Thursday 140227

All-levels WOD/Beginner WOD:
15 minute AMRAP: 5 power cleans 135/95, 10 sit ups, 20 double unders

Competition Team WOD:
Part A. 1 snatch+2 OHS, 3×3 reps, across
Part B. 5×5 reps TNG snatch, rest 60 seconds between sets
Part C. 1 k row for time


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T’was the night before the Open

Here’s what’s on tap for Friday’s classes:

All-levels WOD/Beginner WOD:
2014 CrossFit Open WOD: 14.1 (To Be Announced)

Competition Team WOD:


  • Don’t see CFE listed on Thursday’s Calendar. Is that WOD intended for Friday?

    • Hari Singh

      The CFE WOD is a mistake.

  • Sam S

    Who’ s pumped to find out what 14.1 will be??

    Will snatches dominate the first round this year as well?

    I can’t wait!

    • reisbaron

      I’d be surprised if they repeat any of the burpee/snatch WODs. There’s never not been a repeat WOD though, so stranger things have happened.

      • AndyK

        My repeat guess is 13.2:

        AMRAP in 10 minutes 5 Shoulder to Overhead
        10 Deadlifts
        15 Box jumps

        Here is a link to all past open WODs (2011-2013) –

        • reisbaron

          Seems the FranRAP is a good contender for the repeat. Satisfies the tradition of a Fran WOD, and from a crowd-pleaser perspective it’s pretty historical. Then again who do you get to do it again at the announcement that will upstage last year’s? Like I said, I agree with Andy.

  • Brad Hoover

    Rudy: “Twas the night before the Open, when all through the…”

    • reisbaron

      “Happy Open to all, and to all a torn achilles!” – Rudy’s a funny dude…

      • Brad Hoover

        He’s hilarious. I don’t recall where I read this quote from Rudy, but it went something like this: “Athletes expect me to make a comment after every snatch or C&J they perform that I watch, but there is not always something to say. There are two circumstances where I won’t say anything to you. Either your lift was perfect, or it was so f****** terrible that I have to walk away and take a few minutes to control myself before I come back and say something.”

  • Maria Sanchez

    what is the actual WOD for today?

  • Mark

    Today’s wod?

    • Kristen Connor

      Today’s WOD was 15-min AMRAP, 5 power cleans, 10 sit-ups, 20 double unders.

      The women’s Rx weight was 95#. Men’s 135#? Not sure.

      I did 73#, 10 rounds even.

      • Dani Freeman

        are you Open WOD’ing at 6:20? I need a cheer leader

        • Kristen Connor

          You know it. That’s what Mayhem teammates are for. : )

  • AndyK

    Todays WOD is: 15 minute AMRAP: 5 power cleans 135/95, 10 sit ups, 20 double unders

    I took it super easy, doing 14.1 on Saturday – 7rounds, RX with 50 double unders per round instead of 20

  • Kyle J Smith

    Today: 15 minute AMRAP- 5 power cleans 135/95, 10 sit ups, 20-50 double unders… A wonderful opportunity to get as close as possible to the RX power clean weights. I have a large group of women in my AM classes who are borderline RX athletes, in an effort to push them towards routinely doing RX weights we did today’s WOD at 93# with either extra rest between reps (acknowledging that this will lower their score,) or 3 power cleans/round instead of 5. If you’re an athlete who is fringing on RX, talk to your coach about ways to scale so you’re as close as possible.

  • Kyle J Smith

    Need more to read while you’re on the john? Here are the websites I check out every AM, just to see what other CrossFitters are up to:

    • AndyK, huh? I always wondered why you come out of the bathroom with such a big smile on your face at 6:00am

  • Emkay

    ok, so for those of us that are slow on the uptake … anything special that needs to be done with respect to judging the open workouts? Or do we just show up do the WOD and log it over the weekend? Sorry first Open….

    • Stacey Pearson

      Just come to a class on Friday or Saturday, and you’ll be covered. Happy first Open!!

      • Emkay


  • Allison Bojarski

    Sorry for the error in today’s post. I had accidentally not deleted Wednesday’s WODs when cutting and pasting in Thursday’s. All fixed now!

    • Coach Chris

      C’mon Allison!, Sheez…

  • Jenny

    Interesting NYT article (from yesterday) about brief high intensity workouts (Crossfit, anyone?). I feel like there has been lots of similarly written articles lately, but the part at the end about rest days/recovery was particularly of interest to me.