Saturday 140329

All-levels/Beginner / Experienced: /

Open WOD 14.5:
For time:
21-18-15-12-9-6-3 reps of:
Thrusters, 95 / 65 lb.

CF NYC-112

The psychology of Open Workout 14.5…and the bigger picture to boot!

Here’s what’s on tap for Sunday’s classes:

3 Rounds, 
Partner A: 
500m Row

Partner B: AMRAP
10 Sit Ups
10 Lunges

“KB Swing” Annie
Double Unders
24/16kg KBS



  • Jai

    I left a bag of clean Tupperware. If you put in lost and found, will pick up tomorrow or Sunday. Thanks! Jai

    • Stan

      It’s in the lost and found bin. Found it yesterday.

      • Jai

        Thanks! Will pick up tomorrow.

        • Wayne

          I moved it to your bin for you.

          • Jai

            Wayne, you’re the best. Thanks!

  • Craig Bagno

    I never, ever have CrossFit dread. Today I have CrossFit dread. Is that awesome, or what? 😉

  • Charlotte Goins

    Hopped up out the bedddd….turned my swag on…. NOPE
    immediately sat down on the ground and said “owww.”


    Good luck today, all!

    • Talia

      TRAPS and QUADS! I feel ya. Good luck everyone today!

    • Abraham

      I am a lot less sore than anticipated….which just means tomorrow is going to *suck*.

  • michael saterman

    19:39. YEAH!
    I had a strategy and I stuck to it! Thanks to Coach Kyle for the rally cry.

    • Rich J

      Great job!

  • DrewD

    19:53. Mentally and physically the most challenging workout yet. Thanks to Steven and Michael for keeping me on the bar at the end. Good luck everyone – git er done.

  • BenS

    19:49. Thanks to Yoomi, Coach Michael, Andy, Lindsay, Patrick, Mike and Brad for the push at the end.

    • Brad Hoover

      You fought hard for that sub 20 buddy. Awesome. My favorite moment were the couple of burpees in the round of 12 or 9 where you seemed to be trying to slowly crawl through the floor to get as far away from 28th st as possible.

      • BenS

        My burpees were pretty glacial. But I stayed moving, if slowly.

  • Lindsay Krna

    21:41. That was dark. As in I thought I was going to pass out for the last 10 minutes of it.

  • Christina Berry

    Holy moly: 18:26 (63#). First time I almost puked. Freaking amazing. Does the chick bar really weigh 33lbs or 35?

    • AndyK

      Its 33, but is within the CF standards for the Open

      • Christina Berry

        Ah ha! Thank you! Great job on the 16:00!

  • AndyK

    16:00 even – think I am going to give it another go on Monday to break 16 – said no one ever. No desire to do this one again for a long time. Was able to keep to my plan on the thrusters 8/7/6, 7/6/5, 6/5/4, 5/4/3, 4/3/2, 3/3, 3.

    Big thanks to Coach Michael, Lindsay, Patrick, Steven, Edward and anyone else who was yelling at me while I tried to not black-out. It definitely helped, much thanks!

    • AndyK

      And Brad – he was there too, like I said, trying not to black out after round of 15.

    • Brad Hoover

      Having a thought out plan and successfully executing it is always impressive to watch. Well done.

    • Reuben Mungai

      What a time dude! Nice Job!

      • AndyK

        Thanks man, Agee with you. That was a dark dark workout. Real rough

        • Reuben Mungai

          My quads are on fire, it’s like I haven’t worked out in years, gotta love it

          • AndyK

            I’m sure Russ is gonna knock out 12 mins

  • Drew T

    15:31. Thanks to coach Michael for the tip to turn on the jump.

  • Mike C.

    20:42. Anything OH remains a significant weakness so thrusters in 3s the whole way through (and glad I did that). Outside hopes of breaking 20 min but hit too big a wall coming down the stretch. Needless to say, happy that’s over…

  • Jonathan D

    22:34. It’s finally over! I wanted to get a sub 20-minute time but I’m very happy with the results and that someone threw me a bone with a WOD that skewed more toward smallish guys such as myself. Overall, I’m pleased with how I did. Doing the Open workouts has been a great gauge of how far I’ve come in about a year of membership here. I would like to thank the many coaches with whom I’ve taken classes (especially Courtney, Kasey, Sofia, Michael and Kyle) for teaching a self-described “fitness idiot” how to do everything properly as well as getting on me about crap form and giving several pointers and tweaks that have been extremely useful. Looking forward to seeing where I’m at next year!

  • Patrick

    16:00. Broke up the thrusters 7-7-7, 6-6-6, 5-5-5, 4-4-4, 6-3, 6, 3. Thanks to Mike, Brad and Ron for keeping my head in the game. Coach Kyle said yesterday that 14.5 asks: fight or flight…choose to fight.

    • AndyK

      Nice job! I can totally understand what 16 minutes of pure suck feels like!

      • Patrick

        Thanks Andy, great work today. Tried my best to keep pace with you!

    • Brad Hoover

      Fun to cheer you on buddy. That last 60 second push was awesome. Anyone who does the round of 6 thrusters unbroken has great mental strength.

    • BenS


    • Mike C.

      Black out? That set of 12 was 6-6! True fight towards the end of the workout.

  • Ken Gittler

    26:50 – Thanks to the all the coaches for keeping things organized and an extra special thanks to everyone who got stuck judging me 🙂

  • Laura G.

    22:15. Really happy despite originally aiming for sub 20. That was a BEAST of a workout and going in the second heat made it even more of a mental challenge. It’s been really inspiring reading people’s experiences of the Open here the past month…I hope we can all keep it up throughout the rest of the year!

  • Ben

    24:23. Was nervous I wouldn’t break 30 so pretty satisfied. Went 8-7-6 and 7-6-5 for first two rounds. Then 3s rest of the way until the round of 6.

  • Raymundo Eulises Olivo

    14.5 was interesting to say the least, I sadly did not complete the entire work out (Farewell Limited Edition Shirt…) I made it to the set of 9, but once I got their the pins in my knee weren’t playing nice. It felt as if my knee was a rusty hinge (Dam you rain), I am tempted to try it again Monday once the weather is better, but nonetheless I am glad I attempted it, first work out of the open I won’t be able to post a score. Needless to say I am excited for Open 2015

  • Craig Bagno

    28:30. Goodness. That was, um, unpleasant. But I liked it. Liked the fact that it was work-based, not time-based. Requires a suitably dogged mindset.

    I can live with my time given that 95# is still quite heavy for me. Most proud of the fact that I executed my plan – triplets throughout.

    Okay. Is the 2015 Open soon? I’m ready. 😉

  • Joe F

    14.5 was definitely the most mentally and physically challenging WOD of the Open. I was able to keep moving thanks to the encouragement from the always positive Glenn, who came all the way cross town just to judge, having done the workout yesterday morning. Many thanks to Glenn and congrats to everyone who endured 14.5!

    • Kyle J Smith

      What was your time, sir?

      • Joe F


  • Will there be a CFNYC discount for the Citifeld Spartan race on April 12th?

    • Stacey Pearson

      No. But enjoy!

  • Del

    4th Thruster work out & first open did it in 22:11.

  • Jordan

    14.5 was very humbling. It was the opposite of R Kelly’s Bump N’ Grind. My mind was saying yes, but my body was saying no. Then by the end, they were in agreement and both strongly saying no. Luckily there were people around forcefully saying yes for me.

  • Diego Gomez

    29:03 – this was devastating. Was supposed to meet friends for lunch afterwards and instead went home to piece myself together

  • Jenny

    18:52! Was super happy with this result. Starting breaking up reps early and that helped. Whew! I didn’t think the Open would be so fun. So glad I did it.