Top 6 for 14.4 and Top 10 Masters at CFNYC

Well, that was fun!! How many of you made it to the wall balls? To the cleans? The muscle ups? Back to the row, anyone? (ahem, Sean!) Castro wasn’t kidding when he made up this chipper. Great job to everyone! As of 14.4 we are sitting strong at 15th place in the Region!! Here’s our top 6 for the week. Kate Denny(187), Shannan Wilson(181), Anne Lieberman(180), Sean McArdle(223), Robert Keefe(195), Philip Jonat(194)

kate 14.4shannan 14.4anne 14.4wpid-P1210912.JPGrobert keefe 14.4philip 14.4

Coach Avery also pointed out that we have some serious competitors among the Masters Division as well, and she is right! These 10 athletes are are from various Masters age groups, but they are the top 5 Masters females and top 5 Masters men at CFNYC so far. Great work!!

Erin Stewart, Angella Clarke, Jennifer Nelson, Kristen Connor, Mishie Owen, Michael Senft, Ronald Burt, Hari Singh, Keith Jusino, Daniel Kunitz

Don’t forget, tonight at 8pm we’ll gather for the last Open Announcement of 2014!! This Saturday at 6pm come to 28th Street for our “Close of the Open” Pizza Party!! Good luck on 14.5 see you on the other side!


  • AndyK

    Great job top-6 and the Masters competitors!! Sean, that 223 is really impressive!

    Avery or Sean – how many teams get invited to Regionals?

    • Sean M

      Top 30

      • AndyK

        Great! Keep up the great work Comp Team, one more to go!

  • AndyK

    Also – Coach Kate interviewed on the games site:

    • Stacey Pearson

      And Abraham!!

      • Abraham

        It is so weird seeing myself just referred to by my last name. I know it’s standard practice, but still…

  • Eric

    Sean..that picture is so badass

  • David P

    Woo hoo!!! Awesome job!!