Monday 140331

All-levels/Beginner / Experienced /

“KB Swing” Annie
Double Unders
24/16kg KBS

Thanks to all who came out for our End-of-the-Open party! Congrats on making it through all five weeks.

Post-Open blues? Time for some good, old-fashioned introspection
A better way to wake up
How Reebok became the brand for CrossFit junkies
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Mobility got you feeling stuck?
BONUS LINK for those still due to do 14.5 today: The psychology of 14.5

Here’s what’s on tap for Tuesday’s classes:

A. Deadlift 5-5-5-5-5
B. 21-15-9 reps of:
185 pound Deadlift
95 pound Overhead squat

Use one barbell. Have the 45# on the outside.

Experienced / Competition:
A. Deadlift work up to a heavy double in 20 minutes
B. 21-15-9 reps of:
225 pound Deadlift
135 pound Overhead squat

Use one barbell.


  • Hari Singh

    Potential issue for Monday:

    In an attempt to accommodate people who wanted a final chance at 14.5, we devoted four rush-hour WOD’s to this. Turns out that very few people want to do 14.5, and as a result, other WOD’s may be more crowded than usual tomorrow.

    You should also note that there are now 6:00 AM and 7:00 AM Experienced WOD’s on Mon, Tues, Thurs, and Fri at 26th Street, as well as at 12:30 PM at 28th Street.

    • Addie B

      Thanks for adding more exp. WODs in the morning.

    • AndyK


      Thanks for adding more morning experienced WODs. I don’t see it on the calendar for this Friday though.

      Thanks again!

    • AndyK

      Thanks Hari, looks like Friday at 6 was added. Is there going to be any 6:00am Experienced WODs offered on Wednesdays?

      • Hari Singh

        Not on Wed.
        (We have CFE running Wed on the Fourth Floor at 26th.)

  • Addie B

    KBS Annie: 9:36
    Scaled KBS up to 28 kg

  • Morgan Newman

    KBS Annie: 8:02 at 16kg

  • Natasha Komninos

    Why is the wod today, the same as the experienced wod yesterday?

    • Eric

      Sunday experienced WOD is the same as Mondays – started a few weeks ago.

    • Addie B

      The idea is to force a rest day without missing programming.

      • Natasha Komninos


  • Elaina Gemelas

    KBS Annie: 8:07 with 16kg – KBS unbroken; double unders almost all unbroken

  • Jason W

    KBS Annie: 10:31 rx’d.

    Decided to try to YOLO this one, didn’t work out so well for me.
    KBS: 50, 15-10-10-5, 12-10-8, 12-8, 10
    DUs: pretty craptacular.

  • Abraham

    Double Unders: Did 2x as many jumps, with as many of them being DU attempts as my hilariously uncoordinated self could muster.

    KB: Traded up my trusty 16 kg kettlebell for a 20 kg…attempted to American swing them but they pretty quickly became Russian. As in…I probably did 5 American swings. But if the Open taught me anything is that my still-shaky confidence in my own abilities tends to make me overscale, so I was determined to use a heavier kettlebell on this one.

    Time: 13:16

  • Kristen Connor

    11:57, 16kg.

    Trying a thinner rope, so I wasn’t stringing double unders together. Single-double the whole way.

    Extremely slow, but I actually felt like my double under attempts were more consistent than my usual disastrous form. Progress? Maybe?

  • Kyle J Smith

    The Open is over (thank god.) Did you make a list of movements you don’t have or suck at? Were the holes in your fitness game exposed? Don’t let 2014 pass you by with out doing the work you know you gotta do.

    In 2014 I gotta work on muscle ups and high volume gymnastics… what’s on your list? (Is double unders on the list? Today’s WOD is great day to start. Today, not next week.)

    • Sam S

      Excellent point Kyle. The time is now to get those overhead squats and toes to bar in mid-season form. Not to mention the handstand pushups and split jerks….

      • Justin Katz

        I have a lot to work on.
        OHS with at least with 95# in a WOD When I do OHS in a strength WOD I have no problem with these. When I have to do multiple reps with 95# in a WOD I can only do 5 reps then I have to scale down.
        Also Double Unders, Muscle-Ups, HSPU and Snatches are on the list as well.

    • AndyK

      Strength work for me in 2015! Need to add some lbs to my movements to make Open weights feel lighter (deadlift workout this year was terrible for me). Also want to make Toes-to-Bar more natural/easy.

    • Abraham

      I suck at memes, but if I didn’t, this is where I would post one that would say “IMPROVE ALL THE MOVEMENTS!” Three out of the five Open workouts had bodyweight movements that completely walled me (double-unders, chest-to-bar, toes-to-bar…muscle-ups aren’t even worth mentioning), and the barbell weights in 14.2, 14.4, and 14.5 were too much for me to realistically have hoped to do that many reps, or any at all in the case of the 135-lb cleans. 14.3, panic-inducing as it was, was the only one I could chip away at the whole way through.

      Year One of CrossFit for me was basically about being able to just survive the workouts…now that I can (usually) do that, in Year Two I’d like to focus on getting reasonably proficient at these things. It’s gonna be a busy year, that’s for sure.

      • Andreas Kraus

        That’s what I’m trying to do.

    • reisbaron

      I really need to work on deadlifts and overhead squats.

      • Talia

        You are in luck – check tomorrow’s wod out!

        • reisbaron

          I was kidding a bit…those are two of my better movements. I basically need to work on everything else though. Tomorrow’s wod is the only thing tastier to me than bacon 🙂

    • Talia

      I feel like I have to work on everything! DU’s are better but now i am mediocre, toe to bars for sure, Pull ups, pull ups pull ups! I got my bar at home now to figure out how to mount it!
      Isn’t that the reason we love crossfit – so many movements we never get bored and that much more to work on 🙂
      Great job everyone on the Open! I am so proud to be apart of CFNYC!

    • iRon Bucks

      My complete list is too long to even be interesting but I fully intend to master the muscle up this year.

    • Craig Bagno

      great post. me = anything requiring unadulterated bear-like power. 😉

    • ToddMorris

      1. OHS
      2. Heavy Deadlifts
      3. Split jerks (not push jerks posing as split jerks.)
      4. Volume HSPU
      5. Butterfly pull-ups
      6. Butterfly C2B
      7. Ring MUs
      8. Heavy American KB swings with locked out arms at the top
      9. Snatches
      10. Running faster

      That should keep me busy #imcomingforyou2015open

  • Joe Orloff

    8:12 w/ 32KG, Did the first 50 swings unbroken and then tried to incorporate some of the pacing from the open on this one splitting up the sets into 2-3 sets with 5 second breaks in between. Did the DU’s as fast as possible tripping up a couple of times.
    Extra Credit: 100 ab-mat sit ups for time – 3:00

    • ToddMorris


      • Joe Orloff

        The swings were Russian, thought that every class did it like that so didn’t differentiate but seeing these comments it appears it was a mixed bag… so more like run of the mill.

  • AndyK

    8:12 with 24kg bell. Kept it all Russian, giving my arms one more day to recover after 14.5

  • Anne L

    Annie: 8:01

    Went to the 8:30am class and we did Russian KBS (not sure if other classes did Russian or American), so I scaled up to 24kg.

    Think I left my new rope at 28th st – it’s a black, “again faster” brand rope – if you find it, can you leave it with the front desk? Thanks!

  • jenntang

    7:50, 24kg Russian-Style swings

    • Anne L

      Jenntang! Get it girl.

  • Yoni R.

    7:58, 24kg Russian-Style swings

  • Craig Bagno

    Dropped in at Urban CrossFit in Madrid. We did five 5:00 partner intervals. The first partner completed task A while the second partner did continuous B. So it went (1A) 15x Power Snatch 75# (1B) KB swings at 24kg (2A) 400M run (2B) DUs (3A+B) the snatches and KB again (4A+B) the run and DUs again and (5A) row 2min (5B) KBs. I promise it was only slightly less confusing in person. Oh, and I love CrossFit Tourism. Amazing.

  • ToddMorris

    Dropped into Crossfit Decoded in Palm Springs. WOD was an ascending ladder of 3 power cleans and 10 box jumps starting at 95 lbs. It’s a fun feeling when they have to set up not one, not two, but three additional stations mid-wod because you are pulling more weight then they expected anyone in their box to pull. Made it up to 235 for 3 w/ 10 30″ box jumps.

    Really nice place and all round nice coaches and members. I’d recommend it if you are in the area.

  • Charlotte Goins

    12:25 rx. My goals are many for 2014, but the ones in my head today were endurance and stamina. Everytime I dropped that kb I tried to pick it right back up immediately instead of taking a huge break. In the same mindset, I tried to move immediately from one movement to the next for each round instead of qualifying rest. Double unders unbroken save for 1-2 trip ups.
    Holy forearms and grip strength, batman!!!

    • Laura G.

      Gah, my forearms were on FIRE after the set of 40. I definitely feel you on the point re: shorter breaks. The longer the break, the better it feels, the harder it is to get going.

      I got 10:26 american rx.

  • Andreas Kraus

    “KB Swing Annie”: 13:16 rx; American Swings
    Broke up KBS much more than I can be happy with.
    DUs unbroken except for one trip in the round of 30.

  • Morefundo21

    8:26 Rx – did first 50 KB swings American and then alternated American and Russian swings (tried to do American when possible). My triceps are DEAD and in some sort of spasm from 14.5… I need an ice bath.

    And here’s my list for 2014: kipping pull-ups (baby steps people), toes to bar and DUs (already markedly improved after a few weeks practice).

  • Dan Castillo

    KBs Annie: 8:01RXd. DUs UB. Broke up KB swings in halves except for first set of 50.

  • Kate Parker

    Taking a couple days off after the open to have a physical & mental break. Looking forward to re-joining you all on Thursday for experienced wods!

    To start with the good news – accomplishments in 2013:
    -Increased weight on olympic lifts: Snatch increased by 25# to 113#, clean & jerk increased by ~40# to 153#
    -Gymnastics will always be a weakness, but something finally clicked for me in the past 2 months. I’m now semi-effective at kipping pullups and C2Bs. (For example: I couldn’t finish 1 round of 13.5 last year but got 77 reps at 14.4 this year)

    Goals for 2014:
    -HSPU: Right now I can do a few strict with 2 abmats (which I’m very proud of!), but I want to increase ROM and get to 0 abmats. Also have no idea how to kipp a HSPU. By next year, I want to be able to do kipping HSPU’s in a WOD.
    -MU – This is a huge reach, but I know that muscle ups won’t just happen to me. I need to spend time working on strength and learning the skill.
    -Engine – I could mostly move the weight in the open and have made progress on some skills, but I need to be better at fitness (see 14.5 – wahh). This is not fun, but I need to increase work capacity for next year.

    I was pretty new to crossfit when I completed my first open in 2013 and feel like I have a much better idea of what it takes to succeed after the open this year. Ready to get to work before 15.1!

    • ben

      Kate-next time we are in a wod together I’ll show you the magical kipping HSPU! You can definitely do them. It’s just a weird movement. I’ll try to remember next time I see you

      • Kate Parker

        Thanks, Ben! Sounds fantastic.

  • colindowell

    Kbs Annie 12:30. My legs were still thrusted from Friday, but this one was deceivingly aerobic. Very breath. Such grip. Wow.

    • Charlotte Goins

      such doge.

  • Vi-An

    Fun wod. 7:09. Shoulders still a lil sore from 14.5 so did Russian kb per Brian’s suggestion and upped weight to 20kg. Dubs were all unbroken. Broke up kb to save grip. Not sure why but like Jason Wong, I kind of wanted to go YOLO on this at first but thought babk to the open and remembered breaking things into sets makes it easier and saves your muscles from fatigue to get through it faster. So I used my better judgement and stuck to the plan.

  • Claire Olsson

    First WOD after a very long break from Crossfit, AND at a new box. Took just a few minutes to remember why one does not simply stop crossfitting.

    14:15 and scaled like nobody’s business (single unders 3:1, and 8KB American Swings).

  • Alan

    10:27 RX (24kg KBS American) – ouch, my forearms (actually my whole effin body!!!! 14.5 was not just sh*tty, it also has lingering effects!)

    Warning: long blog comment

    To everyone who hasn’t had the chance to experience the competition team:
    As you can see from my time above (or as some of you witnessed today for those of you in the 7pm class at 28th st), I’m not blowing people away or even coming in first in class. There’s a select few in the comp team that really stand out but the rest of us are just like many of you – with variety of weaknesses that we are trying to overcome.

    I’ve been fortunate enough to have experienced the comp programming and I am really grateful but I am excited to be a part of the experienced WODs. There are too many holes in my game that while I loved the programming of the comp team, I definitely had too many moments where I felt I didn’t belong. That wasn’t anyone on the team – actually, they were extremely welcoming. It’s all in my head. I’m excited to be back in the mix of the general membership and the experienced program (don’t get me wrong, if I could, I would jump back to the comp team in a heartbeat but as of right now, I’m not at that stage, physically or mentally).

    This past Open was my first Open and it was an interesting experience. It was a love/hate type ordeal for me as the whole “going on for five weeks” thing was starting to become a bit of a drag for me. But it was also a great way to see where I stood in the world of crossfit. I know we all have different fitness/crossfit goals but like every single one of you that come to class on a regular basis, I have a bunch of things I’m working on and am determined to get stronger, faster, fitter, etc etc.

    So I look forward to working out with everyone and celebrating our individual milestones.

  • Nicki Osborn

    2014: Get my squat back!

  • kellen

    10:13 RX 24kg American swings
    Thanks Sully

  • Will Choi

    10:30 RX. Arms and back are still sore from 14.5. Not a great time but the good news is that my DUs were on.

  • Keith jusino

    7:52 with 32kg Russian swings