Watch, Cringe, Repeat. Open WOD 14.1 Announced tomorrow!!!

Tonight, at 28th St at 8pm we will be watching the Live Announcement of 14.1. We’re all going to cuddle while we learn our impending 14.1 doom. Ok, we probably won’t cuddle, but there will definitely be an overwhelming sense of ‘in it together-ness.’ Following the announcement, 2 Games Athletes will be completing the WOD live right then on the spot. After which, Coach Sean will be answering questions and providing some tips and strategy for the first Open WOD of 2014. Be here. Be a part of it. Join the Open at and choose CrossFit NYC as your affiliate.

*cuddling is optional…registering isn’t.


  • JonnyHK

    Any shot at recording Sean’s Q & A for those of us who cant make it?

  • Dani Freeman

    If there’s no cuddling, I’m not coming. That is all.

    • Phoenix

      I came here to express the same.

  • reisbaron

    A video recording of Sean’s Q&A would be appreciated (perhaps with an immediate upload for Friday morning participants 😉

    • Sean M

      We will try to get a video or transcript of the Q&A.

  • Jeffrey Ruskin

    Will there be any makeup open workouts in the beginning of the week (E.g. Mon, Tues) if we are unable to attend a Friday or Saturday class?

  • Kate

    Shall I come dressed to cuddle in my Lulus n’ vibrams or what (we aren’t wodding after, no ?).