Saturday 140301

All-levels WOD/Beginner WOD:
2014 CrossFit Open WOD: 14.1
Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 10 minutes of:
30 double-unders
75/55# power snatches, 15 reps

Competition Team WOD:
2014 CrossFit Open WOD: 14.1

Coaching tips for 14.1


Here’s what’s on tap for Sunday’s classes:

All-levels WOD/Beginner WOD:
A. Thruster 7-7-7
B. Death by 10m sprint

Competition Team WOD:


  • AndyK

    14.1: 295 – grip in the last round got away from me. Had two missed reps where my arms pulled for the snatch, but my left hand forgot to bring the bar along! Cost me breaking the 300 barrier, but all in all happy with the result. Left it all out there.

    • Hari Singh

      What did you think of how we handled the logistics?

      • AndyK

        Haha, so far so good! We will see what challenges the rest of the open brings! I have confidence that it will all run smoothly. Also the atmosphere at the box was great today, definitely not like a usual day, everyone was fired up.

        • Kyle J Smith

          Ahhh. Internet hug. That was sweet.

          • AndyK

            Ha! I’m just happy my hands are working enough to type after that WOD. Couldn’t even open a waterbottle after

          • Russ Kempf

            Nice job! How was your pacing?

          • AndyK

            Died like a pig! First round was around 1:00, then tried to settle into more of a pace, but fell off. Was at 6:00 after 4 rounds, finished the 6th round with 20 seconds left, and was able to knock out 25 dubs.

  • Kyle J Smith

    258. Thank you to Michael’s 11 am class for hanging out to cheer!!!

  • YL

    Will there be a make up 14.1 class tomorrow?

    • Hari Singh

      The final chance to do or redo 14.1 will be 6:20 AM, 7:20 AM, 5:30 PM, and 6:30 PM on Monday at 26th Street. Results must be posted to the Games Site before 8:00 PM on Monday.

  • Craig Bagno

    that was seriously excellent. well organized. fun. was on the verge of vomiting whilst lying on the floor after it was over. i liked it. 203. not amazing but i’ll take it.

    • ben

      Fuck yeah Craig good job

  • Bennett

    14.1.2: 225 – 66 rep PR from yesterday. double unders connected today.

  • NEF

    Can I redo 14.1 Monday to possibly try n beat my score as I work weekends in the morning n by the time I get out the box is closed?

    • Hari Singh

      Yes. The final chance to do or redo 14.1 will be 6:20 AM, 7:20 AM, 5:30 PM, and 6:30 PM on Monday at 26th Street. Results must be posted to the Games Site before 8:00 PM on Monday.

  • Robert Keefe

    355 (2 rep improvement from August)
    Set a pace at about 85% and stuck with it as best I could for 8 minutes and then went as fast as possible in the last 2 minutes. Unbroken snatches through the first 4-5 rounds and then 10-5 for the last 2 or 3 rounds. Double unders almost all unbroken except for a few misses.

    5 snatches away from getting to the double unders of my last round which is the key to getting a huge boost to your score in this WOD. I actually failed my final snatch due to grip fatigue so I am not sure if I could have cranked out 5 more even if I went at a faster pace from the start of the workout.

    • AndyK

      Solid score!

  • Jason W

    294 reps. Slightly worse than a few weeks ago. Mostly due to tripped up DUs. Also tried resting for a beat at the top of each snatch. Didn’t really like that. Overall snatches were 15, 10-5, 8-7, then 5-5-5 the rest of the way

    • reisbaron

      Good work Jason!

  • Vi-An

    276. Huge improvement from jan (223) which I knew would happen bc I was just coming back from a month off in dec.

    Did snatches first set then 5 sn, 5cj, 5sn rest of the time.

    Du were good first two rounds then they were ok. Towards the end the crowd got too loud and I couldn’t hear where I was at with dubs so it messed me up a lil but not much.

    Overall happy with this. Good watching everyone go! Lots of people killed this!

  • Kaylin

    294 (24 rep improvement from Jan.)
    DU are still a weak spot for me,
    especially after a couple catches. Muscle/power snatches for 3 rounds,
    then switched between C&J remainder. Felt pretty good about these.

    Nice work today team!

  • Matt Braunstein

    304 versus 279 in January and 236 in August. Considering my comment in Jan was that I find WODs like this very difficult, I will take the improvement. If I was to do it again, I would start breaking snatches from the beginning – went out too fast finishing first round in a minute ish. Mixed in some clean and jerks for funsies. Aside from forearm fatigue, posterior chain was really on fire, especially hamstrings.

  • Sofia Garcia-Garcia

    302. Making sure I switched grip between snatches and clean and jerks definitely helped me to pace and keep moving.

  • Jim S

    Being super cautious with my shoulders so I didn’t register for the Open this year. I know if I sign up I’ll feel compelled to be stupid.

    Anyway, did 14.1 *cautiously* and got 126. Pretty awful score, but happy to have the bar over head without my biceps tendon screaming at me. It’s a good day.

  • Kasey

    315 reps. 14 rep improvement from August. First time doing double unders in two months because of my foot. It was a huge help to be able to switch back and forth between snatches and clean-press.

    • Stacey Pearson

      YAY Kaseyyyy!!! That’s friggen phenom!!

  • SteveD

    Congrats to everyone for putting it all out there this weekend!!

    207 reps. Disappointed with that (was expecting and pacing myself for a higher score), but better than when I did this in August 2013 with a score of 170. Started fatiguing immediately in round 2 as I was aiming for 1 round every 90 seconds, but I think that was too ambitious for me… by round 3, my legs and lungs were on fire. Double unders were largely unbroken and completed within 25 seconds, so the bulk of my time was trying to recover from the ground-to-overhead. The one point I would learn from this is that I should be aware of my redline, how close I am to it, and readjust my strategy if I hit it too early.

    • Stacey Pearson

      Helpful to read that, thanks!

  • Guest

    258. Holy grip. Tripped up a couple of times on Dubs in the later rounds. G2O went:
    Rd1: 8/7, Snatch/C+J
    Rd2: 8/7, Snatch/C+J
    Rd3: 6/5/4 Snatch/C+J/Snatch
    Rd4: 6/5/4 Snatch/C+J/Snatch
    Rd5: 5/5/5 C+J

  • Mike von Borsig

    312. What worked for me was setting an 80 – 85% effort pace from the beginning and just sticking to it until the end. I broke up the first round 9/6 and 5/5/5 or 5/4/3/3 after that. Each time I would start with 5 C&Js followed by 10 power snatches. Three rest breaths between each set. Unbroken on the double unders, keeping my eyes set on a target helped a lot with the DUs.

    Great job CFNYC on showing up strong!

  • Nick Walters

    258. Thanks Shannan for judging today. Luke warm about this effort but thought my strategy was right. I was aiming for 6 full rounds (270) Just too much time spent between times putting bar down. Double unders UB with the exception of a couple. my grip was the limiting factor.
    G2O by round
    Rd1: 8/7 snatch/cln+press
    Rd2: 8/7 snatch/cln+press
    Rd3: 6/5/4: snatch/cln+press/snatch
    Rd4: 6/5/4: snatch/cln+press/snatch
    Rd5: 5/5/5: all clean/press
    Rd6: 3 clean/press

  • michael saterman

    Saturday, a classmate loaned me his RX rope Saturday morning and it made a huge difference on DUs. Trying to determine if I get the Buff 3.4 cable weight or Elite 2.6. Suggestions?