 11-10, 10-5, 9

    was hoping to go unbroken on the DLs but I guess not.

  • David Slifer

    A: 325
    B: 225/95 (shoulders still need a lot of work) 13:11

  • ToddMorris

    Hi Everyone –

    There is another competition coming up at the end of the month at Crossfit Bell. It is called STRONG LIKE BEAST and it is for both females and males – each performing as individual competitors. This is strongman inspired so think short heats with tire flips, fat bars, kegs and stones. I, along with 20+ guys, went to the last event they had there. It was ran very well and I trust that this one will be too. It was nice to roll deep then and would cool to do again. Some of the details are below. Curious if anyone is interested in going. We could quickly sell the thing out if we wanted to.

    Spots Open:
    Females: 21
    Males: 13

    Sunday, April 27, 2014
    Athlete Registration 8:00 am – 8:30 am
    WOD 1 begins at 9:00 am

    CrossFit Bell
    37-22 34th Street, Long Island City, New York

    WOD 1A: GRIP & RIP

    Fat Bar Overhand Deadlift Ladder*

    30s AMRAP Fatbar OH Deadlift (180/70) – 1 point per rep
    15s transition to next bar/recovery
    30s AMRAP Fatbar OH Deadlift (200/90) – 2 points per rep
    15s transition to next bar/recovery
    30s AMRAP Fatbar OH Deadlift (220/110) – 3 points per rep
    15s transition to next bar/recovery
    30s AMRAP Fatbar OH Deadlift (250/130) – 4 points per rep
    15s transition to next bar/recovery
    30s AMRAP Fatbar OH Deadlift (270/160) – 5 points per rep

    *Note: Overhand grip forced! This WOD is designed to test your grip strength. Your grip will give out long before you reach fatigue from deadlifting.

    You must hit at least one deadlift prior to advancing to the next round.


    1 Attempt Max Effort Bench

    Beasts weighing under 165 – 135lbs
    Beasts weighing 165-200 – 155lbs
    Beasts weighing 200+ – 175lbs

    Belles weighing under 125 – 63lbs
    Belles weighing 125-150 – 73lbs
    Belles weighing 150+ – 83lbs


    90 second AMRAP tire flip

    30 second AMRAP tire jump

    * step ups acceptable
    * Score = Flips, Tire Jumps = tie break score

    More Info Coming Soon!

    WOD 4: KEGS & LEGS
    More Info Coming Soon!

    Anyone signed up already? Anyone interested?

    • Charlotte Goins

      I’m signed up! I just qualify for the minimum weights, so it might be hilarious, BUT it will be a great test for my strength. Sign up, ladies, so you can beat me!

    • Jonathan P

      Oh snap… I just signed up. Thanks for posting about it.

    • Kate Parker

      I’m down! Guess I need to work on bench press + stone to shoulder. Super pumped for this.

  • Ben M

    Joined Sara for 12:30 today. Worked up to a double of #335
    225 DL / 95 OHS: 12:17

  • Charlotte Goins

    This might be my new favorite WOD. I was nervous and almost didn’t come, but I put on heavier weight than I thought I could do and went for it. Turns out my legs have gotten stronger this year and I’m pumped to keep going post open.

    13:00 – 113#/63#.
    Sweatin’, gruntin’, movin’ weight! Meatttyyyyyyy. Loved it.

    • Talia

      See… your legs are not useless sticks πŸ˜‰

      • Charlotte Goins

        Haha not sure those weights move me from stick leg status, but thanks!

  • Craig Bagno

    dropped in again at Urban Box in Madrid. did a speed round dead lift thing with partners. and a similar speed clean thing. and then 2x 5 min AMRAPS with wall balls/ max L-sits and HSPUs/thrusters.

    the excellent thing about doing CrossFit abroad is that they don’t translate the CrossFit words. so if you don’t speak Spanish, for example, the workout sounds like this:

    blah blah blah blah blah blah DEADLIFT blah blah blah blah BURPEE blah blah blah BOX JUMP.

    sort of like that. It is amazing how nice they are to drop ins. really cool. all over the world.

  • Jim S

    Dropped in at Fearless Athletics / Crossfit South Philly today. Great place.
    Team of 2: 40 135lb cleans, 60 burpee pullups, 100 toes to bar. 11:58

  • Hari Singh

    Experienced WOD:
    A: 335
    B: 15:49 (205/115)

    Lesson of the Day: Never try to OHS for reps more than 80% of your 1RM snatch.

  • Rich J

    185/95 – 7:02
    Everything felt stiff and a little tight today, but probably should’ve been a little more aggressive with weight.

  • Jenny

    Should’ve scaled up: Rx beginner 103/53 6:22

    Like the April Fools links πŸ™‚

  • Kameron_K

    10:05 w/ 225# DLs and 115# OHS.