Double Unders got you Down?

What’s that you say? You don’t have double unders? You’re thinking about skipping 14.1 altogether? We understand. Everyone that ‘has double unders’ has started in that very same place. Skipping 14.1 WOULD BE A MISTAKE, and here’s why.

-PRs happen in the Open. That’s a fact. (How exciting would it be to get your first DU in the Open?)

-You have 10 designated minutes to try for your doubles, so at the very least, you get to practice.

-Getting a low score in this WOD, this year, means NOTHING of your future in CrossFit. Coach Sean did this workout the first time it was programmed in 2011. He didn’t have DUs, and scored sub 10 points. Last year…he went to Regionals. Getting good takes time, and this isn’t your last Open.

-In 2012, I scored SEVEN wall balls in TWELVE minutes during 12.4. SEVEN!! I could NOT get that 14 pound ball to the target. The following year, I got over 100. So much can happen in a year, how will you know how impressive your improvements are, if you don’t record where you start.

-Come in, grab your rope, grimace, sweat, curse, cry, laugh, trip, succeed. Take whatever comes, and be a part of the experience. The Open is your chance as a CrossFitter to participate in the worldwide CrossFit Community. Do YOUR 14.1. Record your score. Earn your spot.


  • Sara Soto

    Good pep talk!! Thanks, Stacey!!

  • Mike

    I’m terrible at DU’s which is frustrating as hell, so considered throwing in the towel on 14.1. Thanks for the much needed motivation Stacey, I will give it my best shot!

  • Alicja Wnorowski

    Got my very first DU, and then 47 more, during 14.1. I thought there was a good chance I’d get a score of zero but still had to try!

  • reisbaron

    My double-under PR was 1 going into the WOD today, and I gutted it out as a happy accident during 12.4. This morning I was hoping to get to 1 or 2 if I was lucky. I tweeted about this being the WOD I would choose last, and I was pissed at Dave Castro for obliterating my chances to officially participate in the Open.

    I got 30, and had time to crank out 11 clean & jerks on the barbell I was 100% CERTAIN I would not be picking up today.

    The Open brings it out of you. It happens every year. Don’t just read about it. Make it happen, then write about it to everyone who nods in agreement that the Open brings your fitness to another level.

  • donny

    14.1? Facepalm!
    As i lament to coach brian every class. Why cant we just do the bear complex?
    I look forward to 10 minutes of DU fail.
    Like the jamaican bobsled team in sochi. Im just glad to be participating.
    …|.. FU 14.1!

  • Abraham

    As someone who hates double unders with a fiery passion, I agree with this. My score was only 3, but it was worth it to push myself and try. Plus it’s a benchmark for growth. Considering I couldn’t even reliably do single unders when I started last summer, I’m looking forward to tackling this again down the road.

  • lauracton

    Last night I was so disappointed to see DUs in the workout – I would have rather seen burpees! I went in today fully expecting it to take the whole ten minutes to get through 30 DUs. I’m still not a DU expert, but got through two full rounds. Don’t sell yourself short!

    • Dani Freeman

      woahhhhhhhhhhhhh let’s not get ahead of ourselves. No one would have rather seen burpees.

      • Abraham

        Not compared to double unders, no, but if we get another one of those neverending wall ball WODs they’ve had in years past, I will probably be wishing for burpees…

        • Dani Freeman

          I will NEVER choose burpees.

          • donny

            Some of us were talking about a wod of all the hated movements
            Burpee – wall ball – DU wod
            Call it the gweneth. Cause everyone hates gweneth paltrow

          • Abraham

            That’s amazing.

          • Joshua Newman

            Bad move to post that idea. You realize we’re now definitely doing this, right?

          • Abraham

            As long as you name it Gweneth. Or Miley.

          • jamesim

            Or Bieber since he’s basically a girl anyway

  • Dani Freeman

    Two weeks ago I picked up Coach Chris’s rope and got more double unders than I had previously (15 strung together). I went to work that day, bought the same rope and waited anxiously for it to arrive…it did, however, they forgot to include the DUs in the box…so I was really happy about the 14.1 announcement. I reverted back to my studying habits of osmosis and slept with my rope….(you can decide if I actually did this or not). My take away this morning (after 137 reps aka 92 double unders) is that it is quite inefficient to do double-single-double-single and if you get mad enough and flail your arms around like a fool you may be able to string 7 together….anyway, I like 55lb snatches, and I plan on getting good at double unders this year. That is all.

  • Brad Hoover

    Awesome post Stacey. PRs 100% happen in the Open. If I may add a story: last year’s 13.4 I scored a 1. Fact. You can go look it up online. One 135# C&J. Coach Sara may remember this. I failed my first 4-5 clean attempts. I was then able to clean it the next 4-5 times, but I couldn’t split jerk it. By this point 6:40 had elapsed. There were 20 second left. I cleaned it. I split jerked it. I brought my feet back together with the weight overhead. Time. That matched my clean PR from the week prior, but it was a 15-20# split jerk PR. It’s one of my favorite memories to this day.

  • Avery W

    Yes, this!! Exactly, Stacey.

    As a coach, this is one of my favorite times of the year. I see more members achieve things they didn’t think were possible (a toes to bar, a chest to bar pull up, 135# snatch, double unders) when they are put into this testing situation.

    I think the Open provides a relatively easy, fun and cheap way to “compete” on a global scale, get some benchmarks with your current fitness, and expose those weaknesses, which can immediately help focus your training goals for next year.

  • Craig Bagno

    this is a great post. the idea that sean was ever bad at anything having to do with crossfit gives me hope that there’s hope for me in the gym. of course, i’m also totally skeptical that this is actually true. but i’m going to ignore the latter for the sake of the former. ;-)

    • Joshua Newman

      It’s definitely true, and it actually would have been worse had the very first Open not been delayed a week due to CF HQ technical difficulties. He had zero DUs when the WOD was announced, and managed to get that partial round by spending the entire week delay practicing them nonstop.

      Relatedly, there’s a short video of an early CFNYC WOD I shot that’s floating around somewhere in our blog or Flickr archives. Among other gems, it features then-brand-new member (and now Coach) Avery angrily failing about a dozen successive DU attempts.

      Even rockstars start somehwere…

      • Talia

        I just have to say I am so proud of all the results so far! You have to start somewhere and today is that day :)

  • KevinBoul

    Exactly!! Thank you Stacey!

  • NEF

    I suck at DU’s but I must admit I’m hyped about this WOD today due to all the positive comments I’ve read so far. When I first seen what the WOD was I was like oh man will I get past the first round. LOL I guess time will tell. Good luck to all!

  • Kalthoum Mazid

    Hi Everyone! I would like to leave a comment to help empower people to go and do it, because before today I did not do a single double under and I was able to do 14.1 with 171 total reps RX! I am so happy! The things we can do when we are pushed!! Thank you Stacey and Crossfit NYC!! #handstand pushups here I come! Woop Woop! (I started Crosfit 4 months ago btw) Keltoum Mazid

    • Stacey Pearson

      You did awesome today, congratulations!!

  • Phoenix

    I could do exactly 0 double unders before I injured the peroneal tendons in my foot. Now I doubt I can even jump rope at all anymore :(.
    Oh well. Hopefully I will be back to Crossfit in March.

  • JonnyHK

    Is there a way to get into 26th street on the weekend to get my trusty speed rope? I need all the help I can get. Also, are you running14.1 on Sunday and Monday as well.

    • Hari Singh

      Just get here early and ask the Front Desk.

      • JonnyHK


  • Tony

    210, double unders were the main limiting factor. 1 st set unbroken. 2nd set 2 trips. 3rd set took at least a minute to get the first du. I tripped up at least 12 times trying to get going and that ended up psyching myself out on everything else. Patience and breathing are the key elements I found.

    • Stacey Pearson

      We’ll walk you over there to get your rope, just plan to get here a little extra early if you can.

  • Tina Yuen

    Are the WODs at 26th St. being moved to 28th St tonight?

    • Stacey Pearson

      Nope, 26th is still jumpin!!!

    • Tina Yuen

      Thanks Stacey!

  • Amelia Fabian

    I’ve been fighting a cold since Wednesday, so I’m not real sure how well this is gonna go, I’m excited to try! So far, I can only string together somewhere around 15 DU at a time.

  • Mike S

    I forgot to write down the official judge’s name on my slip as I was too exhausted after the workout. Can you list all the judges by chance or post who the 5 PM All Level @28th was? Thanks.

    • NEF

      His name should be on the top of the score sheet. I took the 5pm class yesterday n his name was at the top of everyone score sheet.

    • NEF

      Josh Mcgregor if it was the 5pm class yesterday Friday 2/28/14

    • Stacey Pearson

      It was Joshua McGregor. NEF is right.

  • NEF

    I wanted to know if I can redo 14.1 on Monday to see if I can get a better score?

    • Stacey Pearson

      There will be a few opportunities to do 14.1 on Monday. I’m posting details to the blog now, it’ll show up on the site at midnight. Good luck!!